Chapter 225:

Chapter 225: Final Round. Match Five - Sasha vs Izado

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 225: Final Round. Match Five - Sasha vs Izado

Narrator: Kurt survives Sherra’s fraction, but something is concerning Zonbi…

*The arena goes back to normal and Kurt walks back to his team. At the same time, Zonbi calls the mysterious boy over to her. She has a very serious expression on her face*

Zonbi: You were fooled.

Boy: Why?

Zonbi: That woman. I recognize her. She is Sherra, a member of the Dark Goddess’s Council of Demons. That was her Fraction.

*The boy feels angry at himself*

Boy: …I wasn’t able to tell. I have never seen her before.

Zonbi: It’s alright but I want you to search the entire vicinity during this next fight. She must have used this opportunity to spy on us.

Boy: On it.

*Zonbi turns on her microphone and announces the next match. She goes back to her enthusiastic tone*

Zonbi: May the next two fighters step up!

*Meeting at the middle of the arena are Sasha and Izado* (Appearance Reminder: He is a man who is 6 feet, 4 inches tall, and wears black armor and a cape. He has black hair and a full black beard.)

Narrator: Team “Crimson Heart” – Izado. Magic Rank – Mid A-Rank.

Izado: Finally, an opponent I will get to use my many magic attacks on. I look forward to this, daughter of the Dark Goddess.

Sasha: Don’t get overconfident.

Izado: I certainly wouldn’t overlook an opponent of your caliber.

Zonbi: For the last two matches, there won’t be any changes to the arena! I don’t think it will be necessary for these matches! They will produce plenty of chaos on their own! You may begin!

*Both fighters open their eyes wide and vanish. They reappear with clashing punches in the air and fall back down. Izado creates two swords using his magic to the left and right of Sasha and makes them move in to try to slash Sasha. Sasha ducks to avoid the first slash and then backflips to avoid the next*

Sasha: Impressive magic but it’s nothing I can’t handle!

*Sasha launches herself forward towards Izado and jabs her hand forward with a trail of darkness following it. Her hand stab cracks a bit of Izado’s armor on his stomach area. Sasha looks surprised as she expected the stab to go all the way through and pierce his body*

*Izado then punches Sasha in the face to knock her back. Izado follows that up by launching a barrage of small magic beams that track Sasha and hit her, causing small explosions. Sasha is left with some scratches and a few tears in her uniform*

Sasha: That is some armor you are wearing. I was shocked that my hand did not at least pierce it.

Izado: It’s fantastic, isn’t it? I made it myself.

*Sasha summons a Hell Tiger. The tiger is black with dark red stripes and has super-sharp long fangs. Sasha hops on its back and the tiger runs towards Izado. The tiger tries to bite Izado a few times but he dodges each attempt*

Izado: Nice pet but it’s not something you want to use to beat me!

*A trail of darkness now follows Sasha and she has the tiger run around Izado in circles as the darkness begins to wrap around Izado. Izado creates a giant block in the air and tries to smash Sasha and the tiger by slamming it down on the ground. Sasha and the tiger just barely dodge*

*Izado still smiles as the giant block bursts and the fragments fly towards Sash and the tiger and hit them both. The tiger takes the biggest blow and dies. Izado is still wrapped up by the darkness, however*

Sasha: You will pay for killing my Hell Tiger!

*Sasha dashes towards Izado and attempts another dark hand jab at the same spot as last time. This time, a bit of the armor chips away but the attack also frees Izado from the dark wrapping and Izado extends three sharp spikes out of his fingertips. They all pierce Sasha in both hands and her stomach area*

Izado: I got you.

*Darkness envelops Sasha and the area around her. Suddenly, a Hellhound jumps out of the darkness and starts biting at Izado’s neck, forcing Izado to retract the spikes*

*Coming out of the top of the darkness is Sasha riding on top of a Hell Vulture. The vulture flies around the arena. Izado fights off the Hellhound and stabs it to death*

Izado: I must say, my initial assumption was wrong, Your dark creatures are actually impressive. That Hellhound was vicious.

*Still riding on the vulture, Sasha forms a dark spear in her hand and the tip of it splits into 5 separate sharp points. She has her vulture zoom downwards toward Izado*

*Izado creates a large block in the air, trying to make Sasha and the Hell Vulture fly right into it but it fails as the vulture quickly dives under it. Izado turns around and runs into the zombie pit*

Sasha: (Thinking) What is he doing? He must have some sort of plan.

*Sasha and the Hell Vulture are now chasing Izado in the zombie pit. Sasha’s spear and the vulture blow away the zombies in their path*

*Izado grabs a zombie and does a high backflip over Sasha and the vulture. Sasha turns around in the middle of his backflip and she tries to stab him with the spear but only gets the zombie. Sasha then hops off the vulture and thrusts her spear forward and finally breaks away the piece of armor she had been chipping away at*

*At the same time, Izado had launched what looks like magic worms onto Sasha and they burrow themselves in her skin and start crawling up her body toward her head*

Sasha: What is this!?

*Izado smirks*

Izado: You’re not the only one with pets. My worms are going to eat your brain.

*Sasha isn’t sure what to do but they reach her head and she starts feeling a lot of pain. Izado kicks her back onto the arena*

Sasha: This is going to hurt a lot but I can’t allow the worms to reach my brain!

*Sasha starts slightly piercing parts of her face with her fingers, allowing her to destroy the worms, but she looks like she is in a lot of pain from doing so*

*Izado gets back on the arena*

Izado: You are a fast learner. My opponents usually don’t figure to dig under their skin to destroy the worms.

Sasha: I finally exposed some of your body under the armor. How about I use Power of the Dead on you? It will be enjoyable.

Narrator: Sasha and Izado are in a fierce battle. Sasha has now put herself in position to possibly strike a powerful blow.

Chapter 225 END

To be Continued in Chapter 226: Death Pull