Chapter 286:

Chapter 286: A Difficult Roadblock

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 286: A Difficult Roadblock

Narrator: Still with Zaydra’s team.

*Zaydra’s team is out of the tall grass area and has reached a flowing river that they need to cross. To their right are some mountains and a waterfall*

Zaydra: Let’s keep going. We probably aren’t far from our destination at this point.

*They are about to cross the river when Kerdon notices something flying towards them*

Kerdon: Get out of the way!

*The others notice too and jump away to dodge as the object lands in the ground. It is a black needle with a red tip*

Ruby: A black needle with a red tip?

Bonetru: That looks familiar… No, it can’t be!

Male Voice: I’m so glad you remember me, Bonetru.

*They look over to the mountainside and see two figures. They are both Council of Demons members*

Narrator: Council of Demons member – Zepto.

Narrator: Council of Demons member – Sane.

*(Appearance Reminders: Zepto has gray-colored skin. He has short black hair with red tips at the ends of them. He wears a sleeveless red uniform. In addition to his two normal eyes, he has a closed eye on his forehead and a closed eye on the side of each shoulder. Sane looks just like an ordinary teenage human boy with short blonde hair. He carries a pen and has an innocent smile. He is wearing a green sweater and light brown pants)*

*Zepto and Sane jump off the mountainside and approach Zaydra’s team*

Bonetru: (Speaking angrily) Zepto! What are you doing here!?

Zepto: Ah come on. Don’t be like that. We’re having a happy reunion.

*Sapphire looks at Sane*

Sapphire: Listen, kid, that guy Zepto is a demon. You shouldn’t be hanging around him.

*Zepto bursts out laughing*

Zepto: Oh boy, that was too funny! I see that Heaven’s intelligence hasn’t learned of Sane yet! He proved his strength towards the end of the last war that ended 162 years ago and has been a Council of Demons member ever since!

*Zaydra’s team looks at Sane but he just looks so ordinary*

Zepto: Oh Bonetru. We had such a good battle in that fight. I’m sure you want to finish it.

Bonetru: Why are you here? Did you know about our business here?

Zepto: Ha! Absolutely not! In fact, this meeting is just a coincidence. We are here in this country because certain issues need to be resolved.

Zaydra: Certain issues?

Zepto: That’s none of your business. But since we have found you, we might as well kill you off.

Sane: Let’s have a lot of fun, okay?

Zaydra: (Thinking) Despite his appearance, if he is really a Council of Demons member then he must be really strong. But we have no idea what his abilities are.

Bonetru: I don’t know how many of you have faced Zepto before but watch out for his hair needles. They can explode.

Zepto: I see that you remember. I would be… disappointed if you forgot!

*Zepto pulls hair needles out of his head and throws five of them as he says that*

*They explode as Zaydra’s team tries to jump back but the linked explosions cause smoke to block their view*

*Sapphire attempts to detect movement but before she can say anything, Zepto appears in front of Bonetru and punches him in the face. Sane tries to do the same to Zaydra but his punch is slow so she grabs his arm to stop it*

Zaydra: I don’t know what you are capable of but I won’t take you lightly!!

*Zaydra then gut punches Sane and it looks like it caused a lot of pain. The punch also knocks him back*

Kerdon: We won’t be dying tonight!! We will be the ones to kill you instead!!

*Kerdon throws a grenade at Zepto but he kicks the grenade away. Ruby, however, kicks Zepto back through the smoke that is about to clear away. Kren goes after him*

*Kren steps near the initial hair needle in the ground and then it explodes which damages him and knocks him back*

*Meanwhile, Zaydra continues to punch Sane. Sane isn’t putting up much resistance as Zaydra continues to pulverize him*

Zaydra: (Thinking) Well, he certainly isn’t an ordinary human as he would be dead by this point if he were! Why is he incapable of defending himself though!? I better finish him off before he tries something!

*Zaydra does a hand chop to Sane’s neck which causes a lot of pain. She then follows up by thrusting her knee into his gut, causing him more pain, and then transitioning into a swipe kick that knocks him back. Zaydra then forms a Star Shine Blast in her hand*

Zaydra: I’m sending you to your grave, council member!

*She releases her Star Shine Blast at Sane. It hits him and explodes*

Zaydra: He’s finished.

*Her face turns to shock as she starts to hear monstrous sounds*

Zaydra: Wha- What are those sounds!?

*The smoke clears and Sane is standing but now he looks insane. His hair is now messy and he has evil wide-open bloodshot eyes. His teeth are sharp. His tongue is sticking out and he is drooling*

Zaydra: What mistake did I make!?

Zepto: You’re so foolish. Now you understand why his name is “Sane”. When he goes insane, his power and aggressiveness skyrocket! And for making him go insane, you will pay the price!

Narrator: Zaydra’s team finds themselves in a battle with the two Council of Demons members! Can they win without taking too much damage? And what kind of power does the insane Sane possess?

Chapter 286 END

To be Continued in Chapter 287: Zaydra’s Team vs Zepto and the Insane Sane