Chapter 8:

Aron and the case of missing manga

Hopeless Romangatic

It's another cold night, as I sit in my comfy chair by the fire. The storm rages on outside as I read my favourite book, "A traveler's purpose", all while listening to Polevetsian Dance Number 2. It's relaxing for me, and yet... 5 years of being the head detective of the city makes me ready for anything or even want something, anything to happen. Even if I don't want it I really should try and enjoy myself because who knows how long that will last.Bookmark here

"Here's a new case!"Bookmark here

She tosses a manila folder on to my desk.  I look at the desk next to my chair. Then I look back at her. Her black dress with a crescent moon ribbon being worn as if she's already to go out. Her face is full of charisma.
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"You must be excited to take on a new case."Bookmark here

"Oh? So you want me to solve this by myself?"Bookmark here

"Well... Let's not get hasty there."Bookmark here

"That's what I thought, now open the folder!"Bookmark here

"Alright, Alright..."Bookmark here

She's more hasty than usual today. Though I can't deny that I was going to be bored if I had continue reading. I grab the manila folder and look inside. There's numerous photos of a bookshelf missing one book. There's a single report on the inside to accompany the photos. I read the report and sift through the many photos of the bookcase all of this just to say...Bookmark here

"Someone stole a book?"Bookmark here

"Yes!"Bookmark here

"And you're asking go find it?"Bookmark here

"What are you waiting for we have a crime to solve?!"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

I'm not a very picky guy when it comes to cases, but a book? Who would file a case on a book? You can just get another one and be done with it. I read the report one more time. Trying to see if there's anything more to this. I look at the address.
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"Did you pick this because...?"Bookmark here

"Of course, we wouldn't be here without them."Bookmark here

"I guess you're right..."Bookmark here

The people who sent out the request for an investigation is some of my old companions. Without them I probably would have never even thought of doing anything related to detective work. I've been getting quite invested in this job that I haven't payed them a visit in a while. Even if it is minor, it gives me a reason to finally go see them again.
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I get out of my chair and grab my hat and vest. I try to grab my umbrella, but...Bookmark here

"I already have an umbrella, let's get going."Bookmark here

She grabs my hand and we head out under the same umbrella. He doesn't live too far from my home so it won't be a long journey. The streets are filled with a wonderful aroma coming from a local bakery mixed with the many different other more pungent aromas coming from all types of crevasses. The rain pattering on the top of our umbrella as we pass down the many shops and homes that litter it.
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I go up to their door and knock.Bookmark here

"One moment please!"Bookmark here

A expected reaction from such a person. He's only organized about one thing and that's his books. Working to keep them tidy day and night because of his addiction to his reading. His wife keeps everything else in order to make up for his lack of it. Before he can even come open the door she comes out.
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”Good afternoon to you Ms.Tawakami"Bookmark here

She nods and smiles. Delighted to see us I suppose. It's hard to tell since she rarely ever talks to anyone other than her husband. I consider her a mute after all these years.Bookmark here

"Sorry about that... Huh?!"Bookmark here

"Ah, Hello to you as well Mr.Tawakami."Bookmark here

"Glad to know even after all this time you still keep your formality!"Bookmark here

Yu and Sara Tawakami. I helped Yu when he had hit rock bottom and in return not only had he had become one of my greatest assets he was also one of my closest friends. To this day I owe him my career. It's been about two years since he married Sara and they've shown no signs of ever wanting to be apart.
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"I would love to sit down and catch up, but we've come here on a matter of business."Bookmark here

"Ah...Right."Bookmark here

His bright smile fades away to reveal the anxiety and woes that were hidden. Sara hold on close trying to comfort him.Bookmark here

"Come in I'm sure that you must be tired of the rain."Bookmark here

It's been a while since I had entered his home and yet it feels like yesterday that I had came. Everything was in the exact same spot as it was before, nothing more nothing less. Eva is mystified by how big the house is like she's never seen it before. Though she was most likely the one to take the pictures for the case.
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"Wow... It's cozy in here!~"Bookmark here

"Yea, always has been."Bookmark here

I head straight for the stairs going towards his "study room" as he likes to call it. Despite it just being purely for entertainment and having no educational value whatsoever.
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The room is the nicest place in the entire house. A desk lies in front of a wall filled to the brim with books. It's full of colors and makes night look almost like day due to the sheer amount of life radiating off of them. The abundance of books almost makes it hard to tell what even went missing. Getting closer reveals a black space that clearly should be filled by something.
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"So this is where the missing book should be."Bookmark here

"It's not just any book, it's Aho Girl Volume 6! I was in the middle of reading it and was loving every second of it!"Bookmark here

Yu comes out of nowhere to add onto my thoughts.Bookmark here

"Don't you realize?! This truly is a cruel and unjust crime...!"Bookmark here

I've seen all types of murders, stolen items that could change the fate of the city, and many other insane cases. I roll my eyes and continue to investigate. Whoever left the book left nothing to go off of. It's almost like it disappeared into thin air.Bookmark here

"There's a misplaced book over here!"Bookmark here

"A misplaced book...?"Bookmark here

Thinking back to the images that Eva took earlier all the books looked like they fit in order. Though she's right when I went over there was one misplaced book. Bookmark here

"Maybe the book contains something?"Bookmark here

"There's only one way to find out."Bookmark here

She opens the book sifting through the pages looking for any clues. That is until she finds a note jammed in between two pages.
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Give me a few weeks and I'll give it back to you.Bookmark here

Could this be a there be more to this mysterious note? She flips to the back it's singed with the name of Rose. What going to happen in a few weeks...? And of all books why was this the one that was misplaced? Other than this there's no good lead so this is all I have to follow. Yu might be of some assistance. I head over to him.
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"Yu, who is rose and what's happening in a few weeks...?"Bookmark here

"Ah, give me one moment. I have to make a call."Bookmark here

He walks back downstairs to the living roomBookmark here

"Wait! What about our only lead...?!"Bookmark here

Eva sighs.Bookmark here

"Who will we question about this 'Rose' person now?"Bookmark here

Silence.Bookmark here

"Hang on a second."Bookmark here

Eva runs out the room and runs back in with Sara. She's confused about what's happening. Mouthing 'Eh?! Do I really have to do this..?' Or something.Bookmark here

"Hello again Ms.Tawakami."Bookmark here

She awkwardly bows.
Bookmark here

"Do you know about the person named 'Rose'?"Bookmark here

She jolts back up from bowing and begins to nod.Bookmark here

"Well... What can you tell me."Bookmark here

She thinks for a moment and has an idea. She makes a box with her hands.
Bookmark here

"Oh! Uhh... House? No? Well maybe... Ah! Cat?! No dice... Aron what do you think?"Bookmark here

"Me? It just looks like a box."Bookmark here

"No, no, no! You have to use your imagination."Bookmark here

"You're acting like this is a game of sorts."Bookmark here

They both stare at me in a deadpan manner.Bookmark here

"You're kidding."Bookmark here

Both of them shake their heads in denial.Bookmark here

"Do I have to play if I want to figure it out?"Bookmark here

They nod their heads.
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"This better not take long."Bookmark here

Eva looks happy and Sara is relived to hear it.Bookmark here

"Hmmm...I think it looks like a storefront."Bookmark here

Sara nods again to signal I'm right! Ha! I only need one guess.
Bookmark here

"Eva, did you see that I got it! In one guess none the less...!"Bookmark here

"Whatever.... Ms.Tawakami next one!"Bookmark here

She changes her position to holding one of her hands out and raising the other one above it.
Bookmark here

I ponder how such a gesture can be related to any object that relates to the real world...Bookmark here

"Oh, it's a loaf of bread isn't it?"Bookmark here

Sara nods her head alluding to her being correct.Bookmark here

"How- How did you know that?!"Bookmark here

"It was pretty easy...?"Bookmark here

"Haha... Not like it matters anyways. Let's continue."Bookmark here

We continue trying to figure out the quirky hand movements. Having to think outside of the box for such a ordeal is something I don't normally do. Time really began to fly until we figure it out.Bookmark here

"Oh! The entire sentence is 'Rose is someone who owns a bakery living two blocks away from here' right?!"Bookmark here

Both Sara and are on the floor. Sara puts her thumb up meekly. Bookmark here

"HAHAHA! Did you see that Eva?! I got it right!"Bookmark here

I pause, recognizing my outburst and compose myself.Bookmark here

"Ahem... What I mean is, now that we have decoded Ms.Tawakami's movements we must continue with our investigation."Bookmark here

Eva looks up at me.Bookmark here

"Ehhhhhhh? But I wanna lie down!~"Bookmark here

"There's no time we must continue!"Bookmark here

"I never thought you would be so invested in a case especially this late at night..."Bookmark here

I hastily go down the stairs and ready to leave.Bookmark here

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Bookmark here

I go back up stairs after taking care of my business and want to continue help looking for that book. Right as I walk back up Detective Aron rushes down stairs. What happened? I rush back into the room to see Sara and Eva on the floor.Bookmark here

"Sara, Eva what happened are you two ok?!"Bookmark here

Eva begins to talk with little wind left in her.
Bookmark here

"Hey Yu... Looks like Aron is now invested in the case!"Bookmark here

Sara nods.Bookmark here

"Great that means that we'll get my manga back in no time so I can continue reading!"Bookmark here

The two ladies look at me.
Bookmark here

"Did I say something weird...?"Bookmark here

(Hey all Bert here! Funny story... I forgot to press publish and only now realized ahahaha... Anyways, I'm starting a three part story with the detective until I can think of some good side stories! Hopefully you all will enjoy it as it goes on! I wish I could say I know what happens next, but I sure as hell don't! See ya on Monday!)
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[Extra note plus: The next big chapters are going to have some twists in it so stay tuned! >;3]
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