Chapter 241:

Chapter 241: The Cloaked Man

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 241: The Cloaked Man

Narrator: Back with Zeth whose corruption is getting worse!

*Zeth, who is still glowing green on many parts of his body, is limping through the cave but he is also hallucinating. As he stumbles through the cave, he starts seeing stupid-looking creatures*

Zeth: Hey thereeeeeee, how are you guys doinnnnnnn?

*Zeth trips and falls flat on his face*

*Zeth looks up and sees the stupid-looking creatures were replaced by fat blobs that have the faces of the other heroes*

Zeth: Heeeeyyy, jeez you guys are really letting go there.

*Zeth gets up and the blobs vanish*

Zeth: Doooon’t leeeeave meeee.

*Zeth walks forward and his right eye starts twitching before he feels dizzy and then finally finds himself in a school classroom. In this hallucination, Zeth’s mind refocuses*

Zeth: What is this?

*Zeth sees himself as a middle school student sitting at a desk*

Zeth: My middle school class?

*The teacher is a woman with black hair that looks to be in her early 30s*

Teacher: Okay, class. We are going to be learning a new lesson today. Would anyone like to guess what it is?

Various Students: Algebra? Writing? Science?

Kid Zeth: Our clan’s history?

Teacher: You are all wrong.

*Suddenly, her appearance starts to look demonic*

Teacher: Our lesson today is that drugs are bad!

*She sticks out her demon tongue and looks at Current Zeth*

Zeth: This is freaky! My teacher certainly wasn’t a demon!

*The teacher leaps at Zeth and then the hallucination suddenly vanishes and changes to a new one where Zeth is outside the entrance of a different cave at sunset*

*Zeth sees a kid version of himself staring into the cave*

Zeth: I remember this. It was when I was attacked.

*The kid Zeth starts to peak into the cave and then a swarm of bats starts flying out. Kid Zeth gets extremely frightened and starts running for his life as the bats chase him. Kid Zeth ends up running straight into a tree while looking back at the bats chasing him. With a bloody nose, he turns around and looks scared as the bats head towards him*

Zeth: This was the traumatic experience that made me afraid of bats.

*Then suddenly, in the blink of an eye, all the bats are chopped into pieces and their bodies all fall to the ground. Kid Zeth looks even more frightened and runs away*

*Zeth looks out a short distance and sees a bunch of angels sheathing their swords*

Zeth: So that’s how the bats died. There were angels watching over me.

*Zeth then sees Kid Zeth run towards his step-parents, Miranda and Jack*

Miranda: Zeth, what are you doing out here!?

Kid Zeth: *crying* Mommy! I was just exploring and *sniffs* and there were these bats *sobs* and they chased after me!

Miranda: Oh Zeth, you need to learn to not come out here.

*The hallucination ends as Zeth finds himself back in the cave he is in but his mind becomes a little fuzzy. He keeps walking through the cave*

Zeth: Where am I even goinnnnnnnnn?

*Zeth doesn’t even notice that he has reached a large hole in the floor and just simply falls down in. He talks as he falls*

Zeth: Whoa, everything’s spinning…

*He eventually hits some ground as he fell to a much lower floor in the cave*

Zeth: Dang. That hurt.

*He sits up rubbing his back. His corruption still leaves him dizzy*

*Suddenly, a group of Crow Beak Divine Killers soldiers arrive*

Soldier: (Masked Voice) It’s the target! Kill him!

*Suddenly, the soldiers are blown back. Someone has come to save Zeth. It is Zaydra but she is still wounded, exhausted, and in pain from her battle with Poleon. She has bandages wrapped on various parts of her body. Zeth refocuses*

Zeth: Zaydra? What are you doing here?

Zaydra: *huff* What does it look like? I’m saving my little brother.


Narrator: Meanwhile, outside, not far from the mountains.

*There is a man whose body is covered with a gray cloak, walking towards the mountain. Only his eyes and some skin around the eyes are the only parts not covered up. The expression in his eyes is the look of being determined*

Narrator: Zaydra has come to Zeth’s aid despite being still badly injured. And who is the cloaked man? What purpose does he have heading towards the mountain that the heroes are in?

Chapter 241 END

To be Continued in Chapter 242: The Mortalment Ancient Scriptures