Chapter 245:

Chapter 245: Salina vs Haunch

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 245: Salina vs Haunch

Sasha: It’s you… I remember you. I forgot about you but seeing you here, I do remember you!

Salina: Forgive me for not coming to you sooner, my princess. The sealing of your dark powers made your memories fuzzy so I did not want to come back to you too soon.

Haunch: Enough talk! You will die with them!

*Haunch shoots his cannon at Salina. Salina’s true form gives her great jumping abilities and she leaps forward and over the explosive, right towards Haunch*

*Salina slashes her claws at Haunch but he blocks by holding up a shield. Though he is saved, the shield is destroyed*

Salina: A protective shield? I’ll take that as you acknowledging my power.

Haunch: We’ll see just how strong you are!

*Haunch puts away his cannon and pulls out a boxing glove. He puts it on his right hand and starts channeling magic into it*

Salina: A boxing glove? You will need more than that.

*Salina quickly ducks as Haunch does a speedy punch that has a lot of power. She jumps upward and latches herself onto the ceiling. She opens her mouth wide as she charges an attack in it. Salina shoots a few energy orbs out of her mouth and they break up into many “slashes” of energy*

*Haunch tries his best to dodge but he gets hit and has multiple cuts on his body*

*Salina leaps down off the ceiling trying to finish him off but he recovers and as she tries to slash him. He uses his boxing punches and pounds her in the face which sends her flying back into a cave wall*

Haunch: I now see that you are a very powerful demon. I was surprised by your attack.

*Haunch uses his left hand and pulls out a mace and charges magic into it. They run towards each other*

*Haunch tries a boxing punch but the punch is stopped when his arm is grabbed by Salina. Haunch swings his mace at her horizontally and two of the prongs pierce into her left upper arm*

Salina: Grrr! That definitely hurts!

*Salina jumps up a bit and kicks Haunch vertically in the chin which causes him to release his mace from her skin. Salina then leaps towards Haunch. She gets in a slash and then she continuously leaps back and forth at his body and gets in more hits*

*Eventually, Haunch is able to put away the mace and pulls out a Sawed-off Double Barrel Shotgun*

Haunch: You are a powerful demon but you won’t survive this.

*Salina sees him aiming it at her as she leaps towards him but it’s too late as she can’t stop her momentum*

*Haunch blasts her with the shotgun as soon as she is in range. The shot blows her back and covers her with green goop. Haunch reloads the shotgun. Salina survives the attack, making Haunch’s prediction wrong*

Haunch: There’s no doubt now. Even though I am a low A-Rank, your power surpasses mine. It’s time I use Mortalment to end this battle.

Sasha: I thought Goma was supposed to be the only A-Rank human in this country.

Haunch: That was true until recently when I finally reached A-Rank as well.

*He puts away the boxing glove and the shotgun and pulls out a missile*

Salina: You would blow yourself up as well with that.

Haunch: You would be surprised.

Salina: I won’t let you harm Sasha and Zeth!

*Salina charges her power and digs her claws into the ground. Her power flows through the ground throughout the room and causes it to tear apart*

*The ground beneath Zeth and Sasha collapses and they fall into separate holes. Salina rushes towards Haunch*

Salina: I’m going to take you out!

*As Haunch is about to slam the missile into the ground, Salina kicks him back*

*Out of view, a big explosion in the room still happens*


Narrator: Elsewhere in the cave.

*Emily and Joe are traveling farther into the cave. They are trying to find one of the freezing machines. Soon, they find a large room but right before they enter it, they see a portal appear*

Joe: Wait, what’s that portal for?

Emily: I don’t know…

*Exiting the portal are Korobu and Gentorious*

*Emily and Joe are stunned and then they are noticed*

*Gen, at first, has a surprised look on his face but then it turns to a grin*

Gen: It’s my lucky day.

Narrator: Is Salina safe? And what is Gentorious grinning about? Why is it his lucky day?

Chapter 245 END

To be Continued in Chapter 246: Decision of Fear