Chapter 298:

Chapter 298: Monsters of the Dungeon

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 298: Monsters of the Dungeon

Narrator: Back to Zeth and Sasha after they fell through a trap door.

*Zeth and Sasha have landed in an underground dungeon. There are rotting corpses around the area where they landed*

*Zeth and Sasha stand up*

Zeth: Where are we?

*Sasha looks at the rotting corpses*

Sasha: Certainly not somewhere they would want prisoners that they want alive to be.

*They see a corpse holding a sign*

Zeth: That corpse has a sign. The sign is covered by some gunk though. Let’s wipe it off and see what it says.

*Zeth wipes the sign with his hand to full uncover the text on the sign. The text on the sign says “Dangerous monsters known as Snaggers ahead. No way past them. I tried. You either die by them or you die of starvation here.”

Zeth: Well, that doesn’t sound very assuring.

Sasha: These people likely weren’t very strong. I think we can handle them.

*Zeth and Sasha continue walking through the dungeon and there are more rotting corpses and skeletons along the way*

Zeth: The farther in we get, the worse the smell gets. This smell is awful.

Sasha: That’s an old dank dungeon full of rotting corpses for you. I admit that I don’t care for the smell either and I have a higher tolerance of places like this.

Zeth: Let’s just blow these Snagger things away and get out of here.

*They then enter a large room in the dungeon full of water. There are some ground spots along the way*

Zeth: It smells even worse in here!

*Sasha does a few quick sniffs around*

Sasha: The smell of death is strongest in here.

Zeth: Let’s get going. We need to get to the other side.

*Zeth is about to move but Sasha stops him*

Sasha: Wait. Look in the water.

*In many spots in the water, there appear to be alligator-like heads sticking out*

Sasha: Those must be the Snaggers.

Zeth: They seem like normal gators though.

*The Snaggers start opening their eyes and see Zeth and Sasha*

Sasha: They noticed us. Get ready.

*The Snaggers start rising. They are pretty bulky and appear to be capable of standing on two legs. They start slowly moving towards Zeth and Sasha*

Zeth: They are pretty slow so I think we can easily get past these monsters.

*Zeth starts jumping from ground area to ground area surrounded by water*

Sasha: Just be careful.

*Sasha starts to follow him*

Zeth: See? They are no problem. We don’t even need to fight them.

*Before Zeth gets to the other end, a Snagger launches towards Zeth and punches him. The punch knocks Zeth back a good distance and into the water*

Sasha: Zeth!

*A couple of Snaggers then launch towards Sasha and she blocks their attacks by forming a Dark Spear*

Sasha: These monsters are definitely a threat!

*A Snagger bites onto Zeth’s right leg and starts pulling him away. Zeth starts kicking its head with his left foot*

Zeth: Let go of me you stupid monster!

*Zeth starts to form a Star Shard and throws it at Snagger’s head. The Star Shard tears into the Snagger’s head, causing it to let go of Zeth’s leg*

Zeth: Yeah, these things are actually really strong!

*Zeth stands up but another Snagger launches towards Zeth and Zeth tries to dodge but it still grabs ahold of his black jacket*

*Zeth tears off his jacket to escape, leaving him with his white shirt, and jumps back onto a ground platform. He sees Sasha fighting multiple Snaggers with her Dark Spear*

*One bites onto her Dark Spear even though it’s made of magic*

Sasha: What!? It can bite onto magic!?

*Another Snagger comes from behind her while she struggles. Zeth comes in and kicks the Snagger in the head which sends it flying back*

*Sasha elbows the Snagger in the jaw and kicks it away*

Sasha: Thanks for the help!

Zeth: No problem! Unfortunately, we are in a situation where these monsters are a lot stronger than we thought they would be but I don’t think we can afford to use a lot of magic on these beasts.

Sasha: We might have to.

*More Snaggers start to slowly approach them*

Sasha: These clearly aren’t ordinary animals. They are monsters being made and bred by the vampires.

*In the far back, there is a Snagger opening its snout, and magic is being charged into it. The Snagger releases a vampiric energy beam from its mouth towards Zeth and Sasha*

Zeth: Whoa!

*Zeth releases a Star Shine Blast to counter the beam and they collide and explode*

Zeth: We didn’t need this to become even more difficult!

Sasha: We’re going to have to take every one of them out!

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha have encountered the beasts known as Snaggers! How much power will they have to use to overcome them?

Chapter 299 END

To be Continued in Chapter 299: The Largest Monster