Chapter 262:

Chapter 262: Heaven’s Guardian

Beyond The Stars

 Chapter 262: Heaven’s Guardian

Narrator: Heaven’s Guardian, Sonzen, descends from the heavens ready to stop Armageddon’s Hell Portal!

*Sonzen flies in place directly in the line of Hell’s Portal. Armageddon sees Sonzen and starts roaring. At this point, it’s just Armageddon’s head sticking out of the portal*

Sonzen: For the first time in thousands of years, I descend down to Earth. And here I will stop another Armageddon!

*Armageddon rages and opens its mouth wide, intending to shoot a beam out*

Sonzen: I’m ready for your attack!!

*Armageddon shoots a large, yellow energy blast at Sonzen*

*Sonzen forms a powerful magic barrier around himself. It tanks the hit from the beam but is then destroyed*

Sonzen: Now it’s my turn!

*Sonzen then charges up a red beam in his mouth and releases it at Armageddon*

*Armageddon takes the hit from Sonzen’s beam and its face is damaged. This just angers Armageddon even further and it opens its mouth wide again and starts charging magic but it looks like the magic is stacking*

Sonzen: It’s going to release multiple blasts! How many though!? I need to predict it to counter them all! I don’t want anyone else getting killed by a blast I can’t cover!

*Sonzen opens his mouth and begins charging magic. It also looks like it is stacking*

*Armageddon then starts firing off blast after blast with Sonzen doing the same*

Harmona: You can do this, Sonzen!

*Sonzen’s blasts collide with each of Armageddon’s which create relatively small explosions but Sonzen undercounted as Armageddon had one more blast than he did. Sonzen opens his eyes wide as he realizes this*

*In an attempt to save anyone below from getting hit by the blast, Sonzen flies directly into it taking the hit. He is damaged by the explosion*

Harmona: All you alright, Sonzen!!!?

Sonzen: Yes! But Armageddon is going to have the portal fully opened soon! I’m going to close it with a fully charged Guardian Blast! Brace yourselves! The force of this blast colliding with Armageddon will create extreme winds for a minute!!

*Harmona looks at her angels that are tending to Zeth and Sasha*

Harmona: Take them and get them a safe distance away!

Male Angel: Understood!

Female Angel: We won’t let any harm come to them!

*They take the unconscious bodies and fly towards the mountain*

*Sonzen then opens his mouth wide and sparkling light blue magic lines start appearing on his body and travel up towards his mouth where the sparkling light blue beam is being formed*

Hamura: We’re retreating! Get away from here!

*Hamura, Korobu, and Gen leave the area. Harmona braces herself*

*An extreme amount of magic has gathered at Sonzen’s mouth*

Harmona: Fire at will!! Everyone else has cleared away!! I can handle the winds!!

*Sonzen releases a giant sparkling light blue energy beam at Armageddon. The beam is rounded and has two smaller beams swirling around it. Armageddon tries to destroy with its own energy beam but it is easily overpowered and Sonzen’s beam collides with Armageddon’s face*

*The beam is pushing Armageddon back and it tries to resist. Extremely strong winds are being blown back from the collision and Harmona tries to use her magic to keep from being blown back but it does push her back some*

Harmona: Incredible! Even I can’t stop being pushed back by these winds!!

*Some water is being blown out of the lake. Trees are being uprooted and blown back*

*Armageddon roars one last time before being completely pushed back in the portal and the portal is completely destroyed by the beam. Without that, the extreme winds stop and the beam dissipates*

*Harmona steadies herself after the winds stop and she looks around. The whole area is now a mess*

*Sonzen descends down and lands on the ground in front of Harmon. Angels holding Zeth, Sasha, and Zaydra arrive too. Salina also shows up and she is back in her human appearance*

Sonzen: It is done. That portal is destroyed.

Female Angel: Is Armageddon dead?

Sonzen: No. Not a chance. It would take a lot more than that to kill Armageddon. However, it should be highly injured from the blast. It certainly won’t be able to create a portal like that again for a long time.

Harmona: We thank you for your help in this.

Sonzen: Luckily, you knew they were going to use Armageddon to make the portal. The Dark Goddess must be furious now.

Harmona: She is probably going to spend many years rethinking her invasion strategy.

Sonzen: Yes, and we will need to be one step ahead. Anyway, I shall be returning to Heaven now.

*Sonzen flies up and returns to Heaven. The clouds start to go away and it is now a bright, sunny, blue sky*


Narrator: Elsewhere.

*The remaining soldiers of the Crow Beak Divine Killers are now far away from the mountains and are driving away in cars. Haunch is still alive but is badly injured*

Haunch: (Narrating) We suffered a great defeat at the hands of the divine beings and our leader lost his life in the battle. It is clear that even Mortalment will not be enough to defeat them. However, there is hope. With the fall of the father, a new flame arises from the old ashes.

*In Crow Beak’s base, Goma’s daughter, Dayna, gets the news of her father’s death. She cries but then eventually her face turns to one of extreme anger*


Narrator: Back with Harmona.

*Harmona looks at the unconscious bodies of her children as well as Sasha and tears flow down from her eyes*

Harmona: All three of them have a long recovery road ahead of them. Especially Zeth. With how much corruption he got, it is probably a miracle that he is still alive. Let me take him.

*The male angel hands Zeth’s body to Harmona*

Harmona: We should take Sonzen’s portal before it disappears. We don’t have time to go all the way back to the Temple of the Light Goddess. When we get back, I want our hospital ready for them immediately!

Angels: Understood!

*They all step into the ray of light from Sonzen’s portal and begin levitating up to the sky. Salina looks up at Harmona as she levitates towards the portal*

Salina: When Princess Sasha is better, let her know I will be available when she needs me!

Harmona: I will.

*Harmona looks at Zeth and then at Zaydra and Sasha who are being carried by the angels*

Harmona: None of you deserved what happened to you. Zeth, Zaydra, Sasha. We will not fail you.

Narrator: Hell’s Invasion has been prevented, at least for now. How long will the recovery process take? What will become of the other heroes? Will the Crow Beak Divine Killers be strengthened? How will the Dark Goddess alter her strategy?

Chapter 262 END

To be Continued in Chapter 263: A Long Time Passed


Arc Completed: May 12th, 2016

Author's Note: The end of this arc marks the first major shift in the story. So you could technically call it the end of the first Act. How many Acts are there you may ask? Well, I think it would ruin the fun of speculating how close the story is to ending if I said it so I will leave that to speculation.