Chapter 293:

Chapter 293: Snow Zone and Dark Zone

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 293: Snow Zone and Dark Zone

Narrator: Misha continues to challenge Leonis in her goal to have Zeth killed but Leonis has something up his sleeve…

Leonis: Now let me show you Zone Magic.

*The whole room starts to become covered in magic and Misha becomes a little nervous*

Misha: What is this?

*Suddenly, they appear to be in an outdoor winter wonderland full of snow*

Leonis: This is my Snow Zone!

Misha: Snow Zone? Did we teleport somewhere?

Leonis: No. This is a zone of my own creation. We didn’t go anywhere. I brought all of this to us. It only seems like we went somewhere else. As you know, most vampires prefer cold environments so this suits me just fine. Maybe not so much for a succubus such as yourself though.

Misha: I’ll manage.

*Leonis smiles*

Leonis: Will you?

*Suddenly, vampiric energy launches out from the snow under Misha and strikes her on the chin. Before she recovers from the attack, Leonis has already grabbed ahold of her neck and then slams her down in the snow*

Leonis: It takes time to adapt to my zones. Unfortunately for you, I won’t give you that time.

*Misha opens her eyes wide and a flash is released from her eyes. It blinds Leonis for a few seconds but allows Misha to kick him away from her*

*Misha stands up and looks determined*

Leonis: Yet another ability I didn’t know you had. Still, you’re only delaying the inevitable. You can probably tell now that my vampiric power travels throughout this snow and there’s no way for you to track it.

*Misha sticks her tail in the snow*

Misha: (Thinking) With my tail’s sensory abilities, I can track the movements of his vampiric power. He has underestimated me. Here we go!

*Misha begins rushing towards Leonis while keeping her tail in the snow*

*Misha side steps to the left to avoid vampiric power launching up from under the snow. This surprises Leonis*

Leonis: (Thinking) Has she actually found a way to detect my vampiric power in the snow or did she just get lucky?

*Misha dodges another blast of vampiric power and lands a few punches to Leonis*

*Leonis soon starts blocking Misha’s punches and then jumps back to distance himself. He finally notices her tail in the snow*

Leonis: (Thinking) She’s been keeping her tail in the snow. She must be able to sense my power in the snow using it.

Leonis: You certainly are impressing me, using your tail as a sensor. Maybe you would like to see another zone that I have.

*The whole area becomes covered with magic again*

Misha: I can handle any zone you create!

*The whole area becomes an area full of dark hallways*

Leonis: Welcome to the Dark Zone.

Misha: Have you become a confused idiot? You think me, a succubus, can’t handle some dark hallways?

Leonis: As you know, vampires like darkness as well. So perhaps it’s not an advantage for you.

*Misha smiles*

Misha: I think you just need your brain checked.

Leonis: Make all the jokes you want. Unfortunately for you, I still have the home-field advantage here.

*Leonis starts to disappear into darkness*

Misha: This is no problem at all. I can still sense you.

*Misha tries to sense where he might be but senses nothing*

Misha: (Thinking) I can’t sense him!? Maybe he was right… No! There must be some way to detect him!

*Misha starts running through the halls*

*As soon as Misha turns a corner, she gets hit in the face and knocked against the wall, but nothing that could have hit her is there*

Misha: What is this!? There was nothing there! Don’t try to play mind games with me, Leonis!

*Misha continues running but is hit again*

Misha: Damn it!! You must be here! You’re just invisible! I will find you!!

*Misha starts just punching randomly*

Misha: There is nothing without a weakness! I will certainly find the weakness to this zone!

*Misha starts getting hit again and again and is unable to fight back. She gets knocked to the ground*

Leonis: (Echoing voice throughout the halls) I keep telling you. You’re no match for me. There are only five beings of Hell that are stronger than me and you’re not one of them. Leave and go back to Hell.

*Misha is angry*

Misha: Damn you…!

Narrator: Leonis has unveiled his Zone Magic and his Dark Zone is giving Misha a lot of difficulties! Can she find its weakness?

Chapter 293 END

To be Continued in Chapter 294: The Difference Between Us