Chapter 6:

Trial 3.5: A day as Eva!

Hopeless Romangatic

I get up!  Jumping straight out of my bed, dancing in my pajamas! Running out of my room, and sliding down the staircase.  My mom gives me a high five as she always does and tossed breakfast on the table. My dad BURSTS through the entrance of our home on a skateboard. He does a kick-flip and hugs me.  Running over to my mom.
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I scoff down my food and rush out my home. Today I'm looking for an adventure! Since I have no school! Flying around my neighborhood trying to see if anyone needs help.Bookmark here

I hear a scream.
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"..."Bookmark here

I SAID. I hear a scream.Bookmark here

"Do I have to?"Bookmark here

Yes.Bookmark here

"Ugh. Ahhhhh, someone please help me."Bookmark here

AH! Harken onto me! It's my extremely cute goth princess, Aron!Bookmark here

"WHAT?!"Bookmark here

I rip off my pajamas to reveal my green shirt and long pants. My green cape flowing in the wind. Shooting myself up into the air with my grappling hooks attached to the side of me. And for some extra protection, I put a sword in my mouth.
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"You have got to be... At least pick one anime to reference, Please!"Bookmark here

I don't remember my cute, goth, princess being this verbose. Despite her rowdy nature, and cold appearance.
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"I'm still a guy you know this right?! Also I am not a goth...."Bookmark here

 "What's wrong with breaking stereotypical gender norms?"Bookmark here

"Is that really necessary in this web novel?"Bookmark here

"It's never bad!"Bookmark here

I grab her by the waist and continue swinging. I look down at her grabbing onto my hip. Her long black hair, soft red lips, a baggy black dress with a belt over her stomach.Bookmark here

"Maybe being a goth isn't so bad..."Bookmark here

"Now that's the spirit!"Bookmark here

I get a call from my telephone. It's from my boss.
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"Hey Eva can you come in today? We've got a problem."Bookmark here

"Sure!"Bookmark here

Aron looks up to me.
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"Who was that?"Bookmark here

"My boss."Bookmark here

"You work?"Bookmark here

"Kinda."Bookmark here

I head straight over to the gun range.
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"A gun range?!"Bookmark here

Dropping us right in front of the door. I walk in and he's on the table. Smoking as usual.Bookmark here

"Hey kid. I see you brought a special someone?"Bookmark here

"Yea, don't mind her she'll just on the sidelines"Bookmark here

Aron gives me a stern stare. He looks at the boss. And then looks back at me.Bookmark here

"It's a rat."Bookmark here

"Don't say that about my boss!"Bookmark here

"No, it's actually a rat."Bookmark here

"And?! Do you have a problems with him?"Bookmark here

The boss cuts me off.
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"No, no it's alright. It's a normal reaction."Bookmark here

I shake my head. Bookmark here

"So what's the issue, boss?"Bookmark here

"There's a bomb."Bookmark here

"Where?"Bookmark here

"Right here."Bookmark here

He points to the bomb that was right in front of him.
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"Oh. There it is."Bookmark here

"This can't be real?! How are you so calm!"Bookmark here

"Can you calm down? We need to deactivate it."
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I walk up to boss and the bomb. It's a black brick. It has some type of code on it. It's difficult to decipher.Bookmark here

"We might need some backup."Bookmark here

"Don't worry, they're already on their way."Bookmark here

Just then Yu and Sara walk in.Bookmark here

"Yo! What's up?"Bookmark here

Yu is wearing something akin to a butler's outfit. And Sara is wearing a white dress. And of course Aron has something to say about it.Bookmark here

"You're dragging me along this entire time and expect me to just be quiet about it?!"Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

She lets out a sigh. Sara walks over to the bomb looks intensely at it.
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"I think... It says... Uhhh..."Bookmark here

"Here let me help."Bookmark here

Yu comes over close to Sara.
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"Fuwehe?!"Bookmark here

Sara gets flustered and backs up.
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"What's wrong?"Bookmark here

"N-Nothing!"Bookmark here

"Are you sure...?"Bookmark here

They start their usual shtick. And forget the entire reason for being here. The boss is stumped.Bookmark here

"Well, ladies and gentlemen it's been nice knowing you all."Bookmark here

I run over to hug the boss.Bookmark here

"I'll never forget you!"Bookmark here

"It's alright... I'll always be in your heart."Bookmark here

Aron stomps towards us. And snatches the bomb.Bookmark here

"Give me that! This is... Latin. And it reads 'The air may be thick and thin, but if you don't use your tongue to speech your love then the air will never be here again.' The hell does that mean?"Bookmark here

Oh, I know what this means. She was the key all along!
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"Still a guy."Bookmark here

Shut up. I guess I should explain to him what that means.
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"You need to say I love you to me!"Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

"Did I stutter?"Bookmark here

She turns away from me and speaks softly.Bookmark here

"You promise it's just for that it's just for the bomb?"
"Now's not the time-"

"Promise me!"Bookmark here

"Fine! I promise."Bookmark here

She inhales and exhales. She violently turns around her face is red. She has a sour look on her face. Yet she continues.Bookmark here

"I love-"Bookmark here

I hear someone whisper in my ear.
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"Are you done with your dreaming?"Bookmark here

"Just 5 more minutes Aron~"Bookmark here

"If you don't wake up I'll just have to play games without you..."Bookmark here

My head shoots up.
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"What game?!"Bookmark here

He stares blankly at me. I look down. There's a textbook in front of me and a pencil in my hand.Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

I punch him.Bookmark here

"You lied to me!"Bookmark here

"No? I never said what type of games."Bookmark here

I let out a gigantic sigh. I was woken up for this?Bookmark here

"Yes, yes you did!"Bookmark here

Huh?Bookmark here

(Pain. All I feel. Hey all... Bert here. Literally everything that could go wrong while writing this chapter did. By the way the next chapter is going well and should actually be on time ;3  I wish I could say this is the weirdest chapter I'll write, but I can't promise ahahaha.... Anyways, I hope you all had fun reading and part 2 will be out on monday!)
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