Chapter 277:

Chapter 277: Regrouping

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 277: Regrouping

Narrator: Back with Zeth.

*The strong female vampire is about to attack Zeth but he uses Star Light Shield and the light from activating it blinds the vampires*

Female Vampire: My eyes!!

*She covers her eyes*

Zeth: I bet you vampires aren’t used to seeing much light at all so my Star Light Shield must be particularly painful!

*Zeth punches the vampire back and limps out of the closet and towards the stairs*

Zeth: (Thinking) Damn… This sword in my leg is causing me so much pain!

*Zeth throws a Star Shine Blast at the vampires as he goes up the stairs, as well as deactivating his Star Light Shield*

*On the second floor, Zeth sees a window and opens it. He then jumps out and lands awkwardly on his belly because of his leg*

Zeth: I need help… badly…

*Not far from Zeth, Joe is running towards where Zeth is and sees him*

Joe: Zeth!?

*Joe runs up to Zeth*

Zeth: *huff huff* Pull this sword out of my leg… It’s draining my energy… Don’t use magic to do so… It will absorb it…

Joe: Okay, I will try.

*Joe starts pulling at the sword*

*The vampires that were attacking Zeth look out the window that he jumped out of and see them*

Female Vampire: Get him now!

*The vampires jump out the window one by one. Right before they land, Joe finishes pulling out the sword and Zeth rolls out of the way while Joe jumps back*

*The vampires chasing Joe then arrive*

Joe: Oh great! We’re surrounded now!


Narrator: Back with Sasha.

*The vampires try to do another beam that combines their powers but Sasha runs out of the alley with the wall now behind her destroyed*

*Sasha summons a giant Hell Serpent*

Sasha: These vampires after me will be your dinner, my Hell Serpent.

*The snake raises its head above the opening, waiting for the vampires to go through it. As the vampires go through the opening, the snake lunges its head downwards and gulps up the vampires*

*Sasha smiles sadistically*

Sasha: Have fun getting digested in there. I only wish I could see you all in agony as your bodies are broken down.

*She unsummons her Hell Serpent and then runs to look for her friends*

Sasha: I need to regroup with the others!


Narrator: Back with Emily.

*Emily is having trouble dealing with the two speedy vampires, one of which is male and the other is female*

*Emily blocks the male’s punch with her sword but then she punched in the face by the female. The male then starts pummeling her and kicks her back*

Male Vampire: We’ve weakened her!

Female Vampire: Let’s finish her off!

Male Vampire: By ripping her heart out!

Female Vampire: I like the way you think!

*They then speedily rush towards Emily*

*Emily is sitting up and holding out her sword hoping to do something*

Male Vampire: Die!

*The male vampire lunges forward with his right arm thrusting forward*

*Blood splashes*

*Emily opens her eyes wide*

*It turns out that Sasha had gotten in front of Emily and she pierced the male vampire’s chest with her hand going out his back. She has his heart in her hand and has ripped it out of his body*

*Emily and the two vampires are shocked. Sasha smiles sadistically*

Sasha: I believe that is my friend you are trying to harm. What was that you said about killing her by ripping out her heart?

*Sasha begins to squeeze the male vampire’s heart*

Sasha: You know what they say about karma… She’s a bitch!

*Sasha squeezes the heart and it bursts. She yanks her hand back out of his body. The male vampire quietly says “how…?” as he slowly falls face down dying*

*Sasha sadistically smiles as she looks at the female vampire*

Sasha: You’re next.

Female Vampire: How dare you!!?

*The female vampire lunges as Sasha forms a Dark Spear and stabs her with it. The female vampire coughs up blood*

Sasha: Now, Emily!

*Emily gets up and slashes off the female vampire’s head with her Shadow Sword, killing her instantly*

Emily: Have you seen Zeth and Joe?

Sasha: No, but we better find them!


Narrator: Back with Zeth and Joe.

Zeth: Can you control the movement of your tornadoes?

Joe: Yes.

Zeth: Then use it! We will do a combination attack!

*Joe starts charging up his magic power while Zeth protects him. Zeth forms a swirling Galaxy on his arm and he uses many Galaxy Blasts to keep the vampires at bay*

Zeth: Are you almost ready!? I can’t hold them all back for long!

*Zeth has killed some of the vampires and kept the others from getting through*

Joe: It’s time! How strong does it need to be!?

Zeth: Just strong enough to pick up all the vampires! We can’t risk injuring the innocents or destroying their homes! Leave the damage to me!

Joe: Alright! L2 Tornado!!

*Joe unleashes a tornado that is now in front of him and Zeth*

Narrator: Joe has created a tornado! What will Zeth do as part of the combination attack?

Chapter 277 END

To be Continued in Chapter 278: Kenzo Liberated!