Chapter 261:

Chapter 261: Hell’s Portal

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 261: Hell’s Portal

Narrator: Back to Harmona who still faces off against Hamura, Korobu, and Gentorious.

Hamura: The sun is starting to rise. I would say there are less than 10 minutes left until the invasion.

Harmona: It won’t matter. The invasion will be prevented.

Korobu: I don’t know why you are so confident. You have never prevented an invasion before and you certainly won’t now.

Hamura: (Thinking) We will see what she has planned but for now, I want to take some time to fight seriously.

Hamura: High Reflex Mode!

*Hamura starts glowing black and rushes towards Harmona. Harmona tries to rapidly punch Hamura but her extreme reflexes allow her to block them all and then she gets in a bunch of her own punches until Harmona is able to jump back*

*Harmona starts running backward and she flicks her two remaining Star Shards at Hamura which Hamura has no problem dodging with her extreme reflexes*

Harmona: Those really are some impressive reflexes you have.

*Harmona then launches two Star Shine Blasts at Hamura as the two Star Shards quickly do a 180-degree turn and start heading back towards Hamura*

Hamura: I’m well aware of those Star Shards coming back towards me!

*Hamura does a horizontal twirl in the air to fit in between the two Star Shine Blasts and the two Star Shards*

Harmona: (Thinking) That’s some high-level reflex magic. The downside to it though is that you enter a weak state after it ends. She will probably have Korobu and Gen take over when that happens.

*Hamura kicks one of the SSBs back at Harmona on her way back to the ground*

*Harmona prepares to dodge but the SSB angles down towards the ground and creates a smokescreen upon exploding when it hits the ground*

*Harmona charges her arms with magic to prepare a wide-range attack but Hamura quickly gets up close using the smokescreen, grabs Harmona’s right arm to stop her attack, and then punches Harmona in the face. Hamura gets in a few more punches before kicking Harmona back and then launching a barrage of black needles at her*

Hamura: This is entertaining!

*Harmona uses her magic-powered arms to strike down many of the needles but there are too many as she gets pierced by some of them*

Harmona: (Thinking) One thing is for sure, Hamura is stronger than Korobu and Gentorious! I’d expect nothing less from Dakame’s daughter!

*Hamura is about to rush in for another attack but her eyes open wide as she sees something to the right behind Harmona. It’s Zeth’s and Sasha’s unconscious bodies*

Hamura: Those fools…!

*Harmona looks to the left behind herself and sees them and her eyes open wide too*

Harmona: No…! They’ve become too corrupted…!

*Hamura takes advantage of Harmona being distracted and tries to rush in and stab her but Harmona grabs her arms*

Harmona: Your reflex mode is wearing off!

*Harmona kicks Hamura back*

Hamura: (Thinking) Very perceptive!

*A few angels then arrive*

Male Angel: Lady Harmona, the surrounding area is secure. We can also confirm that the Crow Beak Divine Killers have retreated.

Harmona: Good.

Female Angel: Also, Zaydra has become corrupted and lost consciousness in a battle. We are currently talking with an allied demon that was tending to her.

Harmona: Not Zaydra too…!

*Harmona points at Zeth’s and Sasha’s unconscious bodies*

Harmona: Tend to them! Hell’s Portal is probably a few minutes away from opening!

Male Angel: Understood!

*Korobu and Gen arrive to help the now weakened Hamura*

Korobu: It’s our turn to attack. You take a break, Hamura.

Gen: Yes, I can’t just let her rip off my left arm and not punish her for it!

Harmona: You’re all finished!!

*Harmona launches herself towards her three enemies and punches every one of them a few times which knocks them back*

*Harmona forms a boiling red star in her hand*

Harmona: You all have been weakened considerably! This next attack should now be able to finish all three of you off!

*Suddenly, the whole area starts shaking and the boiling star falls out of Harmona’s hand*

Harmona: Not good!

*Harmona kicks the boiling red star towards her three enemies just before it hits the ground but they jump out of the way. The star eventually hits the ground at a far distance away and causes a massive red explosion that covers a lot of area*

Harmona: (Thinking) I’m not sure if I should be thankful that they dodged it or not. I would have quickly had to grab Zeth and Sasha to move them out of the way to keep them from getting caught in the explosion. But never mind the what-ifs. Hell’s Portal is opening!

*Everyone’s attention goes to a massive red circle (probably around 30 meters in diameter) that has appeared in the air above one of the lakes*

*The large red circle becomes completely filled in. Then black hellish symbols start appearing on it*

Harmona: (Thinking) This is it! The Dark Goddess’s Hell army waits on the other side! However, she will regret using Armageddon to create the portal! It’s time for Heaven’s Guardian to stop that portal!

*Soon a giant monstrous head pokes out of the portal. The monster has a humanoid head shape with large pointed horns throughout the top of its head. It has black scaly skin. It has yellow glowing eyes and razor-sharp teeth. It starts roaring loudly as it desires to open the portal further*

Narrator: Monster of Hell Capable of Causing Absolute Destruction – Armageddon.

Gen: It’s Armageddon! It’ll destroy everything! Harmona, the era of light is coming to an end!!

Harmona: Don’t bet on it!

*Suddenly, the clouds above open up a large hole with a bright ray of light shining down. Something large starts coming down from the hole in the clouds*

*Harmona smiles confidently*

Harmona: And there he is…

*Down from the heavens comes a giant bird creature. The giant bird creature is covered in gold, orange, and red feathers that are all angled backwards. It has a long, rounded tail. From the back of its neck, all the way to its tail is a thin trail of black hair. Pointy orange feathers surround its eyes to the point that they look like suns*

Narrator: Heaven’s Guardian – Sonzen.

*Everyone is in awe of the creature including Harmona’s three enemies*

Harmona: You all made a severe mistake in using Armageddon to lead the invasion. You didn’t account for Heaven’s Guardian, Sonzen!

Narrator: With Hell’s Portal opening, Harmona has entrusted Heaven’s Guardian to stop it!

Chapter 261 END

To be Continued in Chapter 262: Heaven’s Guardian