Chapter 256:

Chapter 256: Haunch's Counterattack

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 256: Haunch’s Counterattack

Narrator: Back with Sasha and Salina.

*Sasha and Salina finally find an exit out of the caves of the mountains but it is on the opposite side of where all the battles are happening*

Sasha: Where are we?

Salina: It appears we are on the other side of the mountain.

Sasha: The other side!?

Salina: We will need to climb over the mountain to get there. It will take too long to go around.

Sasha: Damn it! …Let’s get climbing.

*They start going up the mountain. As they are walking up the mountainside, they see a missile falling towards them from above*

Sasha: Look out!

*They jump out of the way as the missile hits that spot and explodes with green goop*

Salina: That must be…!

*Haunch is running down the mountainside and has no further damage from using a missile in the cave*

Sasha: Haunch!

Haunch: Our business is not finished! You divine beings must die!

*Haunch takes out a sword covered in goop and jumps down towards Sasha. He tries to slash Sasha but she blocks the sword by creating and then using a dark spear*

*Salina comes in from the side and tries to slash Haunch with her claws but he pulls out another sword, which is also covered in goop, and blocks it*

*Haunch jumps back and crosses his two swords*

Salina: Be careful. We don’t know what he might be planning.

*Haunch smirks and then transitions his crossed swords into horizontal slashing motions. Goop flies off the swords horizontally towards Sasha and Salina*

Salina: Princess Sasha, avoid that at all costs!

*They jump to dodge but Haunch had already anticipated it and does his slashing motion in the air. This time goop lands horizontally across Sasha’s and Salina’s upper chests and arms*

Haunch: You may be divine beings, but as long as I dictate your movements, I will win!

*Sasha and Salina both fall back to the ground coughing and Haunch jumps at an arch towards Sasha and intends to pierce Sasha with his sword. Haunch lands as he thrusts his sword in Sasha’s abdomen*

Sasha: Aaaahhhh!!!!!

Salina: Princess Sasha!!!

*Sasha’s corruption increases*

*In anger, Salina throws a red ring of energy at Haunch and knocks him away from Sasha before he can use his other sword to pierce Sasha’s neck. The ring then flies above Haunch and attempts to encircle him. Haunch keeps slashing the ring back before it can encircle him*

*Salina charges at Haunch and tries to slash him with her claws to use up his blocks so the ring can encircle him. The attempt is successful as Haunch can’t block Salina and slash away the ring at the same time. The ring encircles Haunch and squeezes at his waist and zaps him with its energy*

Haunch: Gaah!! This won’t stop me!

*Salina goes in to slash Haunch and at the same time, Haunch stabs the ring with his sword and pierces it, causing the ring of energy to shatter. However, Haunch is also bleeding from claw slashes on his face*

Salina: You will pay for bringing harm to Princess Sasha!!

*Haunch jumps back holding onto his face after putting away one of his swords. He lets go of his face and he looks angry. He pulls out the miniature cannon and begins running towards Salina while Salina runs towards him. As Salina goes in for the slash, Haunch jumps over her*

Haunch: Sorry, I’ll finish you off in a moment!

*Salina wasn’t his target. He was going for the wounded Sasha*

Salina: Oh no!! Salina turns around with a look of despair as Haunch shoots his cannon at Sasha. Sasha also has a look of despair*

*Suddenly, the silhouette of someone arrives, picks up Sasha, and jumps away before the explosive hits*

???: I got you!

Sasha: Huh?

*Sasha looks at the person that saved her and it turns out to be Zaydra*

Sasha: Zaydra!?

Zaydra: I was nearby and could hear the fighting. It looks like I showed up just in time.

*Sasha notices parts of Zaydra are glowing green*

Sasha: Zaydra…You have corruption.

Zaydra: Speak for yourself. You’re more corrupted than I am.

*Zaydra looks at Haunch. Haunch does not look amused*

Haunch: You saving that piece of garbage is quite annoying. Though, you are also a piece of garbage that I need to kill so I thank you for saving me some time by coming to me.

*Haunch shoots his cannon again and, once again, Zaydra jumps back, while holding Sasha, to dodge*

Zaydra: We’re taking this fight to the top of the mountain. As the daughter of the Light Goddess, I will defeat you.

Narrator: Zaydra has shown up to give Sasha and Salina a hand! Can she avoid getting more corrupted in the process?

Chapter 256 END

To be Continued in Chapter 257: Blood Form of the Light and Five Demon Hearts of the Human Clash