Chapter 9:

Trial 5: A mile in new shoes

Hopeless Romangatic

The birds chirp outside. I wake up from my slumber rubbing my eyes. I go over to my mirror and realize my hair is a mess. I make sure to get that fixed and then go ahead and get ready for school. I walk downstairs and everyone is already sitting down.
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"Hey Auntie and Uncle."Bookmark here

Both of them are perplexed at what I just said. I don't mind it and begin eating. They whisper to one another.

"Maybe she's just going through a phase again?"Bookmark here

"Hopefully it ends soon...I don't want to deal with a situation like last time."Bookmark here

"Agreed."Bookmark here

It goes silent. We're just eating as usual. That is until she speaks.

"What's my favorite day of the week?"

"Thursday."Bookmark here

I hope she isn't planning on trying to investigate me... Luckily that's the only question she asks. And I finish eating. I get up and head for the door.

"I'll see you all later!"

She looks at me and tilts her head. I tilt mine back. Waiting a moment she goes back to eating and I walk out the door finally. It's a bit windy so I have to hold down my skirt. I get to school and see Aron and Eva. I go hang out with them. 

"Yo, Eva and Aron!"Bookmark here

Aron cheerfully replies?Bookmark here

"Hey Yu!"Bookmark here

"Aron is there something going on today?"Bookmark here

"Nope, just loving life as usual!"Bookmark here

Uh oh... Did something happen? I wouldn't bat an eye if that were coming from Eva, but from Aron? Eva grumbles.Bookmark here

"Did something happen between you and Eva...?"Bookmark here

"Oh her? Some things happened yesterday and now she's mad at me! So mad...she won't speak!"Bookmark here

He laughs very nervously. Whatever happened yesterday must have been serious... Because Eva is always talking and for her being quiet is harder than talking every last second.
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"Ah! I have an idea."Bookmark here

With a oddly familiar grin he leans over to Eva and whispers seductively into her ear.

"If you don't stop being grumpy I'll have to kiss you."Bookmark here

"Huh?!"Bookmark here

A bit of life had been put back into her just from a bit of words.
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"Why would you say such a thing...?!"Bookmark here

"You...You sound so cuuuuuute!"Bookmark here

Aron picks Eva up and starts hugging her and swooning over her. This is definitely off...
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"Aron why are you so expressive and Eva why aren't you expressive enough...?"

Eva looks at me frowning.Bookmark here

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 It's almost as if they...Bookmark here


"Uh oh."
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Aron casually puts Eva back down and looks the other way whistling as if he's innocent. Yu comes running over heading straight for Eva.Bookmark here

"Wait, Wait, Wait! I'm not Eva-"Bookmark here

Yu grabs and shakes Eva with vigor.Bookmark here

"Where's my body, What happened to me?!"

Aron points over towards me.Bookmark here

"Your body is right there."Bookmark here

She lets go of Eva. She's dazed from being shaken so much. Yu walks up to me an puts his hand on his hip and points at me.Bookmark here

"You better give me my body back, right now!"Bookmark here

"I-I don't even know how I got into it!"

She stares at my clothes. I get embarrassed.Bookmark here

"What...? Have I gotten fatter or something?"Bookmark here

She didn't take that too well.Bookmark here

"You dressed yourself?! How...Could you do such a thing with my body!"Bookmark here

Beginning to tear up I remember a key detail about last night.Bookmark here

"I was wearing pajamas last night."Bookmark here

She freezes up almost like looking into Medusa's eyes. I'm glad she didn't do anything to me, she would've messed up my hair! I spent a lot of time on that you know?!Bookmark here

Eva- I mean Aron... Sighs and directs his disappointment towards Eva or would it be himself? Whatever!
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"Eva...Why are you bringing us into your stupid experiments?"Bookmark here

"Well, nobody else would want to do them."Bookmark here

"There's a reason for that!"
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"Tehe!"Bookmark here

She tries to play it off with her cuteness, but no one is buying it since she's in Aron's body. Everyone gives her a cold death glare. Sara who's in my body declares with sincerity.Bookmark here

"You're going to be punished later for this."Bookmark here

We nod in agreementBookmark here

"Awwwww..."Bookmark here

"How long will we stay like this?"
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"It only lasts a day. So everything will be back to normal tomorrow! I'm not a monster!"Bookmark here

"That's what you think."Bookmark here

"I heard that! For now, just act like each others."Bookmark here

Oh? That's all?Bookmark here

"This will be a breeze!"Bookmark here

Sara is offended by my comment.
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"A breeze?! My life isn't a breeze... If anything yours is! All day you do is sit in your chair and daydream!"Bookmark here

"Me?! My life isn't that stale I... do... uh... Well... Never-mind about that! I bet my life is harder than yours"Bookmark here

"Fine then I guess we'll just have to live each other's lives to see who has it worse!"Bookmark here

"Fine!"Bookmark here

We both 180 from one another with our arms folded. Aron picks apart our reasoning.
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"That was the plan already..."Bookmark here

The bell rings beginning our day... as each other. We begin to head our separate ways. Eva corrects us from the sidelines.Bookmark here

"You're both going the wrong way."Bookmark here

We turn around and walk the right way. Heading to class sitting in each others seats. Sara is uncomfortable, but I feel nice. First period goes by normally after it I hear someone call out to Sara.Bookmark here

It was some of her friends. Sara tries to go and hang out with them, but she realizes that I have to and not her. She radiates jealousy. It gets to the point when I go over to her friends I can feel it hitting on my back. I'm not the only one as one of her friends comment about it.Bookmark here

"Did something happen between you and yu?"
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"Eh!? No... He's just a bit tired from yesterday."

"What... happened yesterday?"

I can feel a sharp weapon poking my back despite nothing being there.

"No-Nothing! I'm just playing around ahahahahah...!"

I feel the sharp weapon leave from my back as they give me an odd stare. They proceed to get back to their normal talk and I join in. I don't remember the last time I talked to people during the school day other than those three!~ It's a breath of fresh air for me that is until...Bookmark here

Every. Single. Period. They would want and come to talk to me. Sara was trying to listen in from behind to make sure I didn't ruin her image. I could barely keep up... How does she do this all day?! I think I'm going to die from manga deprivation. This is it for me! Goodbye cruel manga hating world...!Bookmark here

After accepting my fate to forever be doomed to never read manga again gym comes around. Sara also seems to know what time it was and comes up to me with force and power.
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"Yuta, you better-"Bookmark here

"Master what are you waiting for let's get going!"Bookmark here

"But...But...I-"Bookmark here

"Come on it's not going to be that bad you'll do just fine!"Bookmark here

Who was that...? They began dragging my body away from me with Sara stuck inside of it. Stretching her arms out for me.
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"Sara you can't stare at Yu all day!"Bookmark here

"I am not!"Bookmark here

"Sure you weren't~"Bookmark here

We walk over towards the girls changing room. Right before I walk in, it finally kicks in. This is the Girls changing room! I-I can't just waltz in here unless I want Sara to send me onto death row! Unless...Bookmark here

"I'll be there in a bit I have something I got to do first..."Bookmark here

I run away and hurriedly look for something to cover my eyes with. Eventually finding a black cloth that I can't see through. Stumbling my way back over to Sara's friends.
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"Sara, are you ok?!"Bookmark here

Ah- I forgot to make up an excuse... Come on Yu just make up a good excuse!Bookmark here

"Well...I was trying to get to the bathroom and I accidentally got chemicals in my eyes and now I can't see! Can you all dress me while my eyes heal...?"Bookmark here

Good job yu! Now that's an excuse!
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"We're taking you to the Nurse's office right now come on."Bookmark here

"Waiiiiiiiiit! It's going to be fine I promise... Just put on my clothes for me and they should be healed by then!"Bookmark here

I nervously laugh to make them believe me.Bookmark here

"Fine, but if something happens to you I'm rushing you straight over."Bookmark here

Great! Now I'm in... All I have to do is wait. As they start helping me out of my other clothes and into my other clothes the sounds of lots of girls chattering fill my ears. I can barely think...Bookmark here

"Done!"Bookmark here

Just as fast as it started it ended. I try and walk out the door... Only for the cloth on my face to slide down.Bookmark here

I take in the wonderful view for the few seconds I could.
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"P-Pardon my intrusion!"Bookmark here

I cover my eyes running into everything trying to escape my death wish. I get to the field for gym before everyone else. They all come soon after and we begin. As we start, I worry that my body will be terrible while trying to exercise. I was wrong about that! My body had never felt more loose and free! It's almost like my body had changed entirely! I bounce all over the place youthfully enjoying my new found life. I set new records for all sorts of things and still have even more energy to spare.Bookmark here

By the time class was over I felt tired, but not enough to collapse. It's the best I've felt in months to be honest! I wonder why Sara hasn't done any sports or anything? Speaking of Sara... I should check in on her before I go to my next class!Bookmark here

I sneak over into the Gym where the boys are and she's trying her best to run in my body. I feel bad for her because it's my fault that it's that much of a mess... But there's so much manga I need to read! I have another idea! What if I cheer her on like in the mangas? Wouldn't that make her go faster?
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"Yuuuuuuu! You can do it!"
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"Fuwa?!"Bookmark here

She looks over to me flustered. Then she proceeds to trip over herself falling flat onto the floor. I'm definitely going to feel that tomorrow...

After a long day of hardships the day finally comes to a close. We come back together near the entrance of the school.Bookmark here

Silence. We both now understand how hard each other's lives are. Though... I would like to keep the energy that I had during Gym. It's insane. I want to talk to her and apologize for being rude to her earlier... She was right afterall.Bookmark here

"I..."Bookmark here

"Well..."Bookmark here

"It's just...!"
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We both talk at the same time. Both of us are a bit embarrassed. I decide to let her go first. She bows to me.
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"I'm sorry! I shouldn't have been so rude this morning!"Bookmark here

"Me-Me too! Your life is way harder than mine! I don't understand how you can maintain such a thing?!"Bookmark here

"Huh...I never thought about it and just did it."Bookmark here

"Really?! I guess I really am just that boring..."Bookmark here

"No! Your life was actually more interesting than I thought it would be! I think it's a breath of fresh air!"Bookmark here

"Really?"Bookmark here

"Yea!"Bookmark here

She gives me a smile. Although it's my body I still find it cute from someone like her who just happens to be in my body... Sara awkwardly asks.Bookmark here

"So... Should I go back to my house or should I stay tonight in yours...?"Bookmark here

"It's probably for the best if we go to each other's homes. It would be weird if- EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!"Bookmark here

"What's wrong?!"Bookmark here

"There's....There's...A BUG!"Bookmark here

I won't fly off my shoulder! What am I going to do?!Bookmark here

"Aren't you a man?"Bookmark here

"Do I look like one to you?!"Bookmark here

Sara sighs and shoos the bug away.
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"T-Thank you..."Bookmark here

"Yeah. You're welcome."Bookmark here

Sara turns the other way because she's embarrassed looking at me. After that we finally head to each other's home to go to sleep and pretend this was all one big dream.
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