Chapter 242:

Chapter 242: The Mortalment Ancient Scriptures

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 242: The Mortalment Ancient Scriptures

Narrator: Back with Emily, Kurt, Joe, and Keith.

*Emily, Kurt, Joe, and Keith have reached a medium-sized room that has cave paintings on it and there is an old book sitting on a podium at the front of the room. There are also a few tables*

Kurt: Is this the room?

Emily: It has to be.

*They walk up to the podium and Kurt picks up the old book*

Kurt: I guess this is what we are looking for.

Keith: Put it on the table and let’s see what it says.

*They go to the table and Kurt opens the book. As soon as Kurt starts looking through some pages, he is shocked*

Kurt: I can’t read this!

*The others take a look*

Joe: I can’t either.

Keith: Same here.

Emily: Wait, I can read that!

Kurt, Joe, and Keith: Seriously!?

Emily: Yes. This cave was used by Earth Den people so it must be coded with magic in a way that only people with Earth Den blood can read it.

Kurt: You will have to tell us what it says then.

*Emily starts reading through the old book*

Emily: After reading some of this book, it’s possible to understand the cave paintings. The cave paintings were not made by the Earth Dens. They were done by the Zorens. This book was written by the Earth Dens but they were able to build an understanding of what the Zorens were doing here.

Joe: So what did they find out?

Emily: The Zorens lived in fear that one day, the goddesses would punish them for not being their followers so secretly in this mountain, they tried to find a way that they could fight if necessary. Look at the leftmost cave painting.

*It shows undetailed Zorens meeting in the cave and they are pouring some kind of liquid into a crack*

Emily: The Zorens had their top scientists in here experimenting. This mountain naturally produces a specific element that can only be found in this mountain. They experimented by combining the element with specific substances. Now, look at the next painting.

*The next painting shows what appears to be an undetailed angel chained against a wall with a bunch of scientists in front of him*

Emily: The Zorens were able to capture an angel and they experimented with the substances they had created. Eventually, they finally made something that had a devastating effect.

*The next painting shows that angel disintegrating*

Emily: They covered the angel’s entire body in the green substance they had created and then soon the angel disintegrated…. This isn’t good. It’s more than just corruption! It kills them! Zeth and Sasha are in serious danger!

Kurt: What can we do!?

*Emily continues reading*

Emily: One of the scientists ended up being horrified about what happened to the angel. His conscience got the better of him and he ended up leaking out information about the substance as well as the fact of a possible invasion of the human continents was on the table with the Zoren government. The leak reached the Light Goddess but the main focus of Heaven was the possible invasion. From there, you already know the rest.

Keith: But what about stopping the corruption!?

Emily: I’m trying to find it!

*Emily reads more*

Emily: One thing is for sure. This Earth Den code was used to make sure nobody with evil intentions could learn of the purpose of the substance. The Earth Den people were big followers of the Light Goddess. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing anything about a cure but there is a way to shut down the reserves of the substance. According to this, freezing temperatures can neutralize the substance. There are two freezing machines that need to be activated. One is farther on in this cave. The other is under New Gringe Town.

Joe: Then we need to split up and activate both.

Kurt: How should we do this?

Emily: Joe and I will go activate the one farther on in the cave. You and Keith get the one below New Gringe Town.

Kurt and Keith: Got it!

Emily: Let’s go!


Narrator: Meanwhile, outside the mountains.

*Goma stands with many of his soldiers*

Goma: We are so close to accomplishing our first goal. Before this night is over, Zeth and Sasha will be dead.

*Goma senses something and turns around and sees the cloaked man walking towards him*

Goma: Oh? And who might you be?

Man: I’m here to put a stop to your plans.

Goma: That voice sounds familiar.

*The man removes the cloak. He has short, messed-up hair that is black but is starting to turn gray. He has a beard and mustache that are also starting to turn gray. He is wearing a red uniform. Goma’s eyes open wide*

Goma: I can’t believe it! It’s you! My old friend, Dom!

Dom: Goma! I will not let your heresy continue! I’m here to defeat you!

Goma: It’s been so long. Let’s seen what you got then! This will be fun!

Narrator: For the first time in this story, Master Dom makes a real appearance in the present. Will Kurt’s master be able to take down Goma?

Chapter 242 END

To be Continued in Chapter 243: Master Dom vs Goma