Chapter 221:

Chapter 221: Final Round. Match Three - Joe vs Kudo

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 221: Final Round. Match Three - Joe vs Kudo

*Joe meets Kudo in the arena* (Appearance Reminder: He is a demon with a human appearance. He has kempt black hair and wears a suit and tie. He has sharp teeth and pointy ears.)

Narrator: Team “Crimson Heart” – Kudo. Magic Rank – Low A-Rank.

Kudo: Ah, the weather magic user. I have great respect for your magic. I agreed to enter this tournament because I wanted a challenge.

Joe: And have you gotten your challenge?

Kudo: A little bit, but I see true potential for one in you.

Joe: Is that so? Let’s get this battle started.

Kudo: Agreed.

Zonbi: I know the perfect formation for your fight.

*Zonbi snaps her fingers and the arena begins to change. The arena has changed to resemble the inside of a pinball machine*

Kudo: This really is perfect.

Zonbi: You may begin!

*Kudo begins running towards Joe and does a 360-degree spin ending with a punch which is blocked by Joe’s punch. They continue to block each other’s punches*

*Kudo spins around Joe and Joe turns around too late and is punched in the face, knocking him back. Kudo’s hand begins to glow a faint yellow color*

*Giant pinballs are now being shot out and begin to roll across the pinball arena*

Kudo: These pinballs are perfect.

*Joe gets up and throws lightning bolts which burst and branch into more lightning strands. Kudo jumps forward to avoid but the lightning bounces off the floor towards him and takes him by surprise. He gets hit and electrocuted before falling down to the floor*

*The two giant pinballs are hit by the flippers and they roll fast across the arena. Kudo barely rolls out of the way. Joe is hit by one and is knocked into a “bonus” room. Kudo gets up and chases after him*

Kudo: Getting hit by one of those pinballs looks like it hurts a lot. You okay there, buddy?

*The bonus room is full of “point” bumpers and dark colorful lights*

Joe: My head is ringing but I’m still in perfectly good shape to take you down.

*Kudo heads into the bonus room and then they begin a punching and kicking exchange with each getting a fair amount of hits in*

*Kudo jumps back and forms a yellow transparent diamond in his hand and smiles*

Kudo: This will get my kudos racking up.

*Kudo throws the diamond at Joe but before it reaches him it breaks into many smaller diamonds and they start bouncing all around the room*

Joe: Oh crap!

Kudo: It’s pretty similar to how your lightning bolt broke into many small strands of lightning. But my attack can keep bouncing around.

*Joe can’t track them all and starts to get hit by many of them which start tearing his uniform and leaving cuts on him. Each hit makes the glowing yellow magic on Kudo’s hands begin to glow brighter*

Kudo: Yes, that’s it! My kudos are powering me up!

*Soon, all the diamonds have either hit Joe or been destroyed from bouncing too much off walls. Joe is bleeding in many spots*

*Outside the bonus room, the pinballs have been hit by the flippers and one is headed towards the bonus room*

*The ball goes inside the bonus room, making Joe and Kudo have to dodge the ball as it bounces around the room. Joe soon hits the balls with a powerful derecho attack, knocking the ball into Kudo. The hit knocks Kudo out of the bonus room and Joe gives chase*

Joe: There! Now you get to feel what it’s like to get hit by the ball!

Kudo: I see what you mean about the head ringing. I’m really enjoying this fight!

*Kudo gets up and has to jump over the other pinball. Joe has already prepared his next attack and releases a barrage of razor hail*

*With a confident smile, Kudo rushes forward and even takes the hits from some of Joe’s razor hail, leaving him with cuts. Joe did not expect Kudo to actually take hits on purpose and is left slow to react. Kudo gets in close and gut punches Joe, causing Joe to be in major pain. Kudo follows up by uppercutting Joe which knocks him upward. Kudo jumps and then kicks Joe back down onto the floor. Kudo’s hands are now glowing as bright as they can get*

Kudo: Yes! My kudo power is ready to be unleashed!

*Joe starts to stand up and sees Kudo charging at him directly. Joe feels fear*

Joe: No!

*Joe releases a derecho right as Kudo does his kudo charged punch at Joe’s chest. The punch is still able to hit Joe, sending him flying back into a flipper. Joe falls face down on the ground and is heavily injured*

Kudo: You are a clever one. You knew that punch was going to hit so you released a strong reverse force so instead of having a hole blown in you, you were only sent flying back. You are now the first opponent I have faced that has survived my kudo punch. Well done.

*Joe slowly gets on his knees and holds himself up with his hands. He is still looking down at the floor and keeps coughing. One of the giant pinballs starts rolling toward him as he is right in front of a flipper*

*As the ball reaches him, the ball is suddenly blown back towards Kudo who is surprised and jumps over it at the last second. Joe finally lifts his head and looks at Kudo. Joe’s eyes are different, his irises have changed to an X shape with the design of orange lightning bolts crossing. A small black pupil is in the center of the X for each eye. Kudo opens his eyes wide with intrigue*

Kudo: His eyes…

Narrator: What is this power that Joe has? Will he be able to pull out a victory?

Chapter 221 END

To be Continued in Chapter 222: Storm Lord Eyes