Chapter 273:

Chapter 273: Battle To Liberate Kenzo

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 273: Battle To Liberate Kenzo

Narrator: As the night hours continue, the heroes head east towards the town of Kenzo to liberate it from the vampires.

*Zeth thinks about the divine power ranks that Zaydra told him about*

Zeth: (Thinking) I know that the human magic ranking system is basically worthless now but it would be nice to have something similar to it for divine beings.

*Zeth has a flashback to his time on the ship on the way to Vandox*

(Flashback) Zeth: Is there really no substitute for the magic ranking system that humans made? It would be nice to know how strong an opposing divine being is.

Zaydra: Like I mentioned to you back when you were on your way to the mansion, divine beings don’t use magic ranks or anything of the sort. We do have something like a leaderboard and it’s pretty useful for keeping track of the strongest divine beings That said, nobody really pays attention outside of the top 100. You’re probably pretty low but considering who you are the child of, that probably won’t last for long.

Zeth: I see.

*End flashback*

Emily: Zeth?

*Zeth opens his eyes wide like he was taken by surprise*

Emily: You looked like you were in deep thought and did not hear what I said.

Zeth: Oh, sorry.

Emily: I said that I can see the town just up ahead.

*The heroes approach the town. Once they get close, they hide behind a rock and peek inside the town. The people are going about their business in the town but they all look sad*

Joe: Those look like the faces of people that have been oppressed.

Zeth: Let’s move in. I would say to try to blend in but we stick out like a sore thumb because they all have light gray skin and yellow eyes.

*The heroes move to near a fence at the entrance of town*

Emily: Now what should we do?

Sasha: I say we should try to spot some of them from here. We know that vampires have red glowing eyes.

*As they look over the fence, a male vampire on the roof above the building they are next to begins to smile*

Male Vampire: (Thinking) Ah, some new livestock has shown up!

*The vampire jumps off the roof down towards the heroes, trying to get a bite in. However, Sasha notices the vampire*

Sasha: Look out!

*The others see the vampire and get out of the way. The vampire lands in front of them*

Male Vampire: Hehehe. You shouldn’t have come here. Anyone voluntarily coming here is just asking to become livestock!

*Other vampires start to appear in the background with some on the rooftops and some on the ground*

*The humans see the commotion and run inside their homes*

*The male vampire in front of them licks his lips*

Male Vampire: Let the feast begin!

*Vampires surround them as Emily pulls out her Ball & Chain. Joe adds a wind effect to it*

Emily: Windy Ball & Chain!

*Emily swings the B&C around, knocking back the vampires and then swings it forward knocking more vampires out of the way. The wind effect on it gives it increased knockback capabilities*

Zeth: Let’s move in!

*The heroes run into the town and are ready to fight the vampires*

*The heroes continue to run until they reach the middle of town. The vampires on the rooftops form red swirling balls of energy and throw them at the heroes. The number of them forces the heroes to dodge in separate directions*

*After dodging in separate directions, the heroes are now separated from each other and a group of vampires goes to fight each one of them*


Narrator: Over by Zeth.

*A female vampire lunges at Zeth. He jumps up and then pounds her into the ground. Other vampires then rush towards him*

*Zeth prepares to block a vampire’s punch but the vampire fakes him out and then does a real punch once Zeth ends his block. Another vampire gets in close and kicks him into the wall of a building*

Zeth: That was actually a pretty powerful kick! If these are grunt vampires, I don’t want to know how powerful the leader vampires must be!

*Zeth pushes himself off the wall*

*Zeth and a vampire begin trying to rapidly punch each other and they match each other’s attacks. Another vampire jumps above the punching vampire and shoves a ball of red energy into Zeth’s chest*

*It knocks Zeth back and starts scratching up his white shirt and leaving cuts*

Zeth: (Thinking) I can feel a loss of energy! That attack can drain energy!

*A third vampire falls from above and stomps on Zeth’s gut, causing Zeth to cough up blood*

*Zeth releases a Star Shine Blast to get them off and away from him, He then stands up and wipes the blood away from his mouth*

Zeth: (Thinking) I’m saying it again but these are average vampires and yet they are really strong!


Narrator: Zeth was not the only one having a tough time fighting the vampires. Sasha, Emily, and Joe are also having just as hard of a time as Zeth is having against the vampires.


Zeth: (Thinking) I was thinking that we could just put in little effort and just defeat these guys without trying too hard. I’m repeating myself once again but if these are your ordinary vampires, then I would truly hate to see what the higher-ups are like!

Narrator: The heroes face a tougher fight than they expected from ordinary vampires! They face the scary reality that their enemies might be beyond their level!

Chapter 273 END

To be Continued in Chapter 274: Strength of the Vampires