Chapter 257:

Chapter 257: Blood Form of the Light and Five Demon Hearts of the Human Clash

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 257: Blood Form of the Light and Five Demon Hearts of the Human Clash

Narrator: Back to Zeth and Goma.

*Zeth stares at Goma with the desire to kill*

Goma: I don’t know what this new form of yours is but I have come too far to lose. Prepare yourself!

*Goma rushes towards Zeth and he tries to grab Zeth’s neck so that he can snap it but Zeth grabs one of his arms, gut punches him, and then throws him in the air*

Zeth: I’m going to tear you to pieces!!!

*In the air, Goma shoots out three burst points towards Zeth but Zeth rolls out of the way as the bursts go off. Zeth stands up and opens his mouth wide as energy in the outline of a star takes shape in it*

Goma: The perfect sign of a monster, releasing magic energy from the mouth!

*Zeth shoots out five baseball-sized meteors from his mouth and, in the air, they take the formation of a star and then stay in place*

*As Goma lands back on the ground, he prepares his next move*

*After floating in place for a few seconds, the meteors fly towards Goma*

Goma: You think you can get me with these meteors, huh!? You won’t stop me!

*Goma starts running back towards one of the small lakes. As he is about to get hit, he jumps in the water. The meteors stop and then three of them go down into the water too*

Goma: (Thinking) They can follow me in the water but they are less mobile in it!

*Goma uses the force of his own magic as well as the resistance from the water to make the meteors slow down. He kicks one out of the water and it collides with one of the two that did not go down and they are both destroyed*

*Goma grabs the other two in the water*

*Goma then swims out of the water and, as soon as he comes out, he immediately throws the two meteors back at Zeth. The remaining meteor strikes Goma in the back with a lot of power and knocks him down at a 45-degree angle, causing him to be smashed into the ground. The hit leaves a burn on his back*

Zeth: I won’t be stopped by my own attack!!

*Zeth tries to grab the two meteors thrown at him but he fails and they slam into him and send him flying back and he falls into a different lake*

Zeth: (Thinking) Damn it! He really did get me with my own attack!

*Soon, Zeth jumps out of the water and into the air a bit with an almost roaring sound and then is kicked in the face by Goma who comes flying in. The kick knocks Zeth back a bit*

*Goma lands and then moves in for another attack. He tries to punch Zeth but Zeth ducks and then hits Goma in the chin with an uppercut. Zeth proceeds to rapidly punch Goma*

Zeth: You make me sick!! I won’t stop punching you until I break every bone in your body!!

*Goma is eventually able to grab one of Zeth’s arms and bashes his forehead against Zeth’s forehead. He then grabs Zeth’s face and slams him down onto the ground*

Goma: I think you have the wrong idea here! It’s you who makes me sick!!

*Goma gut punches Zeth hard which would have made him cough up blood but Goma’s hand is over his mouth. His eyes open wide and his red star-shaped iris in his left eye begins to rapidly spin. Then a red magic spinning star pops out of his eye*

*As Goma lets go of Zeth to try and avoid whatever is about to happen, the red star launches forward and hits Goma which knocks him back. The star then flies into the air and breaks into many smaller falling stars*

Goma: That hurt but those stars are about the size of a pea! They aren’t much of a threat!

*After a few seconds, the small star pieces fall at extreme speeds and one of them pierces Goma’s right arm, goes out the bottom of his arm, and straight into the ground, leaving a hole*

*The rest of the star pieces don’t hit him but they all leave pea-sized holes in the ground. After finally noticing, Goma reacts to the hole in his arm as the pain starts to impact him*

Goma: Gaahhh!!! How do these tiny star pieces have this much force!?

*Zeth stands up with an angry stare, not saying anything*

*Magic yellow lines begin to appear on both of Goma’s arms, one for each arm*

Goma: I still have some unused techniques up my sleeve!

*Golden sparkles then begin to form in the air around Zeth*

Goma: I’m not going to lose to your new form!

*The rain begins to stop as Zeth and Goma prepare to continue their battle*

Narrator: Zeth and Goma have accessed powerful forms! Will Zeth be able to defeat Goma in time with Hell’s invasion looming!?

Chapter 257 END

To be Continued in Chapter 258: Star Dust