Chapter 282:

Chapter 282: Team Zeth vs Vampire Squad Delta

Beyond The Stars

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Chapter 282: Team Zeth vs Vampire Squad Delta

Narrator: The battle between Zeth’s team and Vampire Squad Delta now fully begins!

Zeth: Let’s take them down!

Sasha, Emily, and Joe: Right!

*The two teams begin rushing towards each other. In the process, Zeth charges his arms with a lot of magic. Sasha forms a Dark Spear. Emily pulls out her Shadow Sword. And Joe charges his fists with lightning*

*Joe is right next to Zeth as Darmo attempts to pierce Joe with his hand but Zeth steps in front and punches Darmo in the face*

*Sasha tries to stab Vincent with her Dark Spear repeatedly but he is able to dodge all the stab attempts. He then grabs the spear, which surprises Sasha, and then kicks her back*

*Emily attempts to slash Kuton and Sath with her Shadow Sword at the same time but they both do a backflip to dodge*

*Darmo is knocked into Kuton from Zeth’s punch and Emily takes advantage and stabs Kuton*

*Vincent grabs Zeth’s face and slams him to the ground*

Joe: I’ll save you, Zeth!

*Joe helps Zeth by infusing lightning on Vincent’s body. Joe then charges wind into his fists and punches Vincent with enough wind power to knock him away*

Zeth: Thanks, Joe!

*Emily is knocked back near them*

Joe: Emily!

Sath: Worry about yourself!

*Sath comes in quick and elbows Joe in the gut, dealing a lot of damage*

Joe: Gaah!!

Sath: Yes, getting elbowed by a powerful vampire does hurt a lot!

*Sath then kicks Joe in the face which knocks him back*

*Sasha comes rushing in and her right arm becomes dark magic that forms into a tiger head and it bites down into Sath’s shoulder*

Sath: Aaah!! Damn you!!

*Sasha then uses her left hand to continuously punch Sath over and over again. However, a bunch of small pebbles made of red vampiric magic hit Sasha and she takes notice*

Sasha: What are these? …Oh no!

*They then create tiny explosions with each sapping away Sasha’s energy and also makes her dark tiger arm vanish. Sath takes advantage and punches her away from him*

*It was Darmo that used the vampiric pebbles*

Sath: Thanks, Darmo!

Darmo: No problem.

*Suddenly, Darmo gets cut on both arms as two of Zeth’s Star Shards fly by*

Darmo: Damn it!

Kuton: Two can play that game!

*Kuton jumps towards Zeth with a dagger made out of vampiric magic and he tries to slash Zeth. Zeth attempts to jump back but Kuton is still able to leave a slash wound on Zeth’s left abdomen leaving that lower section of his black jacket cut off and a tear in his white shirt underneath*

Vincent: I got you now!

*Vincent appears behind Zeth and smirks. He then starts rapidly punching Zeth in the back and then kicks him forward to where Sasha is*

*Meanwhile, Emily and Joe are attacking Darmo and Sath.After getting in a successful slash on Sath’s leg, Emily blocks Darmo’s pebbles with swings of her sword*

*Joe releases a barrage of razor hail from his hand at both Darmo and Sath. Before the razor hail reaches, a vampiric energy field appears in front of the two vampires and the razor hail dissolves in it as the energy is sapped away. This surprises Joe and Emily*

Joe: How many different ways can you vampires absorb and dissolve magic!?

Vincent: Sucking and draining things is what vampires do best!

Emily: Huh!?

*Vincent and Kuton appear in front of Joe and Emily as Vincent spoke to them. Vincent punches Joe in the face and Kuton punches Emily in the face and the punches knock them back to where Zeth and Sasha are*

Sasha: These elite vampires are living up to their reputation.

Zeth: And Vincent did a number on my back. It’s almost too painful to move.

Joe: But we can’t afford to fail!

Emily: I’m going to try and beat them with brute strength!

Zeth: What do you mean?

Joe: You mean that?

Emily: Yes. My ancestral form.

*Emily closes her eyes and concentrates*

Darmo: What is she doing?

Kuton: I don’t care what she’s doing! I’m going after them!

*Kuton rushes towards the heroes*

*A bright light of energy appears around the heroes. The next thing that happens is Kuton getting punched hard in the chin, cracking his jaw, and he is sent flying back. This shocks the other three Delta members*

*The light clears and Emily stands in her ancestral form. She is more muscular. Her hair is longer and wilder. It also no longer covers her left eye. She is taller too*

Emily: Let’s start the next phase of this fight.

Narrator: Emily has gone into her ancestral form to fight the Vampire Squad Delta members! Will it be enough to defeat them?

Chapter 282 END

To be Continued in Chapter 283: Emily’s Ancestral Form Takes on Vampire Squad Delta