Chapter 220:

Chapter 220: Rise of an Earth Den Woman

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 220: Rise of an Earth Den Woman

*Nasan continues to choke Emily*

Nasan: Yes! That face you are making as I choke you to death brings me great joy!

*Emily’s eyes start to close and she begins to lose consciousness*


*It’s now all black, Emily hears a voice*

Voice: What is wrong with you? You should destroy your opponent.

*Emily wakes up in a sea of blackness*

Emily: Am I dead?

Voice: You will be if you don’t do something.

Emily: Huh?

*She turns around and sees a man and a woman standing. They both have brown hair. The man has a full beard. They are wearing bright red clothes*

Emily: Who are you?

Man: We are your ancestors.

Woman: You are of the proud Earth Den race.

Emily: Why am I seeing you?

Man: Because you can unlock your power and prevent your death.

Emily: How do I do that?

Woman: You must dig deep down inside yourself. You will find the power that showed why we were a warrior race.

Emily: But… why now? How am I even able to talk to you?

Man: That is a unique aspect to our race. Our genes don’t just pass down from generation to generation, an imprint of our very being also carries on. And now, on the verge of death, your body is reaching into your Earth Den genes in a desperate attempt to save your life.

Woman: And within those genes lies the dormant strength of an Earth Den warrior.

Emily: But Udana was an Earth Den too. Why didn’t she access her dormant power when she was on the verge of death?

Woman: Udana had accepted her defeat. You two fought on even terms and she lost. In her heart, she felt trying to change the result of your battle was wrong. Right now, you are not taking part in a battle of even respect. So now, close your eyes and dig into yourself.

*Emily sits down and closes her eyes*

Man: Do you feel it? The power of your ancestors. You have it. Now release it!

*Emily opens her eyes and sees that the blackness has changed to mountain-like scenery*

Emily: Yes.


*Emily now quickly opens her eyes in reality and chops off the tentacle choking her and jumps up*

Nasan: What!?

*Nasan looks up, Emily is now standing on a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. She is now more muscular. Her blonde hair is now down to her lower back (it was shoulder length before) and is in bigger strands. She looks more like a fully matured adult now and has grown to nearly 7 feet in height (the design I was going for was more of an Amazonian appearance). She looks down at Nasan with a disapproving look*

*The other heroes comment on her appearance*

Zeth: Whoa! What happened to her!?

Sasha: I have no idea! What is this?

Joe: Yeah. She looks older!

Kurt: I wish I had the answers!

*Emily takes some of the blood from the claw wounds on the right side of her face and rubs it on the left side of her face*

Nasan: Ah! Interesting makeover! Too bad you will still die! My prey never wins!

*Emily jumps off the chandelier and kicks it down towards Nasan but Nasan jumps to dodge. Still in the air, Emily has already reached Nasan, taking her by surprise, and she punches Nasan in the shoulder which cracks Nasan’s bone and knocks her back. As she is sent flying back, she stretches out her tentacle arms and tries to wrap them around Emily. Emily grabs them, however*

Emily: These are worthless to you now.

*Emily yanks the tentacles to force Nasan over to her. Once she gets close, Emily punches Nasan hard in the gut which causes her to cough up a massive amount of blood. Emily tries to do another punch but Nasan recovers and ducks. She then runs past Emily and spots the Shadow Sword still lying on the ground, Nasan then picks it up*

Nasan: Your physical strength is the highest I have ever seen but now with your own sword, I shall cut you up!

*Nasan runs towards Emily and tries to slash her. Nasan uses sporadic movements to become unpredictable. Her movements work a bit as even though Emily tries to dodge, she still gets cut multiple times by the tip of the sword on her arms*

Emily: Good effort, but ultimately futile.

*Emily eventually is able to grab Nasan’s arm and breaks it which causes Nasan to drop the Shadow Sword. Emily then picks up the sword and slashes Nasan’s legs which cuts them off*

Nasan: Aaahh!!!

*Emily grabs Nasan by the neck*

Emily: How does it feel to be choked?

Nasan: Erg…. This is nothing!

*Emily squeezes harder*

Emily: Now?

Nasan: …D- Die…!

*Emily throws Nasan into the middle zombie pit. With no legs, she won’t be able to escape. She tries to use her tentacle arms to fight off the zombies but she fails and they begin to eat her*

Emily: A fitting end for you.

*Soon Nasan is dead. Zonbi then uses magic to make her body become a zombie. The arena begins to change back to normal*

Zonbi: With incredible strength, Emily has won the fight!

*The crowd cheers*

*Emily puts away her Shadow Sword and returns to her team as her body returns to its normal state*

Joe: How did you do that!?

Emily: It was a power in my genes. Now that I know how to access it, I should be able to call upon it whenever I want.

Zeth: Well, now you must be one of the most powerful out there! That strength you displayed was top notch!

Emily: Not quite. That power has a weakness.

*The other heroes are shocked*

Emily: Though the form greatly increases my physical strength, stamina, and athleticism, my magic does not get a big boost and even somewhat suffers.

Kurt: What do you mean?

Emily: When I picked up my Shadow Sword, I couldn’t channel my magic into it. I could only use the sword’s own strength. Bottom line is, if I faced an opponent with advanced magic abilities, I would be at a disadvantage in that form.

Zeth: That’s unfortunate.

Emily: Well, it looks like I’m going to have these claw scars on the right side of my face and on my belly for the rest of my life.

*Joe smiles*

Joe: I think it will look good on you.

Emily: You think so?

Joe: I sure do!

*Joe then looks towards the arena*

Joe: I’m going next.

Narrator: Emily has won thanks to the hidden power in her genes. How will Joe match against his opponent?

Chapter 220 END

To be Continued in Chapter 221: Final Round. Match Three - Joe vs Kudo