Chapter 244:

Chapter 244: Protection Failure

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 244: Protection Failure

Narrator: Back in the cave.

*Zaydra is defending Zeth from the Crow Beak Divine Killers soldiers*

Zeth: You’re in no condition to fight!

Zaydra: I have to! Look at the condition you’re in! You’re being corrupted and will die if it keeps up!

Soldier: (Masked Voice) She’s a divine being too! Kill her!

*Right before they start shooting, Zaydra rushes in and starts punching and kicking the soldiers but the number of soldiers causes her to take some hits*

*The corruption starts to affect her but she is able to knock out the crowd of soldiers*

Zaydra: Zeth. You need to understand that this green stuff, was designed to kill divine beings. It’s even more effective against hybrids like us. I don’t know how much more your body can take before it kills you.

Zeth: How can it be cured?

Zaydra: We need to get you back to Heaven. Unfortunately, the Kraysheen we used on you at the swamp will not work on this stuff.

*Suddenly, more soldiers are heard*

Echoing Masked Voice: This way! This way! The divine beings are down this tunnel!

Zaydra: Damn it.

*Zaydra looks back at Zeth and her eyes open wide. A small pool of darkness appears at Zeth’s feet and starts dragging him down into it*

Zeth: What is this!?

Zaydra: Oh no!

*Zaydra runs towards Zeth but it is no good as she is still too weak from trying to recover*

*Hamura’s voice can be heard*

Hamura: Sorry Zaydra, but I will be kidnapping your brother. Have fun with the soldiers.

*Zaydra turns around to see that the soldiers have arrived*

Zaydra: Damn you, Hamura!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Sasha.

*Sasha is still sitting inside the magic barrier that Hamura put around her. She looks sad*

Sasha: (Talking to herself) This barrier is too powerful for me to destroy. What will happen to this world? Zeth, why did you come here? Everything is going wrong right now.

*Suddenly, next to her, a small pool of darkness appears and Zeth’s unconscious body comes out of it*

Sasha: Zeth!

*She looks at how much of his body is green and glowing*

Sasha: You really are being corrupted!

*Sasha starts crying*

Sasha: Why did you have to come here!?

*Another pool of darkness appears outside the barrier and Hamura comes out of it*

Hamura: It looks like my darkness knocked him out cold. Don’t worry though. Both of you being in that barrier will assure that you both survive Hell’s invasion of Earth. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have to go outside and be ready for that.

*Hamura leaves by going into the pool of darkness again*

*Soon, Zeth starts to open his eyes. His left eye is still completely glowing green while his right eye, it’s still only his iris glowing green*

Zeth: Sasha…?

Sasha: How are you feeling?

Zeth: Awful… Where are we?

Sasha: In my sister’s barrier that we aren’t powerful enough to destroy.

*Sasha has a grim look on her face*

Sasha: The Hell invasion is about to start…

Zeth: No way!

Sasha: I don’t think there is anything we can do to stop it…

*Suddenly, a cave wall in the room is destroyed. In walks Haunch Lowlsy, the second-in-command of the Divine Killers. He is still wearing his trench coat. He sees Zeth and Sasha*

Haunch: The divine beings gathered in one spot. Don’t worry. I will make your deaths quick.

*He walks towards the barrier*

Zeth: Judging by the logo on your trench coat, you are of the Crow Beak Divine Killers.

Haunch: That is correct. I am Haunch Lowsly. Second-in-Command of the Crow Beak Divine Killers.

Sasha: If I can’t destroy this barrier, there is no way a mortal can.

*Haunch takes out a miniature cannon that he can hold with one hand. He channels magic into it and then shoots an explosive out of it. It hits the barrier and explodes*

*The glowing green goop covers the barrier and dissolves it*

Sasha: It can even overpower extremely powerful divine magic!?

Haunch: Do not underestimate Mortalment, and most certainly do not underestimate my abilities as one of the Earth Den people.

Zeth: You’re an Earth Den?

Haunch: Yes. I grew up in New Gringe Town until it was destroyed by demons.

Sasha: Wait, but that’s impossible! Emily told us that the only survivor was Udana!

Haunch: I know not of other survivors but there is a secret place under the town and that is where I was. That even forged my hatred for the divine and led to me joining the Crow Beak Divine Killers. I am most responsible for the organization getting its hands on Mortalment. So now, you must die.

*He fires another explosive at Zeth and Sasha and they try to dodge. However, they are still caught in the blast radius and get more green goop on them. They both just fall over and Zeth’s right eye becomes unfocused. He can’t take much more. Sasha’s vision becomes blurry*

Haunch: Not taking the direct hit will just prolong your suffering. But then again, divine beings never care when mortals suffer so maybe I won’t mind letting this go on a little longer.

*Before Haunch does anything else, someone else enters the room. It is Salina*

Salina: Hi there.

*She smiles*

Zeth: …Sa…li…na…

Haunch: This is no place for a common citizen to be. Please leave.

Salina: Oh, I’m no common citizen.

*A dark red aura begins to surround Salina. Her body begins transforming. Her skin starts turning red. Short horns grow out of the top of her head. Her hair starts flowing freely after being in a bun in her human appearance. She grows a red tail. Her hands turn to claws. Demonic markings appear on her forehead. Her tongue turns black and becomes longer, and she just lets it hang out of her mouth*

Salina: This is my true form. I am a devil demon! The purpose I was given at a young age was to protect Princess Sasha and her wishes! I won’t let you harm Princess Sasha or Light Prince Zeth!

Narrator: Salina’s true form has been revealed! Her ability to help Zeth certainly can’t be considered a coincidence now!

Chapter 244 END

To be Continued in Chapter 245: Salina vs Haunch