Chapter 260:

Chapter 260: It’s Not Fair

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 260: It’s Not Fair

Narrator: Back to Zeth and Goma.

*Zeth and Goma prepare to attack each other. Goma still has a long yellow line on each arm while golden sparkles are in the air around Zeth*

Goma: I don’t know where divine beings go when they die but knowing that my victorious smile will be the last thing you see among the living fills me with excitement!

Zeth: You’re just a madman!!

Goma: I can certainly tell you that I am mad! Mad at divine beings for the way they look at and treat mortals!

*Goma holds both of his arms out forward. His arms charge magic*

*As Zeth prepares to move, a force hits him in the face and knocks him back a bit*

Goma: Did you enjoy that!? It was a magic punch enhanced with extreme speed! I call this ability Jet Speed! Good luck handling it!

*Goma does it again and Zeth is knocked back again*

Zeth: It won’t work again!

*Zeth does a swipe kick as Goma does his attack again but this time the magic is knocked back towards Goma which hits him and knocks him back a bit*

Zeth: That’s right!! I stopped it!!

*Zeth starts running towards Goma. The gold sparkles in the air around him start to connect to each other and start to look like a gold wave in the air*

Narrator: This new ability is called Gold Wave.

*As Zeth gets close to Goma, he does a swipe motion with his hands and the gold wave then swipes against Goma’s chest leaving a large cut. Goma jumps back to avoid another hit*

*Goma sets up his Jet Speed ability again while Zeth runs towards him with his gold wave. As Zeth gets close, he thrusts his arms forwards and the stream also thrusts forward but the stream is knocked back at Zeth by the force of Goma’s Jet Speed attack and it leaves cuts on Zeth’s abdomen*

Goma: That’s a unique ability you have but I’ll take you down before you can do much with it!

*Goma becomes aggressive and follows up by punching Zeth in the face. He then grabs Zeth’s shoulders and thrusts his knee into Zeth’s gut. Goma quickly follows that up by kicking Zeth back a bit and then uses his Jet Speed attack to blow Zeth back more*

*Goma then point his finger at Zeth as Zeth is blown back from the last attack and a burst point is released towards Zeth. Zeth sees this and tries to avoid the headshot by backflipping immediately so the burst point reaches his leg instead. The burst goes off and leaves a big wound on Zeth’s right leg*

*Before Goma does anything else, he feels pain and gets on his right knee*

Goma: (Thinking) This pain! My body is losing its ability to maintain all five demon hearts!

*Goma then sees green goop start to come out of Zeth’s wounds*

Goma: (Thinking) He can’t last much longer either! I need to end him now! This will be the final act of this battle!

Zeth: Gomaaaaaa!!!!!!

*Despite Zeth’s leg injury, he launches himself towards Goma which surprises Goma. Zeth starts by bashing his forehead against Goma’s forehead. Zeth follows that up by rapidly punching Goma*

Zeth: I don’t how many crimes you have committed but you will pay for all of them!!!

*Goma eventually is able to punch Zeth in the face, but then he gets punched in the face by Zeth too*

Goma: Do not call my actions crimes!!! I’m saving humanity!!!

*Goma powers his hand with a lot of magic and then uses it to stab Zeth in the gut which causes Zeth to bend over a bit but he quickly recovers and slams his elbow onto Goma’s chin*

Zeth: Your actions are not saving humanity!!!

*Goma tries to stab Zeth again but he is stabbed by Zeth’s Gold Wave before he can. The stab from the Gold Wave is deep and causes Goma to cough up blood. This makes Goma angrier*

*Goma reaches his arms out and grabs onto Zeth’s neck, attempting to snap it, but at the same time, Zeth shoves a Star Shine Blast into Goma’s new wound*

Goma: I won’t lose to a disgusting creature like you!!! Errrrrahhhhhhh!!!!!

*Goma fails to snap Zeth’s neck as he is blown back by Zeth’s SSB*

*Goma is blown into one of the small lakes. Zeth’s Stage 2 Blood Form is unable to continue and he goes back to his highly corrupted normal form. The Gold Wave vanishes too*

*Zeth walks towards the edge of the lake as Goma slowly pulls himself out. Goma’s midsection is in terrible shape and he is unable to stand up and just lies on the ground facing up. His five demon hearts form is unable to continue and his body returns to normal. Both his body and Zeth’s body return to the normal dimensional frequency*

*Night appears to be beginning to end as the sun starts to rise on the horizon*

Zeth: *huff huff* You’ve lost. Disband your organization.

*Goma just stares at the sky*

Goma: *huff huff* It’s not fair.

*Zeth raises an eyebrow*

Goma: My dream… was to see humanity finally have a say in its future. We try to do anything and you divine beings just put us down.

Zeth: You just don’t get it. The beings of Hell try to impose their will on mortals but those of us from Heaven will protect mortals.

Goma: That’s what you think… Humanity suffers in all of your divine wars. The Great Chaos lasted 24 years and humanity suffered. Especially the Earth Den people. They fought in the name of the Light Goddess and got what out of it? The near-extinction of their race. Why can’t we be allowed to determine our own fate? It’s absolutely not fair.

Zeth: I don’t have the answers to those kinds of questions but we will continue to strive to improve our protection of mortals.

Goma: I highly doubt it. In this world, divine beings and mortals have all been around for just over 4 billion years and nothing has ever changed or improved. I will die here but this will not be the end of our cause. The Crow Beak Divine Killers will live on. I’m sorry, my daughter. I could not keep my promise.

*Goma raises his right arm up towards the sky*

Goma: Dayna… You still have… a future…

*Goma’s arm falls back down and he dies*

Zeth: Dayna…? Is that his daughter’s name…?

*Zeth starts to feel his body go into a worse shape*

Zeth: Oh no! My body is losing to the corruption…! Is this the… end…?

*Zeth falls on his back unconscious. His body lies next to Goma’s dead body*

*Sasha then arrives and she is crying*

Sasha: Zeth!!! No!!! Don’t die!!! We’ll fight the corruption together!!!

*She falls to her knees and looks at the unconscious Zeth*

Sasha: Please no!!!!

*Sasha cries even more*

Sasha: Don’t you dare die!!!! I’m going to say it!!! I love you!!!! I love you so much!!!! Where would I be without you!!!!? I want to be with you forever!!!!!

*Sasha leans over his face and slowly lowers her head down to his face. She then kisses him on the lips*

Sasha: So don’t die!!!

*Sasha continues crying but soon, the corruption starts to take its toll on her and she falls on her back with her right hand landing on top of Zeth’s left hand. She starts to fall unconscious. As she does, she whispers “We’ll get through it.”

*The final view shows the two unconscious heroes on their backs with Sasha’s right hand on top of Zeth’s left hand while Goma lies dead next to them*

Narrator: Zeth, Sasha, and Zaydra are now unable to continue fighting! The other heroes are too psychologically hurt to help! It is now solely up to Harmona and her angels to stop Hell’s invasion! Will Harmona be able to prevent the invasion or is this the beginning of the end of the world?

Chapter 260 END

To be Continued in Chapter 261: Hell’s Portal