Chapter 276:

Chapter 276: Vampire Combination Attacks

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 276: Vampire Combination Attacks

Narrator: Zeth prepares to unleash his Galaxy arm techniques.

*Zeth has the galaxy swirling on his left arm and ready to use*

Zeth: Let’s do this!

*Zeth does a vertical motion with his arm and an orange beam shoots out of the ground where the vampires are and it damages and stuns them a bit. Zeth takes advantage and charges magic into both hands and punches the heads of two vampires, causing their heads to be blown off from the fierce punches*

*Zeth transitions that attack into a Star Shine Blast which he forms in his left and then turns right to launch it at a group of vampires. The vampires are hit by the SSB and killed*

*From the left, Zeth is pierced in his left leg by a sword thrown from a vampire*

Zeth: Gaah!!

*It pains him long enough for the female vampire that has been giving him a lot of trouble to punch him. Zeth is knocked back into the store and collides with a wall, destroying it, and lands in a closet on the other side*

Zeth: Damn it!

*Zeth tries to pull out the sword but it won’t budge*

Zeth: Get this damn thing out of my leg!

*Zeth then tries to pull it out while charging magic into his hand but the sword starts absorbing the magic*

Zeth: Damn it! The sword can absorb magic too!!?

*Zeth tries to limp out of the closet but is kicked back into it by the female vampire*

Female Vampire: This is the end for you. Accept your future as livestock for us.


Narrator: Back with Joe.

*Joe is jumping from roof to roof with vampires chasing him. From time to time, he throws back lightning bolts at them and while they do hit and electrocute the vampires, their pursuit continues*

Joe: You guys are persistent!

*Suddenly, he is intercepted in the front as he was looking back and runs straight into the arm of a vampire which stops his movement. Joe starts to fall onto his back. Another vampire quickly moves in and stabs him in the back with a dagger as he falls*

Joe: Aaaahhh!! Shit!!

Male Vampire: Give up and surrender. Continuing to resist will only make the pain worse!

*Joe gets up and tries to get off the roof*

Joe: *huff huff* I must get down!

*Joe succeeds in getting off the roof but as he does, the vampire that put the dagger in him attaches a magic red string from himself to the dagger. A female vampire puts her hand on the string and starts absorbing Joe’s energy through the string attached to the dagger*

*Joe feels the pain*

Joe: You guys have a lot of tricks up your sleeves!

*Joe touches the string and sends lightning through it which electrically shocks the two vampires and destroys the string*

Joe: Unfortunately for you, I’m good at countering tricks like that one!


Narrator: Back with Emily.

*The vampires are having trouble dealing with Emily’s Shadow Sword. Two vampires release their magic onto two other vampires, making them have a powerful red aura. The first two vampires then start combining their magic to form something*

Emily: (Thinking) Are they trying a combination attack?

*The two powered-up vampires make their move. They move at extreme speeds*

Emily: Whoa!!

*Emily slashes at one of them but she misses because of the speed. She is then punched in the face from the side. After that, she is kicked upwards by the other vampire. Meanwhile, the other two vampires have formed magic in the shape of a crystal*

*One of the speedy vampires then kicks Emily diagonally downwards*

*The first two vampires then throw the magic crystal at Emily as she falls towards them. The crystal collides with her abdomen and starts to drain her energy*

Emily: That’s not good!

*Emily uses her Shadow Sword to pry away the crystal and then she sends it back at the vampires. It collides with a vampire and breaks apart*


Narrator: Back with Sasha.

*Sasha is using her Hellhounds to fight the vampires in the alley. The vampires struggle to defeat them*

Female Vampire: These demonic dogs are a major pain!

Male Vampire: Let’s attack as a group!

*The vampires then decide to get next to each other and they start all forming their magic into one point*

*Sasha raises an eyebrow*

*The Hellhounds all start charging at the vampires*

*The vampires then release a large energy beam at the Hellhounds. They all get caught and are destroyed by it. The beam heads towards Sasha. She is actually shocked and frightened by the attack*

Sasha: Oh shit!!

*Sasha successfully jumps over the beam as it destroys the back-alley wall and so many other buildings in its path*

Sasha: (Thinking) That would have been really bad if it hit! They are just average vampires yet they are capable of such power! It would be bad to continue fighting alone!

Narrator: The vampires have demonstrated their abilities to combine their attacks! The heroes continue to be in a tough situation.

Chapter 276 END

To be Continued in Chapter 277: Regrouping