Chapter 226:

Chapter 226: Death Pull

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 226: Death Pull

Narrator: In her battle against Izado, Sasha intends to unleash the Power of the Dead once again!

*Sasha releases a lot of black mist around herself. Out of the mist comes a giant, undetailed bloody face and it flies around the stadium while moaning*

Izado: Ah, so you have honored me by using this great technique.

*Darkness then spreads out and covers the whole stadium*

*In the air behind Sasha, a large hole opens up and a giant demonic arm and hand comes out of it*

Sasha: I decided to use Death Pull to defeat you.

*The hand lunges at Izado, trying to grab him but he jumps to dodge*

Izado: Don’t think it will be that easy.

*The giant arm sweeps at Izado who then jumps over but Sasha meets him as he lands and they collide punches. Izado’s eyes glow and then he quickly shoots thin beams out of his eyes. The beams make contact with Sasha’s right arm and pierce it. The beams go out the other side and leave her bleeding. The pain causes her to back off her punch*

Sasha: Damn it!

*Izado grabs her face and slams her into the ground*

Izado: I don’t need free hands to unleash powerful attacks. You’ve learned that the hard way.

*The hand tries to grab Izado again but he dodges and instead it is Sasha that is grabbed*

Izado: It looks like you will be finished by your own attack.

*Sasha is carefully placed on the other side of the arena*

Sasha: Sorry, but it won’t take me unless I want it to.

*Sasha hops on top of the arm*

Sasha: You won’t be dodging this.

*The hand lunges at Izado. Izado quickly forms a large block and throws it at Sasha. Sasha jumps forward off the arm. Izado jumps to dodge the arm and shoots beams out of his eyes at Sasha*

*Sasha is pierced in her right leg by the lasers which cause her more pain but she stays in her forward movement*

Sasha: That won’t stop me! I’m going to weaken you!!

*Sasha lifts her left arm and dark energy forms around it*

Sasha: I’ve got you now!!

*Sasha falls toward Izado who is preparing his own attack. Sasha jabs her left hand towards the exposed part of Izado’s stomach and pierces it but at the same time, Izado has pierced Sasha’s left shoulder with a magic chain*

*The dark power starts to contaminate Izado’s body and blood starts dripping from his mouth*

Sasha: *huff huff* You tried to stop my attack by dislocating my shoulder with that chain but you were too late and you failed. You certainly won’t be able to avoid the Death Pull now.

*The hand of the arm grabs Izado and starts to carry him away but his chain is still connected to Sasha’s shoulder and it starts to drag her*

Izado: *huff huff* I guess you are coming with me… *coughs*

Sasha: I won’t stop the Death Pull! I must get this chain out of my shoulder!

*Sasha grabs the chain with her right hand but her arm is also still in a lot of pain after the eye beams pierced it*

Sasha: Come on!! Come out, damn it!!

*Just as Izado is being pulled, Sasha finally rips the chain out of her shoulder but then she falls to her knees and watches Izado get pulled in*

Izado: Well, it looks like you have won *coughs* I will just have to embrace where this death hole takes me.

*Izado is now completely pulled in and the giant moaning face also goes in and then the hole closes and the darkness covering the arena goes away*

Zonbi: Sasha is the winner!

*The crowd cheers and the rest of the heroes go to join Sasha*

Zeth: Great job!

*Sasha gives a victorious smile*

Sasha: Thanks, but now I need to sit. My left shoulder, right arm, and right leg are in a lot of pain.

Zeth: Get some rest. You’ve earned—

*Zeth is interrupted by laughter. It is Crimson walking onto the arena*

Crimson: Hahahahaha! At last! I will get to consume Zeth! My whole team is worthless but it doesn’t matter! The only reason I’m here is right in front of me!

*Zeth, Sasha, Kurt, and Emily all look at Crimson disapprovingly. Kurt and Emily help Sasha up and then Sasha looks at Zeth*

Sasha: Become whole again. Rid this scum of his existence.

*Zeth gives a confident smile and nods*

*Kurt and Emily help Sasha back to their side while Zeth and Crimson stare at each other*

Zonbi: (Thinking) This will be great! Their battle will transcend the arena! My question is just how much of the audience will not get killed by their battle! Their consumption desires will go out of control! It will truly be chaos!

*The mysterious boy comes back*

Boy: Mother, I found no evidence of any spy work by Sherra.

Zonbi: That’s good to know. We will figure out what she personally had to gain after this tournament is over. Sit down and enjoy the show. The final match is about to start.


Narrator: In the medical room.

*Both Joe and Keith are conscious and wrapped in bandages. They are watching the TV to see the match*

Joe: You can do it!

Keith: Kick his ass!


Narrator: Meanwhile in Heaven.

*Harmona is sitting with Clora and Diamond in a meeting room*

Harmona: It’s about to begin.

Diamond: The invasion?

Harmona: No. My son is about to have his fight to consume Crimson.

Clora: You can look over him while he is in an underworld?

Harmona: No. I can just feel it. Let's just say that it is mother's intuition. Zeth, you must consume Crimson here.


Narrator: Back with Zeth and Crimson.

*Zeth and Crimson still stare at each other. Both of them begin to shout*

Zeth and Crimson: I will consume you!!!

Narrator: This is it! The Battle for Consumption is about to begin! Will Zeth be able to consume Crimson and become whole again?

Chapter 226 END

To be Continued in Chapter 227: Zeth vs Crimson Round 4. The Battle for Consumption!