Chapter 227:

Chapter 227: Zeth vs Crimson Round 4. The Battle for Consumption!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 227: Zeth vs Crimson Round 4. The Battle for Consumption!

Narrator: The final battle for consumption will now start!

*Storm clouds settle over the stadium with lightning starting to happen*

Narrator: Zeth and Crimson are both High B-Ranks.

Zonbi: Begin!

*Zeth and Crimson rush towards each other and start rapidly punching each other with each getting in a fair share of blows*

*At point-blank range, Zeth releases a Star Shine Blast into Crimson’s chest and it blows him back and Zeth rushes after him*

Zeth: You’ve been your own being for way too long! It’s time I correct that!

*Crimson steadies himself and marks the area in front of him*

Crimson: Such nonsense! You owe me! Without me, you’d still be locked up in that Hawk Clan prison!!

*Zeth was careless in his rushing and gets blown upward when the marks explode. Crimson jumps and punches Zeth a bunch before Zeth stops him by kicking him in the arm and they both fall back down*

Zeth: You got me out sooner but it was only a matter of time before my magic awakened!

*Crimson marks his own hand and Zeth prepares another SSB. They rush toward each other and extend their hands that have their attacks. The SSB and Crimson’s explosion hit each other and it blows them both back with damage*

*They then begin moving closer and back over and over while running and each time they move in closer, they punch each other*

*They then run directly at each other again and punch each other in the face. The punches hit so hard that blood is knocked out of both of their mouths*

*They both step back for a moment and they are both extremely angry*

Crimson: Your punches are as weak as ever! I feel like I’m being hit by a little kid!

Zeth: Saying that while blood drips from your mouth, who are you trying to fool!? If anything, you’re the one who has soft punches!

Crimson: You got blood coming out of your mouth too, you ass!

*Zeth enters Raging Star Mode, making his body become dark red-tinted and so does his aura which also becomes wild. A powerful black aura starts to surround Crimson*

Zeth: There it is! The Dark Goddess’s power that you are made of is coming out! I will eradicate you!!

Crimson: Bring it on, you light scum!!

*They both ragingly rush towards each other and start the rapid punching again. Zeth tries to do a point-blank Raging Star Blast but Crimson is able to push the attack to the side of him and the blast goes to the audience and explodes which kills many of them*

Zonbi: And there it is, people! Zeth’s attack hits the audience and kills many!

*The desire for consumption goes into overdrive for both Zeth and Crimson and their eyes glow as they also start salivating*

*Crimson tries to release a bunch of physical marks on Zeth but Zeth punches Crimson in the face and the marks release above Zeth into the audience and explode, killing more people*

*The heroes are watching the fight and react*

Sasha: Do you see their faces? None of you may have noticed but for this entire tournament, Zeth has had to fight off his consumption desire.

Emily: Consumption desire?

Sasha: Yes. Their bodies desire to become whole again. Their eyes are now glowing to show it. They will do anything they can to do that. It won’t matter if they hurt innocent bystanders. Be on your guard in case any attacks come this way.

*Zonbi stands up in excitement and watches as Zeth and Crimson punch each other*

Zonbi: This is so exciting! This fight will be the legacy of this tournament!

Boy: I’m surprised the audience hasn’t started running for their lives with these blasts killing them.

*Suddenly, one of those blasts is flung right towards them. Zonbi releases a quick magic barrier to protect themselves*

Zonbi: My blood is pumping! I love this!!

*Zeth and Crimson jump in the air and Zeth gut punches Crimson and then punches him in the chin. Crimson then quickly punches Zeth in the face and grabs the back of his head. Crimson forces themselves downward and slams Zeth into the arena floor. He then marks that spot and it explodes*

*Zeth is damaged in the explosion and his uniform is now torn more, but he jumps backward and throws two Star Shards as he does. The first tears at Crimson’s side, leaving a large cut. Crimson dodges the other shard which goes into the audience and kills someone*

*Crimson rushes towards Zeth and starts doing more punches. Zeth blocks some but is then grabbed and thrown into a section of the audience. Crimson marks that spot and Zeth is just able to jump away as Crimson kills more audience members with that explosion attack*

Crimson: I will consume you at all costs!! I don’t care how many other people I have to kill!!

Zeth: You aren’t going to win this battle!!

*Zeth had launched himself with his jump from the audience stands and comes flying towards Crimson who is powering up his arm. Zeth gets the first attack and punches Crimson so hard in the face that he is blown back into a high spot in the audience*

*Crimson then launches himself by using an explosion surrounding him which kills more audience members. From his launching point, Crimson flies towards Zeth and gets his punch in and it blows Zeth into the floor and leaves a medium-sized crater*

*Zeth gets angry and gets up and then jumps back*

Zeth: I will consume you!!!! Got that!!!???

Crimson: You are nothing more than the piece of a puzzle that will make me more complete!!!!

*Suddenly, their bodies begin to change. For both of them, their hands begin to turn into blood. Their eyeballs vanish and their eyes become nothing more than dark abysses with blood dripping out of them. Blood mixes into their auras*

Sasha: They are going into blood magic!

Emily: Both of them!? How!?

Zonbi: Wow, folks!! This battle just keeps getting more exciting as now both of them have entered into blood magic!!

*Zeth and Crimson look at each other with rage*

Zeth and Crimson: I will crush you!!!!

Narrator: The battle for consumption is taking the next step as both Zeth and Crimson have now entered a blood magic state! Will their battle end up destroying the entire stadium?

Chapter 227 END

To be Continued in Chapter 228: Blood Magic Intensity