Chapter 259:

Chapter 259: Mountain Peak Battle

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 259: Mountain Peak Battle

Narrator: Back to Zaydra in her battle against Haunch while Salina tends to Sasha’s wounds.

*Haunch is running backwards up the mountain with Zaydra trying to punch him but he blocks them with his swords which have green goop so each block increases Zaydra’s corruption*

Haunch: You must be very stupid to continue attacking me like that! It’s like you want to be more corrupted!

*Haunch instantly transitions into a lunge and is able to scrape by Zaydra’s arm which increases her corruption. Zaydra is then able to kick him upwards and she jumps after him*

Zaydra: (Thinking) He’s right but I don’t have time to carefully plan out my attacks!

*As Zaydra is about to slam a Star Shine Blast into Haunch, he pulls out his mini-cannon. In a panic, Zaydra thrusts her SSB forward and it collides with the blast from the cannon, causing an explosion. The explosion blows them both back with Zaydra being knocked down the mountain a bit while Haunch is knocked further up the mountain a bit*


*Salina is carrying Sasha up the mountain*

Sasha: Damn it! I have become so useless.

Salina: Don’t feel bad. If not for his cursed corruption, this mortal would not stand a chance.


*More goop landed on Zaydra from the blast which further increases her corruption and one of her eyes turns a glowing green color. She stumbles a bit but quickly regains her balance*

Zaydra: (Thinking) This is not good…

*Haunch finally reaches the mountain peak with Zaydra not far behind. Zaydra is feeling tired and desperate which is only becoming worse from her increased corruption*

*Using her finger, Zaydra draws a pentagram star in the air which glows gold*

Haunch: Oh, what’s this?

Zaydra: *huff huff* Star Mortar!

*The pentagram star starts continuously shooting gold orbs in the air that then arch and fall back down to near where Haunch is*

Haunch: A magic mortar!?

*Haunch has to start jumping out of the way of the mortar bombs. When the bomb orbs collide with the ground, they explode. The pentagram star continuously shoots out the bomb orbs*

Haunch: How many is it going to shoot out!?

*Zaydra tries to take advantage and punch Haunch but he blocks with his sword and then they both jump back in opposite directions as a bomb orb lands where they were standing and explodes*

Zaydra: (Thinking) I may be weak, wounded, and corrupted, but I can’t believe I’m having this much trouble fighting a mortal!

*Suddenly, Zaydra is shot in the back as some Crow Beak Divine Killers soldiers reach the top of the mountain from the other side. After being shot, Zaydra’s corruption increases*

Soldier: (Masked Voice) We are here to assist you, sir!

Haunch: You fools! Get away!

Solider: (Masked Voice) Wait, why?

*A bomb orb starts to fall towards them. The bomb orb lands and kills the soldiers. Haunch then dodges another bomb orb*

Haunch: You will pay for that!

Zaydra: *huff huff* Not a chance…

*The pentagram star finally runs out of power and dissipates as Zaydra and Haunch charge at each other. Haunch tries to stab Zaydra with his sword but she spins around him and hits him in the back with her elbow*

Zaydra: I won’t lose to someone like you!

Haunch: Damn you, scum!!

*Angrily, Haunch turns around to attack but gets punched in the face by Zaydra. The punch knocks him down and he starts rolling a bit*

*Zaydra forms a Star Shine Blast and jumps at an arch towards Haunch*

*Haunch stops his rolling to get into a crouching position*

Haunch: You have just made a fatal mistake!

*Haunch is ready to stab Zaydra with his sword and it’s too late for her to stop her momentum in the air. Zaydra angles her arm with the SSB downwards. As Zaydra reaches Haunch, he thrusts his sword forward and Zaydra thrusts her SSB arm downwards, causing an explosion to happen*

*Salina and Sasha are almost at the top and they see the explosion happening*

Sasha: What just happened!?

Salina: Their attacks just collided but I can’t tell the result yet!

*The smoke starts to clear. Someone’s blood is dripping*

*It turns out that Haunch’s sword broke and his right arm is really bloody but most of the sword’s blade impaled Zaydra’s right leg which is also bloody now and getting more corrupted*

Zaydra: Ha… I stopped the fatal hit…

*Zaydra falls unconscious and her body starts rolling down the side of the mountain, opposite of the side they came up. The injured Haunch looks at Zaydra’s body rolling down the mountain with intrigue*

*His expression soon turns to a victorious smile*

Haunch: Ha!! I win!! As a divine being, you had been so weakened that your hits were no stronger than a mortal’s!! I win!! You lose!! Sure, I’m going to need surgery now but I just defeated the daughter of the Light Goddess!! Now to take out the son of the— gaaaah!!!

*Haunch is stabbed in the back by Sasha using her Dark Spear*

Sasha: Forgetting someone!?

*Haunch coughs up blood*

Haunch: Damn it…

Sasha: You didn’t look like the type that was a cocky bastard.

*Sasha pulls out the spear, grabs Haunch, and turns them both around so that they are facing the other side of the mountain*

*Tears start flowing down from Sasha’s eyes*

Sasha: Die!!

*Sasha does a magic-powered punch hard to Haunch’s gut, causing him to throw up a lot of blood. She then kicks him down the mountain and his body rolls down it*

*Sasha looks at Salina*

Sasha: You go and help Zaydra! I will go and assist Zeth!

Salina: Understood. Please be careful.

*Sasha nods and then they both run down the side of the mountain that Zaydra rolled down and are heading to their respective goals*

Narrator: Haunch has been defeated but Goma as well as the threat of the Hell invasion still remain! Can they be stopped?

Chapter 259 END

To be Continued in Chapter 260: It’s Not Fair