Chapter 274:

Chapter 274: Strength of the Vampires

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 274: Strength of the Vampires

Narrator: The heroes continue their battle to liberate Kenzo Town from the vampires but they are having a lot more trouble than they expected.

*Zeth goes into Raging Star Mode and forms a basketball-sized dark red tinted ball of energy in his hand and throws it in the air right above the vampires*

Zeth: Star Burst!

*The ball bursts into pieces, releasing small shooting stars from them*

*Some of the vampires are hit and get damaged. One dies from the impact*


Narrator: Over to Joe.

*Joe is kicked upwards and then a different vampire kicks him down onto a roof. After he hits the roof, he is then surrounded by vampires*

Joe: (Thinking) Damn it! If only I understood the secret of the Storm Lord Eyes!

*Joe surrounds himself in a tornado-like vortex*

Joe: Drilling Vortex!

*Joe’s body turns horizontally and drills himself forward. The vampires he is headed to throw their energy-sucking red energy spheres at him but they bounce off. Joe drills right into the gut of a male vampire and the attack tears the vampire into pieces. The vortex then ends with Joe simply crouching without moving*

Narrator: A flaw in the Drilling Vortex is that after ending it, the user can’t move for about 5 seconds.

*Joe is hit with an energy-sucking swirl in the back, doing damage*

*A male vampire appears in front of Joe and punches him six times before a female vampire jumps up and then thrust kicks him down, blowing a hole in the roof, and into the top floor of the house*


Narrator: Over to Emily.

*Emily does multiple backflips to avoid a vampire attack. She readies her bow with three arrows at once*

Narrator: Though Emily can fire three arrows at once, doing so makes all three arrows pack less of a punch than just firing off one at a time.

*Emily fires the three arrows and each one hits a vampire but doesn’t kill them. Emily is then pierced in the back by a male vampire’s claws*

Emily: Gaah!!

*Emily quickly turns around pulls out a new shotgun at the same time. The shotgun has the design of a fierce wolf on it*

Emily: Wolf Fang Shotgun!

*She fires the shotgun point-blank at the male vampire and blows his head off. Emily shouts as the vampire’s head is blown off*

Emily: Anyone else want a taste of this shotgun!?

*A female vampire gets in close to attack but Emily blocks the vampire’s punch with her arm as she pumps the shotgun*

*Another female vampire grabs Emily from behind and bites her on the shoulder while a different female vampire kicks her in the gut to send her rolling across the ground*

*Lying on the ground, Emily looks back at the vampires while angry and in pain*

Emily: I’ve been bitten! Damn you!


Narrator: Over to Sasha.

*Sasha fights the vampires in a back alleyway and while she is having the least difficulty fighting them, it’s still not easy*

Sasha: All of you vampires are annoying me!

*Sasha summons a Hell Bear and jumps on top of it. The bear fights off the vampires in front but the vampires from behind and above try to attack Sasha*

*Sasha uses her arm and slashes one of the male vampires that jumped on the bear which cuts the vampire’s head off. However, Sasha is then hit in the upper back by an energy-sucking ball of energy from a female vampire from above*

Sasha: I’ve had enough of all of you!

*Sasha forms a Dark Spear in her hand and then throws the Dark Spear at the female vampire and pierces her. The vampire falls off the roof above*

Sasha: Since you all love balls of energy so much, let me show you mine!

*Sasha forms a Dark Energy Ball and jumps off the Hell Bear. She throws the Dark Energy Ball at the group of vampires behind her Hell Bear. A dark blast goes off and significantly injures all of the vampires that got caught in it*

*However, a male vampire that avoided the blast gets in close and hits Sasha with an uppercut. The vampire then kicks Sasha in the back and then slams her head against a wall*

*Sasha looks at the vampire with anger*

Sasha: I will tear you apart! I promise you that!


Narrator: Back to Zeth.

*Zeth has gained the upper hand with Raging Star Mode, but a female vampire activates a special mode as well. She has a swirling aura surrounding her body. She has the appearance of a young woman in her 20s with short brown hair*

Female Vampire: You think you’re the only one with a special mode? Think again! In fact, mine is better! It will suck away at your Raging Star Aura and add its power to my own! You better deactivate!

*She giggles as her aura begins to suck away Zeth’s aura*

Zeth: Seriously!? Damn it, I have no choice!

*As soon as Zeth deactivates his Raging Star Mode, he is bitten on his lower leg by a different female vampire*

Zeth: Aaahh!!

*Zeth is then punched a bunch and then kicked back. After being knocked into the wall of a building, Zeth looks frightened*

Zeth: This is getting worse and worse!

Narrator: Despite the heroes getting in some kills, they are taking too many hits in between. Can they win without having to go all out?

Chapter 274 END

To be Continued in Chapter 275: More Power or Civilian Safety?