Chapter 243:

Chapter 243: Master Dom vs Goma

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 243: Master Dom vs Goma

Narrator: Master Dom shows up and is determined to defeat Goma!

Goma: Let’s see what the master of Aura Magic can do. All of you soldiers, stay back. Go and search out other targets. I’ll handle Dom.

Soldiers: (Masked Voices) Yes, sir!!

*The soldiers leave the area*

*Dom charges his aura which is an intense red color*

Goma: Your power certainly is more intense since I last saw you fight. Now you must be only the third A-Ranked human in this country.

Dom: A-Rank is an understatement.

Goma: Huh?

*Before Goma knows it, Dom punches him hard in the face which makes him stumble back. Dom gets immediately behind Goma, grabs him, and then thrusts his knee in Goma’s back, causing Goma a lot of pain. Dom finishes his series of attacks by swipe kicking Goma away*

*Goma gets up*

Goma: Impressive. Your punch was the result of sending your aura forward and then having it form into you and it attacked me with such speed. As your aura did that, you speedily got behind me and did the rest.

Dom: Knowing what I did will not help you. I am beyond A-Rank. I am a Star-Rank now. I’m only the second person to reach this, second only to Kyle Dredon.

Goma: Don’t get ahead of yourself.

*Goma starts charging his own magic. He points his finger at Dom. Dom opens his eyes wide with an intense expression and then vanishes. Goma stops his Burst technique and prepares a punch. Dom reappears in front of him and their punches collide*

*Goma uses his other hand to pull Dom forward and then elbows Dom in the chin. Dom recovers fast and he bashes his forehead against Goma’s forehead. Dom follows that up by body punching Goma a few times and then throws him up in the air*

Dom: I have surpassed you, Goma!!

*Dom releases a bunch of large aura fists upwards and in quick succession All of them punch Goma*

*Dom jumps in the air above Goma*

Dom: Flame Aura Blast!

*Dom does a flame punch on Goma’s gut and the power sends Goma flying down to the ground with a blast of flame going down after him. Goma’s body hits the ground and then the flame blast does too which sets him ablaze*

*Dom lands*

Dom: Face it! You are not a match for me now after all the intense training I have done for the last few years!

*The fire then goes out and Goma stands up. He is bleeding in spots and has some burns but he smiles regardless*

Goma: Yes, I suppose you have surpassed me. But that still won’t change a thing.

*Dom looks frustrated*

Dom: Goma… What happened to you…? How did you end up like this? You used to be a very devout follower of the Light Goddess!

Goma: You are so naïve, Dom! People change! No one stays the same for their entire life!

*Dom continues to look frustrated*

Dom: I’ll never forget that moment when you first told me of your current intentions!

*Dom begins to have a flashback*


Narrator: 19 years ago. On a beach in Harmone.

*Dom meets with Goma*

Dom: Is there something you wanted to talk about, Goma?

Goma: Yes. You know… I have a daughter on the way. She will be born soon.

Dom: Congratulations. I bet you are excited.

Goma: I am. But becoming a father has left me with concerns about this world.

Dom: What do you mean?

Goma: I don’t want her to grow up in a world where the divine can destroy us at any moment. I want to stop this…

Dom: You’re not making any sense.

Goma: I want to destroy the divine beings that control this world!

*Dom is shocked*

Dom: What!? But you have always had faith in the Light Goddess!

*Goma pulls out a book. The book title is “Goddess Harmona’s Virtues”. Goma tosses the book towards the ocean water. He then points his finger at it. The book then bursts into pieces*

Goma: That’s what I think of “faith” in the Light Goddess.

*Dom just looks speechless*

(Flashback End)


Goma: Yes, and then a few years ago, you tried and failed to defeat me in battle. So then you go and disappear for all this time until you reappear just now.

Dom: It’s too bad it has to be this way. I’d like to ask you for some tips on how you keep your youthful appearance. Here I am with my hair and beard turning gray while you still look like you are in your prime despite being in your fifties.

Goma: It’s not too late to join my side, Dom.

Dom: I won’t ever give up my faith in the Light Goddess!

Goma: That’s too bad…

*Goma suddenly vanishes and then appears behind Dom and he grabs Dom’s neck*

Dom: You still have this much speed after all the damage I dealt you!?

*Goma attempts to snap Dom’s neck but Dom overcomes his shock and then starts thrusting his elbow backward into Goma’s gut multiple times which causes Goma to release him*

*As Dom stumbles forward, Goma points his index finger at Dom. Dom then feels a pain in his abdomen as one of Goma’s “bursts” goes off in his abdomen*

*The part of Dom’s uniform covering his abdomen is destroyed as the burst goes off and blood spills out from his abdomen*

*Dom starts holding onto his wound*

Goma: You just continue to impress. You didn’t get one-shotted by my burst. Of course, I was trying to get your head but your stumble and the pain I was in made that difficult. At this rate, you will still defeat me though, so maybe I should reveal a secret to you.

Dom: Secret?

Goma: Yes. I don’t know what you know of the Enigmus incident from over 6 months ago, but my old friend Kogen was the leader of it.

Dom: I know that much. What’s your point?

Goma: His methods of forcing people into his Enigmus Program were inhumane… but I had no problem with the concept of being an Enigmus.

Dom: Are you saying…!?

Goma: Yes. I decided to become one over the last 6 months!

Dom: And you call yourself the leader of the Crow Beak Divine Killers…

Goma: It’s all about leveling the playing field. However, I also decided to take it a step further.

*Goma has a sinister grin*

Goma: I implanted five demon hearts into my body!

Dom: You can’t be serious!

Goma: But I am! Normally, any Enigmus just gets one demon heart but I figured why not try more! I have one in each arm, one in each leg, and one in my back.

Dom: Have you gone insane!?

Goma: No.

*Goma takes off what remains of the shirt part of his Crow Beak Divine Killers uniform showing his muscular physique. There is a scar on both arms as well as one on his upper back*

Goma: And they can do more than just give me more power.

*Goma grins again*

*His scars begin to bubble and then monstrous eel-like tentacles with sharp teeth-filled mouths on the ends come out of the scars*

Goma: How do you like this!?

*Dom is in shock*

Dom: You… You’re not even human anymore!

Goma: Call me whatever you want. Just know that it will be me who saves humanity from the tyranny of the goddesses!

Narrator: Goma has revealed his secret that he has become an Enigmus. Even with Master Dom’s Star-Rank power, will he be able to defeat Goma?

Chapter 243 END

To be Continued in Chapter 244: Protection Failure