Chapter 7:

Trial 4: The theme of a park!

Hopeless Romangatic

I bounce out of bed! Tomorrow is the day! I have it all planned out in my head.
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First we were going to go to the mall and eat there! So many people will be looking at us! Almost like were a perfect couple! Ahhh~
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Then we go to the movies where I'll... I continue to run the plan through my head as I get ready and head off to school. I get to school where I'm almost through with my plan.Bookmark here

Annnnnnnnd Finally we'll say goodbye to one another and-Bookmark here

"Yo, Sara!"Bookmark here

"Fuwa?!"Bookmark here

I jolt up as Yuta greets me, Eva waves, and his other friend appear from thin air. Does it always have to be me who gets surprised...? Yuta looks chipper as usual. Eva has that devilish smile just like she did the other day.
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Next to her is...? I'm unsure of this guy he has short ,black hair with oval glasses. His clothes are very neat without a single wrinkle in sight. He has a blank expression which would be normal...if he weren't right next to two very vivid people. There's only one explanation... This must be the fabled 'Aron' who Eva always is bothering! Yuta continues to talk.Bookmark here

"I have a proposition!"Bookmark here

After last time... I'm not sure if I want to be apart of such a thing. Not because it won't be a good idea... I just don't want to be made a fool of! I give him a stare. I see out the side of my eye that Aron is also giving him the same treatment. Does that mean he's also used to dealing with Yuta?! What a poor soul... Eva asks the question.
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"What is it?"Bookmark here

"What if we all went-"Bookmark here

"No."Bookmark here

Aron swiftly, yet stiff cuts Yuta off before he can even finish his sentence. He's so fast! Yuta doesn't seem to take it too well.Bookmark here

"But- Why?! I didn't even finish what I was going to say..."Bookmark here

Eva tilts her head putting a finger on her cheek. Confused at Yuta's response.
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"Well... We have to study since our mid-terms are coming up aren't they?"Bookmark here

"Eva..."Bookmark here

Huh...? He's tearing up! Hopefully they're tears of joy. This must be a rare occurrence because Eva and Yuta both look worried and confused at why he's crying all of a sudden.Bookmark here

"I can't believe you actually said something reasonable!"Bookmark here

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?! Is everything alright up there?"
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Eva confusingly tries to comfort Aron for a moment. He calms down and Eva looks back at us.
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"By the way, I won a lottery. I got some tickets to a theme park. Here ya go!"Bookmark here

She tosses the tickets to Yuta and he catches them. He's surprised at such an event occurring.
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"Why did you act like it's an every day occurrence?"Bookmark here

Eva gives a slightly nervous chuckle.Bookmark here

"You'd be surprised how often it happens Hehe....
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"Thanks! I wanted to hang out with all of us this weekend, but since it will be just us two and we have these tickets.... Do you want to go to a theme park this weekend?"Bookmark here

"Yes!"Bookmark here

Ah. There goes my entire plan again... I nod my head solemnly... Can't things just go my way?! Everything I plan just keeps going wrong! At least Yuta is happy about it.Bookmark here

"Great! We're still going to meet up at 1 right?"Bookmark here

"Yea..."Bookmark here

"Is something wrong?"Bookmark here

"No! I was just thinking about how fun it would be!"Bookmark here

"Oh, I can't wait either!"Bookmark here

I don't know why I'm so mad about this. Once again it's an amazing opportunity! All I have to is not mess it up... That might be harder than I think.
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I go hang out with my friends after school. Forgetting all my worries and troubles. It's pretty refreshing for me! I head home and go to bed pleased with how the day went.Bookmark here

"Ugghhhh"Bookmark here

What time is it? ...Actually what day is it?Bookmark here

I get out of bed slowly. I get up to check my calendar above my desk. My eyes widen.Bookmark here

"It's the day!!!!!!!!!!"Bookmark here

My body gets out of a groggy mood and becomes more alive than it has ever been! I look at the time.
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"And I'm almost late!!!!!"Bookmark here

I only have 12 minutes?! How long did I sleep for! I rush to get ready. I look through my clothes. Trying to pick out the perfect outfit in such short time is a very difficult task.
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"Will Yuta like this? Or maybe this..? Or... this!"
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Oh, the white dress Eva gave me! I put it on and it's pretty loose at the cost of being a bit breezy. I dash out of the door. I have to hurry and not be late!Bookmark here

Right... I'm not athletic... I slow down to catch my breath.
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"Sara!"Bookmark here

I look back to see a girl in a lab coat rushing up to me. Her silver hair flowing out in the wind. She has a bit of bounce in her step attracting a bit of a crowd. There's only one person to make such a chaotic entrance.Bookmark here

"Eva"Bookmark here

"You look a bit out of breath. Do you want some water to help out?"Bookmark here

I'm too out of breath to give her a proper response.
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"Sure, Sure whatever."Bookmark here

She hands me a water and I swiftly drink all of it. It has a weird taste to it, but that doesn't matter. I get back running, and Eva runs along side me. What is she doing here anyways?
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"Why are you running in a lab coat?!"Bookmark here

"Uhh... I have a play coming up in a few hours?"Bookmark here

Whatever, I continue running and she splits off from me.Bookmark here

"Good luck!"Bookmark here

"Thanks!"Bookmark here

After what feels like hours I make it! Despite it only being a few minutes... I find a place to catch my breath. Looking around at the amusement park, it's filled with life! There's families and couples... Does this mean we're going to look like we're on a date?! I wouldn't be opposed to that! I turn and see if Yuta is around. No luck. Did he forget?Bookmark here

After a moment of looking around he shows up. It's... unbelievable. His bright orange hair is messy, but when compared with everything else... He's wearing a black shirt with a purple vest. Over that he has a lighter shade of purple jacket. And a necklace to finish the top part off. His pants aren't as layered with just some straight black pants. Give him some gloves and I could believe he had just crawled straight out of an otome game! I stare at him for a moment, yet I don't feel embarrassed. My heart... It feels funny. Just for a moment I forgot everything and was captivated by how he looked. I wanted him to hold me.
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"Yo, did I make you wait? I was in the bathroom sorry about that!"Bookmark here

Ah yea... I forgot who I was dealing with. Not a cool butler, but just some dense fool. He may look cool... If only he could act like it too!
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"Nope. I just got here."Bookmark here

"Are you mad at me?"Bookmark here

"How could I be?"Bookmark here

I give him a sarcastic smile.
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"Glad to know, I got worried there for a moment!"Bookmark here

I sigh.Bookmark here

"Also... You..."Bookmark here

He is staring at me. With a mystified look.
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"Wh-What is it?"Bookmark here

Why is he looking at me so intensely? I'm not sure how long I can take it... His trance breaks after a few moments.Bookmark here

"Huh? Oh, it's just that you look so...stunning? I think that's the word I'm looking for."
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"I do...?"Bookmark here

I feel even more weird. What is this feeling? I like it. \I can't let this be the only thing that happens today. I try and find what we should do first. There's a spook house! Hehehe... I have a new idea.Bookmark here

"Yuta let's go to the spook house first!"Bookmark here

"There?!"Bookmark here

He turns his head to the spook house. The color from his skin turn turns pale. I decide to taunt him.Bookmark here

"What? Are you scared or something?"Bookmark here

"N-n-n-no! I'm not s-s-s-scared!"Bookmark here

He sounds like a child. He's even shaking! i can't help, but laugh.Bookmark here

"Fine! If you don't want to believe then I'll show you."Bookmark here

He grabbed my hand?! Rushing towards the spook house. I don't mind us running over there,but him holding my hand? His hand was bigger than mine. He holds with such a firm, yet light grip. I really started to feel like a princess. The weird feeling is getting more intense.... What is happening to meeeeeeeee!? Everyone is looking at us stunned at such a scene that is occurring. I feel honored that I'm the one getting looked at!
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We enter into the spook house. A cold gust blows onto us. The only things illuminating the inside is the many eyes peering onto us. It's tightly packed with little room for us to stand so we have to get closer together. Sounds of disturbed animals ring out from all sides. Groans and moans can be heard covering with the wind.
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This is so fake... Yuta grips my hand harder. Is he really that scarred?Bookmark here

"What are we waiting for...? Let's get going!"Bookmark here

I nod my head and we continue to walk. The walls have ghosts flying all over them. The interior tilting and turning around us. Then the first scare actually occurred. A man clearly in a costume pops out from a hidden entrance.
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"Ahhhh."Bookmark here

I have a blank face to compliment my feeling towards this entire situation. Hang on, I should act scared! I cling onto Yuta and hold on tight.
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"It's alright... It's alright..."Bookmark here

He's comforting me? Even though he's terrified? I would of never thought-
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"You'll be just fine Yu, just keep going on..."Bookmark here

I let go of him. He didn't even notice me did he? A new warmth comes off of me. The cold breeze is no more. The color in my eyes empty. A smile appears on my face deprived of any emotion or life. I look up at him. Yuta and the guy in the costume are stunned.
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"Is there some thing wrong...?Bookmark here

I widened my smile. They're both terrified.Bookmark here

"It's- It's a ghost!"Bookmark here

"N-n-no it's a demon!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Boo."Bookmark here

They scream. He runs through the rest of the spook house bringing me along with him. Ignoring the rest of the scares and anything else inside. Including me. We get outside and he's out of breath. Letting go of my hand, he sits on the ground to catch his breath.
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"Haa...Haa... See? I did it!!"Bookmark here

He gives me a cheeky smile. I roll my eyes. Extending my hand to get him back up.
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"Alright so what if you did that? There's still so much more we're going to do!"Bookmark here

"There is?!"Bookmark here

I laugh and continue with our day. Instead of him leading me, I take the lead this time. Still holding hands as we were before. There's so much to do in only a day! We go on roller-coasters, play all types of games, rushing around everywhere. I want to keep going, but Yuta keeps making me drag him around! I guess we should wind down, but I'm not sure what to do next...?Bookmark here

"Can we go on that next...?"Bookmark here

He points to the Ferris wheel. If it were earlier in the day I would think it would be too boring, but I guess as something to end off the day I'm fine with it.Bookmark here

"Sure!"Bookmark here

We make our way onto the Ferris wheel. Sitting on opposite sides of one another. Today has been lots of fun! The sky has become a light orange color as the sun lowers beyond the horizon. As we go higher, the lights from all the different attractions below become fuzzier leaving just us two the only things in the world. Alone... With Yuta?! What type of situation is this? This entire day has been like that, but now there's no one around! Almost as if it were required at this point I'm lost in my thoughts. Until he calls out.Bookmark here

"I'm glad."Bookmark here

Staring out to the view over the world it almost seemed like. He sounds even more relaxed than usual. A very soft smile on his face as he looks far out.
Bookmark here

"You are...?"Bookmark here

"Yea! Today has been amazing and I'm glad you came with me."Bookmark here

"T-Thank you!"Bookmark here

That weird feeling comes back even stronger than before. What is with it?! At a moment like this of all times... I wish it would stop being so weird today of all days! Yuta stops looking out to the view. He turns back to me and begins to ponder over something.
Bookmark here

"That said... I think you're forcing yourself too much..."Bookmark here

What...? I don't know what to say. He continues on.Bookmark here

"Whenever you're around me I feel like you're trying so hard! I don't know why... Even though I can't say why today it feels like after a bit you were more uhh... Free-Spirted! That's the word. When we first got here I thought it was going to happen again, but after a bit you gladly proved me wrong! Although you had to drag me around most of the day... Sorry about that by the way... I'm glad to see that you were having fun. I hope to see you more like that in the future because I like when you're not trying to force yourself!"Bookmark here

I think I know what this feeling is now. It's not weird. It's a bother.  I'm not sick. I'm in love. Looking into his smile, that messy hair of his, the way he was dressed, his personality even if he is dense. All of it I am in love with. Thinking about it more now I don't understand why I wanted him in the first place... What I do understand is that I want this man to fall in love with me now. I want him to feel how I do in this moment. That's all that matters.
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"Oiiiiiii, Sara are you ok?"Bookmark here

"Eh? Uhhh... yes! Yuta can you promise me something?"Bookmark here

I don't feel nervous. I don't feel embarrassed. I feel happy.
Bookmark here

"Sure!"Bookmark here

"Let's hang out again, ok?"Bookmark here

"Eh?! That's really easy...!"Bookmark here

I stick out my pinky finger. He sticks out his and they link. I give him a smile. We look into each others' eyes for just a moment... Wait! I think I just saw him getting flusters?!
Bookmark here

"Ah, we're back on the ground!"Bookmark here

He gets up faster than I anticipate and rushing out of the wheel. I get up too fast trying to following him.  I get dizzy for a moment and now I want a drink.Bookmark here

"Hold on I'll be back I need to go grab a drink!"Bookmark here

I run off to go find a drink stand.
Bookmark here

??????????????????????????????????????????Bookmark here

In that moment Sara was too cute! Not just her face... Her clothes too! It was simple and yet really effective. Compared to me reading a BL and wishing the best... If I had looked at her any longer I don't know if my heart could've taken it! Thankfully, the ride stopped before my heart did... I think I know this feeling and yet I don't know if I was ready to have such a feeling again. My hear fluttering always felt amazing and I was ready to die at any second! This on the other hand... This was something I knew could hurt me, but not kill me. And I think that would hurt more than if I died.Bookmark here

I go sit down to compose myself just a bit more. Just then I see her. Long, Coarse, Blue Hair. Tied in the middle with a bright red tie. Her face almost unrealistic how nicely it's built. She has a white shirt that made her blue hair stand out even more. A slim body that anyone would die over. And a blue pleated midi skirt hiding the rest of her secrets. What was she doing here, and alone?Bookmark here

I can't help, but stare. I don't know why, but I have a feeling this might be a problem.
Bookmark here

A cold drink touches the back of my neck. I jump.Bookmark here

"Huh?!"Bookmark here

I look behind me to see Sara with two drinks in her hands.
Bookmark here

"oh... Hey!"Bookmark here

"Something wrong?"Bookmark here

"Just day dreaming as usual! Hahahah..."Bookmark here

She hands me out a drink. Sitting down in the process.
Bookmark here

"Here, I got you one too!"Bookmark here

"Thanks."Bookmark here

I take a sip and it has a weird taste to it, but I don't want to be rude so I continue drinking. We sit in silence for a moment. Sara's phone vibrates.
Bookmark here

"Eh?! It's almost that time... Sorry Yuta I have to go!"Bookmark here

She begins to run off towards the exit not before turning around.Bookmark here

"And... Thank you for coming out with me today!"Bookmark here

She has a warm, and genuine smile on her face. Ah~ She's so cute- No... I mustn't! I smile back at her and wave to hide my face that is about to turn red.Bookmark here

"You're welcome!"Bookmark here

She runs off into the distance. Once again I'm left all alone. This will definitely be a problem.
Bookmark here

"Haaaa... And the mangas make it look so easy..."Bookmark here

♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠Bookmark here

Looks like all has gone according to plan... I stare over at Yu as Sara hands him the drink. MUHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAA! A devilish grin grows on my face...!Bookmark here

"Did you really just bring me here so you could stalk Yu... What happened to studying?"Bookmark here

"Wha- Can't I just spend time with you? You could have said no if you didn't want to...?"Bookmark here

"I never said I- Wait! You're playing a trick on me aren't you?!"Bookmark here

"Tch."Bookmark here

He's catching on too quickly. I need him to just drink his drink which for some odd reason he just won't touch!Bookmark here

"Don't you feel a bit parched Aron?"Bookmark here

"Now that you mention it... Yes. Give me your drink."Bookmark here

"Eh?!"Bookmark here

"Knowing you, probably spiked mine as apart of your insane science experiments."Bookmark here

I sigh and hand him my drink and take his. He begins to drink it quicker than I could imagine.
Bookmark here

"Fumaaaa... You got me! I just put it in there so you would love me even more..."Bookmark here

Right before he can finish it, he chokes.
Bookmark here

"Really?! It's not that hard...just...huh...?"Bookmark here

I take a sip of my drink. A smug look on my face appears.Bookmark here

"You look a little pale is everything is ok?"Bookmark here

"But...I...Thought....My...Drink..."Bookmark here

"Well your drink is now my drink and my drink is now yours!"Bookmark here

"That...explains...nothing......"Bookmark here

His head drops on the table. I stand up and clap. I did it! Now everything is motion for me! Nothing can ever stop me!!!! Ah. Never-mind I forgot I had it too... I guess I should take him home before it begins.
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(Hey all Bert here! Tadaaaaaaa! How's the new cover art! My friend drew it for me  >:3 I'm so glad he did! Sadly he doesn't have any social media I can link to... No matter! The second part is out and honestly this is my favorite chapter so far~ Hopefully it's yours too and I can't wait to see what the future brings cuz I sure as hell don't know! Now if you excuse me I have some Xenoblade 2 to play)
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