Chapter 252:

Chapter 252: Harmona vs Hamura, Korobu, and Gentorious

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 252: Harmona vs Hamura, Korobu, and Gentorious

Narrator: While Zeth continues to face Goma, Harmona shows up and takes on Korobu, Gentorious, and Hamura.

*Harmona raises one hand up and up a bunch of small meteors fall from the sky towards her three enemies. The three of them jump in opposite directions to avoid the impacts*

Korobu: Can you really handle all three of us at once in your still recovering state, Harmona?

*Korobu sends ten black skulls at Harmona from one side while Gen turns into his dark green-skinned monster form and tries to punch Harmona on the other side*

Harmona: My soul may still be recovering but I can handle all of three of you!

*Harmona punches Gen, then grabs him, and finally throws him in the way of the skulls. Gen takes hits from all ten of Korobu’s black skulls, dealing him some damage*

Korobu: Sorry about that, Gentorious!

Gen: It was my fault. I got sloppy.

Hamura: It’s been so long since I have fought you, Harmona. Let me test your current power!

*Hamura launches towards Harmona and releases some black spikes at her*

*Harmona releases a wave of energy that destroys the spikes. Hamura then reaches Harmona and she tries to punch Harmona rapidly. Harmona uses her arms to block the punches*

*Korobu comes at Harmona from behind. He points his index finger and middle finger at Harmona and shoots a small black laser out. Harmona can’t dodge it as she has to block Hamura’s punching onslaught and she gets hit in the back which stuns her enough to allow Hamura to get some strong punches in*

*After being hit by some powerful punches from Hamura, Harmona blasts Hamura away with a strong wave of magic and it sends Hamura down onto the ground hard*

*Gen rejoins Korobu*

Korobu: We don’t need to win this. We only need to keep her busy until the Dark Goddess arrives and then it will be all over!

Gen: Even if she is not as strong as she used to be, that is still a difficult task!

Harmona: Too bad for you that won’t happen!

*Harmona spreads her arms out wide and then a ring of basketball-sized gold stars surround her*

Harmona: Star Ring Blast!

*The stars spread out. Some go after Gen and Korobu while some go after Hamura who is just getting up after Harmona’s last hit. Hamura tries to jump away and destroys a few with her own dark magic but is hit in the back by the last few which leave bleeding wounds on her back*

*Gen stands in front of Korobu*

Gen: I got this!

*Gen transforms further with dark purple rough skin growing over his stomach area that grows outward from his sides like shields. With his new skin, he tanks most of the stars but then whips the last one with his tail, sending it back at Harmona*

*Harmona catches the star with her hand*

Gen: You should know this part of my transformation allows me to limit magic damage from the front.

Harmona: Not a problem.

*With blazing speed, she launches herself towards Gen, grabs his face, kicks him in the gut, and then slams him face flat onto the ground where she shoves the star into his back, creating a small blast of magic that deals decent damage to Gen*

*Harmona looks at Korobu*

Harmona: You’re a thorn I especially want to get rid of.

*Korobu goes into his Dark Form (where his body is completely black except for his red skull shaped irises). Korobu thrusts his arms forward and releases a lot of dark magic which Harmona counters by releasing her own magic. As their powers collide, Hamura comes out of a new dark spot on the ground right next to Harmona and she kicks Harmona in the head which knocks her to the side*

*Harmona recovers from the hit. Gen also gets up but he has reverted back to his humanoid form*

Hamura: I can tell just how angry you truly are right now, Harmona. You’re so angry that you are not even going a tad easy on us. I wonder if it has to do with Zeth’s corruption.

*Harmona’s anger increases as she begins gritting her teeth*

Hamura: Looks like I hit the spot.

*Harmona goes into Raging Star Mode and her body, as well as her aura, becomes dark red tinted*

Hamura: Taking it to the next level I see. Let me match that. Raging Hell Mode!

*Hamura’s aura and body also become dark red-tinted (but not as dark). Her aura also has transparent monstrous faces in it and her ears become pointy*

Hamura: Are you not entertained!?

*Hamura rushes towards Harmona with Korobu (still in Dark Form) and Gen right behind her*

*Even before any attacks happen, as soon as Harmona’s and Hamura’s raging auras collide, some of the ground beneath them shatters. They then punch each other’s faces and then some ground behind the both of them shatters*

*Korobu attacks from the side and Harmona quickly blocks his punch but Gen comes from the other side and kicks her which leaves her open for Hamura’s next attack as she forms a dark red tinted heart and slams it in Harmona’s face. She then kicks Harmona back*

*The heart splits into smaller hearts and goes on multiple parts of Harmona’s body and stabs her skin with small spikes. Harmona increases the ferocity of her aura to increase the rate her Raging Star aura destroys the hearts. However, her three enemies are coming in for another attack*

*Harmona destroys all the hearts but she has small wounds on different parts of her body. Her enemies get close but she uses a horizontal wave motion with her hands to release a horizontal powerful wave of magic that pushes them back, Harmona begins to condense her Raging Star aura onto her body*

*The outline of Harmona’s body appears sharp with the condensed Raging Star aura. Hamura notices this and stops her new pursuit of Harmona*

Hamura: Watch out!!

*Harmona dashes towards them with a furious look on her face*

*Korobu and Gen finally realize what Harmona is using and try to get out of the way of her dash*

Harmona: Raging Star Zothena!

*Blood splatters out but it’s not yet clear from who*

*Harmona stops moving as she dashes past them and her Raging Star aura returns to its non-condensed form. Harmona is holding a left arm in her hand*

Harmona: Sorry but I hope you won’t be needing this anymore.

*Hamura and Korobu successfully avoided the attack but Gen’s left arm was torn off*

Harmona: You’re now down an arm thanks to the technique that my mother created. I’m going to win this fight. The Dark Goddess will never even get the chance to assist you even if the fight drags out.

Narrator: Harmona has started her battle with a few of the most powerful warriors of Hell! She is confident that Hell’s invasion won’t happen! What has she planned to stop it?

Chapter 252 END

To be Continued in Chapter 253: Blood Form