Chapter 253:

Chapter 253: Blood Form

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 253: Blood Form

*Harmona still holds Gen’s cut-off left arm*

Gen: You think because I have lost an arm that this is over? Hardly.

Korobu: Soon, the Dark Goddess will arrive to punish you.

Hamura: Yes, this is certainly far from over.

Harmona: You will all be proven wrong.

*All of them get ready to continue to fight*


Narrator: Back to Zeth and Goma.

*Zeth is still completely covered in green goop and has green crocodile-like eyes*

Goma: (Thinking) Looking at his eyes, the corruption seems to carry slight Zoren properties, the species very few humans of today know the truth about. His body is trying to use Blood Magic to try and hold off the corruption and make it useful instead. Let’s see how long that lasts.

*Zeth leaps in the air and tries to fall on Goma but Goma points his index finger upwards. He charges it for a second and releases a burst point upwards as Zeth falls down towards him. Releasing the charged burst point leaves his hand a little bloody*

*The point bursts at Zeth’s chest and it not only blows off some goop but also leaves a wound. However, Zeth still is able to swipe Goma with his hand which knocks Goma back a bit*

*Goma looks at his now wounded hand*

Goma: Looks like I wasn’t very good at charging the burst. Damn.

*Zeth begins running towards Goma like an angry monster*

Zeth: You have some nerve acting like a good guy all this time but you are actually a garbage human being!!!!

*Goma sends his two remaining monster heads at Zeth*

Goma: By being a divine being, you have no right to judge me!!

*One of the heads go for Zeth’s neck but Zeth bends his head back before biting onto the head of the monster and then ripping off the head with his hands*

Goma: He actually bit down on it!?

*The other head then comes directly at Zeth*

*Zeth shoves his arm straight into the monster’s mouth and releases a Star Shine Blast through its insides. The SSB travels all the way to Goma’s left arm where the monster head grows out of*

Goma: Damn it!!

*The SSB reaches Goma’s arm before he can rip off the monster head and the blast heavily damages his left arm as well as destroying the monster head*

Goma: That’s it!! I need to get every ounce of power out of these hearts!!

*Goma starts trying to power up more but then feels a strong heartbeat and stops*

Goma: I feel strange now…!

*The five demon hearts inside him become unstable and start pumping demon blood into his body at a rapid rate*

Goma: What… is happening… to me?

*Before, only his lower legs had rough dark blue skin but it starts to expand to the rest of his body*

*Soon, his entire body has rough blue skin. The white parts of his eyes turn black and his iris color turns dark yellow. The only part of his uniform still left is the upper parts of his pants around his waist*

*Zeth doesn’t care what has happened to Goma and just rushes towards him while still being enraged. As Zeth gets close, Goma’s body is enveloped by blue magic and the next thing Zeth knows is that his right abdomen is being torn up and that Goma is now behind him*

Zeth: Gaah!!

Goma: I can feel it!! My power is increasing!! I have entered Blood Magic!!

*Angered, Zeth turns around and rushes at Goma again but Goma easily knocks off Zeth’s balance with a strong punch to the face. Goma then does multiple punches to Zeth and then kicks him back*

*Zeth releases a SSB at Goma but Goma kicks it back at Zeth and the blast goes off when it hits him. Zeth is now heavily wounded and the green goop is not reforming over him*

Zeth: *huff huff* What did my mom ever do to you!?

*Goma raises an eyebrow*

Goma: Nothing specific has been done to me. But with my power, I have decided to stand up for those that have been ruined by divine beings!

Zeth: Maybe those of Hell would do so but don’t lump us that fight for light in with them!

Goma: You are so ignorant! Was it not the Light Goddess that sent the dinosaurs to extinction!? And for what!? Because they developed a way to fight the divine!? How can we trust her!?

Zeth: You’re the one who is ignorant!! My mom made a difficult choice knowing that the Zorens were most likely going to invade human lands!! She saved humanity!!

Goma: Save your biased lies!!

*Zeth’s anger starts to grow even higher*

Goma: Both goddesses will lead humanity to ruin! The only way to save humanity is to eliminate them and all that ally themselves with them! All of you disgusting creatures are going to be executed!!!

*Zeth’s anger is now at its boiling point. His aura starts to turn to a mix of black and gold*

Zeth: Youuuuu!!!! You ungrateful bastard!!!!

*Zeth’s body becomes completely enveloped in the black and gold aura but his body can barely be seen as something is happening to it. The aura becomes very large and is seen by anyone outside which includes Goma, Harmona, Korobu, Gentorious, Hamura, Zaydra, the angels, and some Crow Beak Divine Killers soldiers*

Goma: He’s changing!? Wasn’t he already in Blood Magic!?

*Soon, the aura fades away and Zeth can be seen again. He has undergone a big change. To start, the white parts of his eyes have turned gold. His iris has changed to a star shape and turned red-colored. A green half-circle is sticking out of the left of his left eye and the right of his right eye. Sticking out from those are small red feather-like points and there is one for each half-circle. His hair is spiked backward and has changed to a dark green color. On his arms are black tattoos of jaws with sharp teeth. His hands have become claw-like. He is now completely shirtless and his body is mostly black and gold except for the large star design on his abdomen that is red. He is barefoot with claw-like feet. He now has a 2-foot-long green tail*

Goma: What is this new form!?


Narrator: Back to Harmona, Korobu, Hamura, and Gentorious.

*They react to Zeth’s transformation*

Korobu: He activated a Stage 2 Blood Form!

Harmona: (Thinking) No! That decision is finally coming back to haunt me…!

Narrator: Zeth has gone to Blood Form Stage 2 but what exactly is a Blood Form? And what decision is Harmona referring to?

Chapter 253 END

To be Continued in Chapter 254: The Regretted Decision Part 1 – The Door