Chapter 275:

Chapter 275: More Power or Civilian Safety?

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 275: More Power or Civilian Safety?

*Some humans that are hiding in their homes stare out the windows to see the fighting*

Wife: Who are those people and why are they fighting?

Husband: I don’t know. They must be crazy to try and take on the vampires.

Son: Maybe they are freedom fighters?

Husband: Haha. I wish. I think they’re just fools.

Son: You can choose to be pessimistic if you want but I choose to believe.

Husband: If they lose, our town is likely to get punished by the vampires.

Wife: I just hope we don’t get caught in the crossfire of this battle.


Narrator: Back to Joe.

*Joe was knocked down into the upper floor of someone’s home and he lands on his back. Scared humans go running down the stairs to get away from the fight. A male vampire jumps down, intending to stab Joe*

*Joe rolls over to avoid the stab and then gets back on his feet. The vampire attempts to stab Joe again but he uses his legs to trip the vampire. Joe then immediately grabs the vampire’s face and shoves him against a female vampire behind him that had also jumped down into the room*

*Joe then forms a thick piece of razor hail in his hand and stabs the male vampire. It goes through the male vampire and then through the female vampire behind him*

*Two other vampires try to come at Joe from behind*

Joe: Blast Hail!

*The roof and upper walls of the building are completely destroyed as razor hail blasts out in all directions*

*The four vampires that chased him down into the house are now dead. Joe looks at the destruction he caused*

Joe: (Thinking) I was afraid I might have completely destroyed this house and killed the innocent people in it. This makes a serious question. How much power can we use without causing civilian casualties?


Narrator: Back with Emily.

*On the streets, Emily rushes towards a vampire while using dual daggers. She jumps over a vampire rushing towards her from the side and engages a male vampire in front of her*

*She continuously tries to stab him with her daggers and all he can do is try to dodge. When he tries to punch her, she stabs him in the chest and neck with her daggers*

Emily: Daggers may not be a flashy way of attacking but they are still quite deadly!

*Suddenly, what looks like red bird claws made out of vampire magic latch onto Emily’s back and dig the nails into her skin. They are then slashed off as Emily uses her Shadow Sword when she puts away her daggers*

Emily: That was close!

*Emily rushes into a group of vampires and starts trying to slash them. For every slash she gets in, she also gets punched*

*Emily gets back a bit, charges up her channeling magic, and slashes the air with a powerful wave of her magic releasing from the sword*

Emily: Slash Wave!

*The wave starts leaving many severe cuts on the vampires. In addition to that, the wave destroys the wall of a building, and inside, there are civilians injured from the attack which leaves Emily feeling guilty*

Emily: Oh no…!


Narrator: Back with Sasha.

*Sasha breaks free of a vampire’s grasp. She swipe kicks three vampires into a wall and then uppercuts them with the release of a lot of magic*

*The vampires are blown upwards along the wall, destroying part of it in the process, and land on top of the building*

*Sasha jumps high above the buildings and forms a giant dark dragon head around her entire body. The dragon head opens its mouth and charges a beam*

Sasha: I’ve been waiting quite some time to unleash this attack in real combat! I hope you all enjoy it!

*A large beam releases downwards diagonally and completely destroys the vampires but also leaves destruction in the building they landed at the top of*

*Sasha is worried*

Sasha: Oh no! I went overboard!


Narrator: Back with Zeth.

Zeth: What do I do?

Female Vampire: You die! That’s what you do!

*The vampire rushes towards Zeth and punches him a bit and then kicks him into a wall, knocking it down, and into the first floor of a store building*

*Zeth lies on the ground and angrily looks up at the female vampire*

Female Vampire: Don’t even think about it. You know I will just absorb the power of your special mode.

*Some of the other vampires get behind her*

Zeth: (Thinking) This is a tough situation! I guess I should try “that”! I’ve been pretty hesitant but it would give me some space!

*Zeth opens one of his eyes wide and stares at the floor the vampires are standing on. Then a mark appears there which is then followed by an explosion. The vampires are blown back and damaged*

Zeth: (Thinking) It looks like Crimson’s technique worked! I need to keep my power high!

*Zeth forms a whitish-yellow galaxy on his left arm*

Narrator: The heroes have increased the power they are using in the battle but are also putting civilian lives at risk! Can they reach a point where they can use enough power to win but not too much so that they end up killing civilians?

Chapter 275 END

To be Continued in Chapter 276: Vampire Combination Attacks