Chapter 229:

Chapter 229: Bloody Destruction

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 229: Bloody Destruction

*Zeth and Crimson rush towards each other and their punches collide again, causing another shockwave. Zeth grabs Crimson’s arm and then slams him down onto the ground*

*Zeth attempts to shove a Bloody Star Blast into Crimson but Crimson kicks that arm and sends the BSB flying back into a high part of the stadium, obliterating that part of the stadium completely*

*Crimson tries to kick Zeth again but Zeth blocks it with his arm. Crimson quickly punches Zeth back a bit and then gets up quickly to launch himself at Zeth but Zeth dodges*

*They then face each other*

Crimson: I can’t wait to know what it’s like to be a whole being!! Come to me!!

Zeth: You always act like you are the original whole being!! End your delusions!!

*They rush towards each other again and this time they punch each other in the face and it knocks them in opposite directions back into the audience sections*

*They then start running along the audience section until they get close to each other again. Zeth forms a Bloody Super Nova and Crimson forms a Bloody Hell Bomb, and they thrust their hands forward while holding them which shoves them against each other. Soon, their collision ends up directing both hands downwards and so the explosions go downwards and completely destroy that part of the stadium. The explosion blows them upwards in the sky*

*As they reach the peak of their height, Crimson begins furiously punching Zeth and then they begin to fall. As they fall, Zeth is able to grab Crimson’s arm and then turns Crimson’s body 180 degrees. Zeth forms a Bloody Star Blast and shoves it onto Crimson’s back*

Zeth: I hope you are ready to go boom!!

*They are falling down at a fast speed toward the ground. As they hit the ground, Zeth’s BSB explodes on Crimson’s back*

*Zeth jumps back and waits to see the results. The area they are in is now the ruins of the part of the stadium they destroyed. The smoke clears and then Crimson slowly stands up. The shirt part of his uniform is now completely gone*

Zeth: Give up and be consumed!!

Crimson: Never!!!!!

*Crimson marks a pile of debris and explodes it. Many tiny pieces fly toward Zeth. He tries to dodge but many of the tiny pieces hit him and leave cuts*

*While Zeth was focused on dodging, Crimson had jumped toward him and he can’t react in time to Crimson’s pursuit*

Crimson: Now you’re mine!!!!

*Crimson lands on top of him and pushes him down to the ground. Crimson begins punching Zeth in the face slowly but he then stops after a minute. Zeth doesn’t look worried but Crimson is salivating*

Crimson: Time to be consumed!!!

*Zeth does an extremely powerful gut punch which causes Crimson to cough up a ton of blood on Zeth. Crimson is in extreme pain and starts walking around as such before falling to his knees and pukes*

*The storm still rages in the background as Zeth now stands tall and Crimson just looks at him*

Zeth: You can’t defeat me and I’ve told you the reason many times! It’s because I am the real Zeth! You are nothing but a small part of me that was corrupted by the Dark Goddess!!!

*Crimson’s anger begins to rise. He stands up and suddenly the Dark Goddess’s dark aura begins to mix with Crimson’s blood magic aura. He looks up at the raging storm in the sky and screams*

Crimson: I will not accept this!!!!!!!

*The Dark Goddess’s aura begins to rise into the storm and then black rain begins to fall from the sky. Crimson’s power grows even more and black electricity becomes a part of his blood magic aura. Zeth isn’t sure what his next move should be*

Zeth: (Thinking) What is this!? This dark power does not feel like the same power he has been using!

*At a faster speed than before, Crimson dashes to Zeth and punches him hard which sends Zeth flying back, dragging his body against the concrete of the arena before he is stopped upon hitting a wall of a part of the arena that still stands. Now even all of the shirt part of Zeth’s uniform is completely gone*

Sasha, Kurt and Emily: Zeth!!

*Zeth looks forwards and sees Crimson walking toward him*

Crimson: I’m betting everything on this!! With the combination of Blood Magic and the Dark Goddess’s power, I will win!!!

Narrator: Crimson has accessed the Dark Goddess’s power to aid him in his fight against Zeth! How will Zeth be able to retaliate?

Chapter 229 END

To be Continued in Chapter 230: Consumption