Chapter 228:

Chapter 228: Blood Magic Intensity

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 228: Blood Magic Intensity

Narrator: In the final battle for consumption, both Zeth and Crimson have entered into Blood Magic!

*Zeth launches himself forward and punches Crimson hard enough to send him flying back into the audience. Zeth then jumps into the audience to go after him*

*Audience members in the area now begin to run for their lives*

*Crimson releases a snake made of blood and sends it after Zeth. Crimson can make the snake blow up multiple times at will. Zeth jumps around the seats as the continuously exploding snake chases him. Some audience members are killed by the snake*

*Zeth forms a bloody star in his hands as he jumps around*

Zeth: Bloody Super Nova!

*Zeth throws the bloody star at Crimson. At the same time, Zeth gets wrapped up by Crimson’s blood snake. Crimson is not able to escape from the blast radius as the bloody star creates a giant purple explosion with blood in it*

*Crimson’s snake explodes while wrapped around Zeth. The explosions end and not only is there blood all over the section, but that part of the stadium is also almost completely destroyed from their explosions*

*The other heroes react*

Kurt: It’s unreal!

*Even Sasha looks shocked*

Sasha: They’re going to end up destroying the entire stadium by the time this fight is over!

*Zonbi and the mysterious boy react*

Zonbi: I have never felt this excited in my life!! Killing the audience just means more zombies to make for me!! Go on!! Keep going!!

Boy: I’m so glad I stopped Zeth from consuming Crimson after the last time they fought.

*Zeth and Crimson are now bloody from their attacks. They launch toward each other and begin rapidly punching each other again. Zeth is then able to grab Crimson’s shoulder and punches him three times in the face before Crimson breaks free by kicking Zeth in the chin*

*Crimson jumps up a bunch until he reaches the top of the stadium. He crosses his arms while looking down at Zeth with a confident smile as a lot of lightning flashes in the background behind him*

Crimson: I can’t let you, my inferior, create a bigger explosion than me!

*Crimson forms a sphere-shaped object that is packed with so much Blood Magic that blood is seeping out of it*

Crimson: Bloody Hell Bomb!!

*Crimson throws the BHB down toward Zeth*

Zeth: And I can’t let you, my illegitimate other quarter, actually top me in anything!!

*Zeth forms a Bloody Super Nova again and throws it at the BHB. They collide and explode. The explosion is gigantic. It completely destroys that side of the stadium. The explosion damages Crimson and sends him into the sky and it damages Zeth and blows him into the zombie pit, as well as leaving a crater. Many zombies are destroyed*

*Zeth gets up and jumps back onto the arena. He looks up as he sees Crimson flying down from the sky headfirst, laughing like a maniac*

Crimson: Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Here I come, Zeth!!!

*Zeth charges himself with a lot of Blood Magic. Crimson holds out his arm as he continues to fly downward. They both attempt very strong magic-powered punches. Their punches collide with each other and create shockwaves which pushes them both downward as a crater is being formed in the arena*

*The heroes react*

Emily: Look at them! They both have taken so much damage and they don’t even care!

Kurt: They may end up killing each other without getting to consume!

Sasha: Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do.

*Crimson drops down and kicks Zeth in the gut. He then tries to do another powerful punch but Zeth maneuvers himself out of the way and shoves a Blood Star Blast into the back of Crimson’s head and it blasts him out of the crater*

*Zeth jumps out of the crater and Crimson sends another explosive bloody snake after him. Zeth surprises Crimson by kicking the snake back at him as it explodes, damaging him a bit more*

*Zeth jumps through the smoke and punches Crimson in the shoulder. Zeth then lifts himself up a few feet and thrusts his knee into Crimson’s face. Zeth gets behind Crimson and punches him hard in the back*

*Crimson falls on the ground face flat. Zeth jumps up and intends to land on Crimson with a stomp but Crimson rolls over and throws a piece of debris at him. The piece debris explodes and knocks Zeth back*

*Crimson gets up and laughs*

Crimson: Hahahahahaha!!!!! Get ready, Zeth!!!! I’m going all out!!!!!

*Zeth lands on the ground*

Zeth: Then so will I!!!!

*Their blood magic levels begin to increase as they even begin to start sweating blood*

*Their bloody auras become fiercer as the auras even start rising to the sky and making the lightning flashes more intense and even turning some of them red*

Zeth and Crimson: Prepare yourself!!!!

*They both jump up high and throw a very strong punch that collides with each other. Their colliding punches cause strong shockwaves that start cracking the stadium more*

Emily: This is bad!

Sasha: Their attacks will definitely destroy the entire stadium at this point!

Kurt: We need to be prepared to get out if necessary!

*Zonbi and the mysterious boy react*

Boy: Mother, this stadium is going to go down!

Zonbi: I don’t even care!! This is just too thrilling!! Let all the people run for their lives!! They are missing an amazing fight!!


Narrator: Meanwhile in Heaven.

*Harmona reacts and she is a bit shaken*

Diamond: What is wrong, my goddess?

Harmona: I can feel their battle. It’s not the amount of power that is leaving me shaken. It’s the intensity. The intensity is off the charts. They have completely removed all limitations. There is nothing on their minds but the desire to destroy the other.

Narrator: Zeth and Crimson are now releasing all the power they have in their battle for consumption!

Chapter 228 END

To be Continued in Chapter 229: Bloody Destruction