Chapter 258:

Chapter 258: Star Dust

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 258: Star Dust

Narrator: Back with Harmon as she prepares to continue her battle against Hamura, Korobu, and Gentorious.

Korobu: Gentorious, will you still be able to fight now that Harmona has cut off your left arm?

Gen: I’ll manage. I may be down an arm but I’m still one of Hell’s strongest warriors.

*Harmona charges magic into her hand and releases it to vaporize the Gen’s cut-off left arm that she has been holding onto*

Harmona: You could have one hundred arms and I would still win. You will lose everything over an invasion that won’t get the chance to begin.

Korobu: Keep talking. It will only make it all the sweeter when you lie dying on the ground as the Dark Goddess stares over you.

*Korobu looks at Gen and Hamura*

Korobu: I think we should try putting this in our favor.

*A ring of dark energy surrounds them and then a black dragon rises from the ground. The dragon roars as it begins flying in the air with Korobu, Hamura, and Gen riding on top of it*

*Korobu looks ecstatic*

Korobu: Remember my dragon, Harmona!? Let’s see how you can handle us with my dragon’s advanced barrier capabilities!!

*Harmona grits her teeth*

Harmona: That dragon…

Korobu: What will you do now, Harmona!?

*Dark Dragon opens its mouth and shoots a large black energy beam at Harmona but she jumps up high to avoid it. As Harmona is in the air, the dragon tries to bash into her*

*Dark Dragon succeeds and bashes Harmona with its head, sending her flying back. Harmona is able to steady herself back on the ground, though she has taken some damage*

Korobu: You have no hope of winning now!! Dark Dragon’s combination of having both great offensive and defensive capabilities makes it a nightmare matchup for anyone!

*Harmona just stares at them intently*

Harmona: (Thinking) There is nothing in this universe without a weakness. I just have to find and exploit this dragon’s weakness.

*Harmona begins running closer to the dragon and its three riders*

Hamura: I’ll give your dragon a helping hand.

*Hamura stands up on the dragon and launches a barrage of black energy needles at Harmona. Harmona creates two Star Shine Blasts in her hands and jumps up towards the dragon. Harmona does not even try to dodge or block the needles so she takes some hits from most of the needles, but they do not slow her momentum*

Gen: She took the hits on purpose? What is she thinking?

Harmona: (Thinking) Regardless of what the others hit me with, I have to attack the dragon’s weakness or I will never get anywhere!

*The dragon opens its mouth as Harmona launches the two SSBs at it which get absorbed by a dark barrier that appears. Harmona quickly falls down to avoid getting hit by the energy beam coming out of the dragon’s mouth*

Korobu: Your memory is short! You’re not going to hurt Dark Dragon that easily!

Harmona: (Thinking) That’s what he thinks!

*Harmona rubs her left thumb and index finger together*

Harmona: (Thinking) I will exploit that dragon’s weakness!

*Harmona then uses her index finger to flick against her thumb, aiming her hand at the dragon. Nothing appears to happen*

*Harmona then launches herself upwards and the dragon prepares itself*

Korobu: Watching you waste your time is quite entertaining!

*Harmona looks like she is about to release an energy attack on her way up but it was a trick to keep the dragon from releasing its own energy blast. Harmona ends up punching Korobu hard on his left arm, dealing him a lot of damage and the bones in his left arm crack a bit*

*The punch knocks Korobu off the dragon and he looks like he is in a lot of pain as he falls to the ground*

Korobu: Gaaahhh!!! Damn you, Harmona!!

*Harmona falls back to the ground*

Gen: What!? What about the barrier!?

Hamura: It appears she has figured out how Dark Dragon’s barrier works.

*Korobu is left on the ground holding onto his left arm in pain*

Korobu: How did you figure it out!!?

Harmona: Just by fighting it. Your dragon’s barrier has two flaws. First, it can’t attack and have its barrier up at the same time. Second, the barrier only stops attacks that are at least at a certain level of power. I simply lowered my punch’s power to below the requirement. And without you noticing, I have exploited these flaws further.

Korobu: How so!?

*Harmona points up at the dragon*

Harmona: Take a look.

*Gold sparkles of dust begin to cover the dragon’s body*

Korobu: What did you do!?

Harmona: When your dragon bashed me earlier, I wiped some Star Dust on it at the cost of taking the hit. I did the same when I flicked some of the dust at the dragon to test the barrier from a distance. These helped me understand the barrier and now your dragon will pay the price.

*As the dragon is covered in more dust, it loses the ability to fly and falls to the ground. Hamura and Gen jump off of it*

Harmona: Fortunately for you, the dust isn’t fatal but your dragon will not be helping you further in this fight.

*Korobu enters into his dark form again. Gen enters into his green monstrous form again but this time with only one arm as he can’t regrow his left arm. Hamura goes back into Raging Hell Mode. Harmona goes back into Raging Star Mode*

Korobu: Your strategizing skills are better than I thought they were and for that I will give you credit! But we have a job to do!

Gen: We will successfully stop you until the Dark Goddess arrives!

*Despite powering up, Hamura remains silent and does not look as determined as her two allies*

*Harmona forms small star shards on the fingertips of all the fingers on her left hand except her thumb and runs towards her enemies*

Harmona: Then just give it your best shot!!

*Gen jumps towards Harmona and tries to punch her but she steps out of the way and then blocks Korobu’s incoming kick by raising her knee. At the same time, Hamura comes jumping in with her right hand having a powerful dark red aura and she intends to pierce Harmona with it*

*Harmona flicks one of her star shards at Hamura which pierces her abdomen and stops her attack. Hamura lands back on the ground and she still does not look determined*

*Harmona grabs Korobu, does a 180-degree turn, and throws him at Gen, knocking them into each other*

Harmona: I thought all of you were going to give me your best shot!? This is nothing!!

*Harmona then flicks one of her three remaining Star Shards at them and it pierces both of them. All three of Harmona’s enemies are now wounded and she still has two Star Shards*

Harmona: It’s over for all of you!!

Hamura: (Thinking) She’s stronger than I expected. She has either recovered a lot more of her strength or her weakened state was greatly exaggerated. That said, I’m glad she is winning. It would be a lot easier to keep Zeth alive by having the invasion prevented than it would be to try to convince mother why I want to keep him alive. But it’s also been a while since I have fought someone that can actually challenge me. Not since those intense battles I had against those angel generals. I don’t know what Harmona has planned to prevent the invasion but I will believe that she will succeed. So I guess it will be fine if I stop holding back and give myself a fun battle.

Narrator: Harmona is gaining the clear upper hand in the fight! Unbeknownst to Harmona is that Hamura actually wants her to win.

Chapter 258 END

To be Continued in Chapter 259: Mountain Peak Battle