Chapter 254:

Chapter 254: The Regretted Decision Part 1 – The Door

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 254: The Regretted Decision Part 1 – The Door

Narrator: Zeth has entered into a Stage 2 Blood Form. It’s time to find out what that all means.

*Gen starts laughing*

Gen: Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! You really did it, Harmona! He is far too young to be using Blood Form! Your stupidity in your younger days is now having negative consequences on your son! Never change, Harmona, never change!

*Harmona lowers her head with a look of guilt on her face*

Harmona: (Thinking) And he’s right…

*Harmona has a flashback*


Narrator: Nearly 300,000 years ago when Harmona was still only a child.

*Child Harmona is following her mother through a hallway*

Narrator: Light Princess Harmona – Age 10.

Narrator: Light Goddess of Earth and Harmona's mother - Zothena.

*Child Harmona has on a white dress and has longish blonde hair. Zothena also has blonde hair and green eyes. Rather than just be straight down like Harmona, Zothena’s hair is angled to the left and goes down from behind her left shoulder. She wears a light purple dress. She has a tattoo of a ruby-colored star on her forehead*

Harmona: Where are we going, mom?

Zothena: You’re ready to begin schooling. You will be learning the basics of magic.

Harmona: Yay! That’s exciting!

Zothena: I’m glad you’re enthusiastic. After you finish Magic Schooling, you will then be spending between 50 to 100 years on Goddess Schooling.

*As they walk through the heavenly hall, they pass a large red door that has a large lock on it*

Harmona: Mom, what’s this door for?

Zothena: That door is off limits. It allows you to meet with some powerful deities. You are forbidden from going through for many millenniums.

*Zothena stops and turns her head so that one eye sees Harmona behind her. She glares at Harmona*

Zothena: Understand?

*Harmona gulps*

Harmona: Yes.

*That flashback ends and then Harmona has a new flashback*


Narrator: 10 years later. Harmona is 20 years old which is still an immature age for a divine being as divine beings mature slower than mortals.

*Harmona is sitting at a table in a library in Heaven reading a book*

Harmona: (Thinking) I really want to know what is so worrisome about meeting some deities behind that door. Why do I have to wait many millenniums?

*She starts reading through the book*

Harmona: (Thinking) A lock for the door was created to prevent its abuse? If it’s really that bad, why is there information about this door in a common library book? I want to go in. I mean how bad could it be? I just need the key. That will be easy. This book has a picture of it and I’m sure it’s in my mom’s room. Piece of cake.


Narrator: Later.

*Harmona approaches her mother’s room which is guarded by a male elite angel*

Harmona: Excuse me, sir. I left something in my mom’s room the last time I was in it. Can you let me in, please?

Angel: Let me verify that you are Princess Harmona.

*The angel takes a blood sample. His scanner then confirms that it is Harmona*

Angel: Confirmed. You may go in for a few minutes. No more than that while Goddess Zothena is out.

Harmona: I won’t take long, sir.

*Harmona goes in Zothena’s room and looks around*

*Harmona goes to Zothena’s desk and searches through the drawer that she is sure is the key drawer*

Harmona: (Thinking) I’m certain that it is in here!

*Soon, she finds the key she is looking for and clenches it tightly. She then leaves the room*

Harmona: Thank you for letting me in the room, sir!

Angel: No problem. Run along now, Princess Harmona.


Narrator: A little bit later.

*Harmona is at the door and looks around the area to make sure nobody is watching her. She unlocks the door and then goes in*

*She finds herself in a dark area with a lot of white mist. She starts walking around*

Harmona: Where are these deities?

*Eventually, she sees a silhouette in the distance through the mist. After going through the mist, she finds herself near a shrine with a lot of lit candles leading to its stairs*

Harmona: Whoa… What is this?

*She goes up the stairs and finds herself at a small, open candle-lit throne room with a deity sitting on the throne. He has tan skin and green irises. His hair is red and so are his beard and mustache. He has a ruby-colored star gemstone on his forehead. He is about 6 feet, 10 inches tall. He is wearing a blue robe*

Deity: Ah, what brings a young goddess here?

Harmona: Um, I’m not actually a goddess yet. My mother is.

Deity: So you are the daughter of Zothena? What’s your name?

Harmona: Harmona.

Deity: Welcome, Harmona. My name is Starnova. I am Earth’s Deity of Stars.

Harmona: I was told I have to wait many millenniums before I could come here. Why is that?

Starnova: That is because through deities you can gain power that young divine beings simply can’t handle. Not only that but there are deities that will manipulate divine beings that are not yet mentally capable of handling them. This is not a place to take lightly.

Harmona: I don’t get it. Why don’t we use this power to destroy the forces of Hell?

*Starnova stares at Harmona intently*

Starnova: I think one day you will understand.

*Suddenly, someone grabs Harmona’s arm. It is Zothena and she looks angrily at Harmona*

Zothena: Harmona! You have disobeyed me!

*The look Zothena is giving Harmona scares her*

Zothena: Let’s go!

*Zothena walks away with Harmona as Starnova just stares*


*Outside, Zothena has taken the key back from Harmona and locks the door*

Zothena: I can’t believe you! I told you that you couldn’t go in there!

Harmona: I just couldn’t understand why it is forbidden! I wanted to understand!

Zothena: Well, I’m sure Starnova told you why! Don’t go in there again!

*Harmona looks disappointed*

Harmona: …Okay.


Narrator: 14 years later. Harmona is 34 years old.

*Harmona is sitting in her room doing school work. She hears voices outside*

Voice: It’s an emergency!! Goddess Zothena is gone!!

*Harmona opens her eyes wide and then runs out of the room*

*She sees a bunch of panicking angels*

Harmona: What’s going on!?

Male Angel: Goddess Zothena was doing battle with some of Hell’s forces in the country of Vandox (Reminder: It’s the same country where the vampires are located in the present time)! Now she is gone!

Harmona: Mom is dead!?

Angel: That appears to be the case!

*Harmona’s mind snaps and she becomes extremely angry*

Harmona: Give me the key for “that” door! I’m going to get the power that I need and as the new Light Goddess, I will lead our forces to Hell and absolutely crush the Dark Goddess!!

Narrator: Despite knowing she is not allowed to go through the door, the desire to avenge Zothena drives Harmona to get the power to destroy the Dark Goddess!

Chapter 254 END

To be Continued in Chapter 255: The Regretted Decision Part 2 – Vengeance