Chapter 255:

Chapter 255: The Regretted Decision Part 2 – Vengeance

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 255: The Regretted Decision Part 2 – Vengeance

Narrator: Continuing on with Harmona’s flashback to her regretted decision, she is determined to avenge her mother!

*As Harmona cries with the key in hand, she starts running to find the door*

Harmona: Mother, I will avenge you!!

*Harmona soon finds the door and unlocks it*

Harmona: I don’t care what kinds of deities I can find in there. I need the power to kill the Dark Goddess!

*Harmona enters through the door. She runs through the mist again until she reaches the shrine that Starnova is at*

Starnova: Harmona? What brings you back here?

Harmona: My mother is dead!! I need the power to destroy the Dark Goddess!!

Starnova: I wouldn’t recommend it but it matters not to me. Individuals should be the ones to make their own decisions. Very well.

*A female deity then walks in. She has middle back-length, light blue-colored wavy hair. Her skin is dark and is also covered with light blue wavy tattoos. She has green irises. She wears a gray dress. On her forehead is a gray ball gemstone with a transparent, wavy, gray aura surrounding it*

Narrator: Earth’s Deity of Souls – Souliva.

Deity: Sorry, I could feel anger and came to check it out.

Harmona: Who are you?

Deity: My name is Souliva. I am Earth’s Deity of Souls. If you want power, I can give you some too.

Starnova: Now, Harmona. Are you absolutely sure you want this power?

Harmona: Yes!

Starnova: Just a warning. This stuff is considered black magic as well as curses. It could be passed on to any children you have.

Harmona: Yeah, yeah! Blah blah! Children aren’t something I need to worry about for a long time! I need this now!

Starnova: Well, don’t come back to me in a couple hundred thousand years from now and say I didn’t warn you.

*Starnova and Souliva clap their hands together and start chanting*

*Magic from both of the deities starts to flow onto Harmona and they layer themselves perfectly on her and then vanish*

Harmona: So what happened to me?

Souliva: My power gives you the ability to attack using your soul.

Starnova: With my enhancements, your star magic infused blood can reach its heights sooner.

Harmona: Awesome!

Starnova: Anyway, we are done here.

Harmona: Thank you!

*Harmona leaves the area*


Narrator: Later. In Heaven.

*Harmona is standing before her angel army in the outdoors of Heaven*

Harmona: I may not be close to finishing learning how to be a goddess but I am confident that I can lead you all into battle against the forces of Hell! This won’t just be any battle! It will be a battle to avenge my mom, Goddess Zothena, who was murdered by those lowly bastards from Hell! We will crush them all!!

*The soldiers of the angel army cheer*

Harmona: We will destroy the Dark Goddess and she will drown in a pool of her own blood!!!

*The angels cheer even louder*

Harmona: Now follow me into Hell!!!!

*All of the angels scream with confidence as they prepare to head into Hell*


Narrator: Later. Heaven’s forces were able to start a direct invasion of Hell. While each side has the capability to directly invade the other, both sides generally advise against it as a direct invasion of Heaven or Hell is seen as a suicide mission. But Harmona did not care. Nothing could deter her from carrying out the mission to avenge her mother.

*There is now a war going on in Hell with angels and demons at each other’s throats. Hell looks like a dark wasteland and has a dark atmosphere, brown grounds, rivers of lava, and a dark red sky*

*Harmona is now face to face with the Dark Goddess, the mother of the current Dark Goddess in the present. She has Dark Divine Eyes, long twirled black hair and a black dress*

Narrator: Dark Goddess of Earth and Dakame’s mother – Zenta.

Harmona: I’m here to kill you, Zenta!! You’re not known for being among the strongest dark goddesses in history so with my new power, you shouldn’t be an issue!!

Zenta: You’re right. I’m more known for my ability to create new types of demons but I’m more than powerful enough to take on a brat like you. How old are you? 20? 30?

Harmona: 34! Enough talk! You will pay for killing my mother! Time for you to die!

Zenta: What are you even talking about?

*In anger, Harmona charges her magic and rushes towards Zenta*

Narrator: During their fight, Harmona gets dominated by Zenta. She could not even come close to taking Zenta down. She was on the verge of learning why a direct invasion of Hell is never advised. She was about to lose it all…

*Harmona is knocked down onto the ground and is bloody*

Harmona: Why…? Where is this power I got…? I just want… to kill you…

*Her anger begins to rise*

Harmona: I just want to… brutally murder you!!!

*A dark aura with some gold mixed in begins to envelop Harmona*

*Soon, the aura starts to fade, and what Zenta sees under makes her feel fear* (Author’s Note: You, the reader, don’t get to see what Zenta sees. I wasn't exactly sure how to put it into naturally flowing words so I stuck it in this author's note.)

Zenta: What have you done!!?

*There are snarling sounds coming from where Harmona is*

Narrator: And just like that, everything goes black.


Narrator: Everything starts black but then…

*In first-person view, the person’s eyes open. A male angel doctor has his back to the person while he is doing something at a counter. The person makes grunting noises and then the doctor is alerted and turns around to look at the person and his eyes are opened wide in relief*

Doctor: Are you awake!?

*The patient is Harmona and she is lying in a bed in a medical room*

Harmona: Where am I?

Doctor: My Goddess, you’re awake! You’re in the Official Hospital of Heaven. You can call it the OHH for short.

Harmona: But I was leading the charge into Hell! I was even fighting the Dark Goddess!

Doctor: And you did, but things went horribly wrong for you…

Harmona: W- What do you mean?

Doctor: You killed… a lot… on both sides…

*Harmona has a look of despair on her face*

Harmona: No! It can’t be!

Doctor: You did. Although you successfully slaughtered the Dark Goddess, to the point that she did in fact drown in a pool of her own blood, your rampage continued and you killed many on both sides. I knew you would be confused when you woke up so some pictures were prepared.

*The doctor uses a TV screen to show pictures and there are corpses of both angels and demons shown*

Harmona: What have I done!?

Doctor: You went into a Stage 4 Blood Form. It took many angels using our most powerful tranquilizers to finally bring you down. We took many casualties in the process. We can also confirm that Zenta’s daughter, Dakame, was not harmed in the invasion and is now the new Dark Goddess.

Harmona: What happens now?

Doctor: We’ve had you unconscious for 2 years now.

Harmona: What!? 2 years!!

Doctor: We’ve spent the last 2 years removing the Star Blood Curse from your body. We needed you to be unconscious to do that. We also noticed a Soul Curse but felt there was no danger in leaving it.

Harmona: Thank you, doctor.

*End of flashback*


Harmona: (Thinking) And now the same thing is happening to my son. Thankfully, it’s only Stage 2 Blood Form… but how did he get the curse passed on anyway!? Mine was removed! Stage 1 Blood Form, or “Blood Magic” as it is commonly known as, can be accessed by anyone of any age born with magic. But that’s not the case with Stage 2 and beyond.

*Harmona looks frustrated with herself*

Harmona: (Thinking) I’m such an idiot!! I played around with something I didn’t understand! These curses must have many complex rules! And I even used my Soul Curse during the Great Chaos to win and now I’m stuck in this long recovering state! Forgive me for my stupidity, mother!

*Harmona looks even more frustrated with herself*

Harmona: (Thinking) And now my son is paying the price for my actions! I will do whatever it takes to save him!

Narrator: Harmona’s regretted decision has been revealed and now the curse is affecting Zeth! How will the events of this battle play out!?

Chapter 255 END

To be Continued in Chapter 256: Haunch’s Counterattack