Chapter 292:

Chapter 292: Leonis and Misha. Two Council of Demons Members Face-to-Face!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 292: Leonis and Misha. Two Council of Demons Members Face-to-Face!

Narrator: Back with Leonis following his talks with the heroes.

*Leonis walks through a large room that appears to be the throne room and he walks towards the throne when someone drops from the ceiling behind him*

*It is Misha the succubus and she looks angry*

Misha: What are you trying to pull, Leonis!?

*Leonis turns around to face her with a bored expression on his face*

Leonis: What are you talking about?

Misha: You know exactly what I’m talking about! Why are you not killing Zeth!?

Leonis: It’s simple. I desire to unseal Kazan.

Misha: The Dark Goddess wants Zeth dead! Of course, maybe you would understand better if you and Asina hadn’t missed every single Council of Demons meeting since the end of the Great Chaos!

Leonis: It matters not. Unsealing Kazan takes priority. Besides, having Kazan back would certainly help the Dark Goddess. I don’t see the problem.

Misha: Things can go wrong! You have him in your grasp! Don’t take any chances! Just kill him!

Leonis: Nothing will go wrong.

*Misha’s anger rises*

Misha: It looks like I have to use force! I’m going to defeat you and then force you to kill him!

*Leonis smiles*

Leonis: This should be interesting. Fine then. Just try and defeat me, Misha the Succubus.

Misha: I’ll do more than defeat you if I must! I’ll have you executed if you do not obey the Dark Goddess!!

*Misha charges her magic. Her claws flow with power*

Misha: I hope you know that having power over cowering mortals is a lot easier than defeating a true Council of Demons member in a fight! I bet you are very rusty!

Leonis: Find out for yourself.

*Misha lunges at Leonis, intending to strike him with her claws. Despite her speed, Leonis grabs her arm, shocking her. and kicks her into a wall*

Leonis: It’s hopeless. You can’t defeat me even if you are a fellow Council of Demons member. There is no rust in my fighting capabilities at all.

Misha: Shut up! I’m just getting warmed up!

*Misha runs towards Leonis again and continues trying to slash him but he continues dodging. As Leonis dodges her attacks, he mocks her*

Leonis: I must say, your speed is quite disappointing. I thought you would be better than this, given your reputation for quick kills and assassinations.

*Misha’s anger increases*

Misha: Shut the hell up!!

*Misha eventually does get a slash to connect and draws blood from Leonis’s right arm. However, it leads to Leonis punching her in the face and knocking her back into a wall again*

*Leonis forms a large red ball of vampiric magic and throws it at Misha. It hits where she is and bursts*

*Leonis smiles*

Leonis: Have you had enough yet?

*As the vampiric energy clears, Leonis sees that Misha is not there*

Leonis: As powerful as I am, I do not think that would have vaporized her.

*Misha hangs from the ceiling with her tail pierced into it*

Misha: (Thinking) I’ll show you my assassination capabilities!

*Misha drops from the ceiling above Leonis and gets another slash on him, drawing blood from his chest. This attack surprised Leonis and he jumps back to avoid another hit*

Leonis: So you avoided my vampiric blast? Impressive.

Misha: You clearly don’t know me well enough.

*Misha points her index finger at Leonis and a blue magic laser beam releases from it. Leonis quickly ducks to avoid the fast-moving beam*

*Misha uses it as an opportunity to move in quickly and she gets in some punches before Leonis starts blocking them*

Leonis: Good…

*Leonis stops Misha by gut-punching her, leaving her in pain*

Leonis: …But not good enough.

*Leonis then swipe kicks Misha to the side. She lands on the ground lying on her back*

*Leonis jumps towards Misha, intending to stab her, but she rolls out of the way in time. She kicks him back*

*Leonis starts doing backflips to stop his momentum*

Leonis: Just like I don’t know you well enough, you don’t know me well enough. Would you like to see more of what I can do?

Misha: I don’t care what you can do. I’m going to win!

Leonis: Fine then. Let me show you just what else I have up my sleeve.

Narrator: In a battle between two Council of Demons members, they fight over disputes about Zeth! What else can Leonis do?

Chapter 292 END

To be Continued in Chapter 293: Snow Zone and Dark Zone