Chapter 10:

Aron and the case of missing manga Pt2!

Hopeless Romangatic

Bolting down the block, the cold air of the night passes me. The rain pouring down on to my umbrella. Wondering what this new lead will take us on this case. Arabesque number 2 feels like fitting music for this situation.Bookmark here

I finally make it to the bakery. "Baking up Problemz" huh? That's an interesting name... This is definitely the place. There's no one inside besides one woman behind the counter.
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I walk in to survey the area. Looking at the multitude of sweets for any clues. They all look amazingly delicious.
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That must be it!
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I go up to the woman at the counter. Knowing her exact intentions. I'll catch her right in the act!
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"Hello there mam, are you Rose?"Bookmark here

"Hello there Detective Aron how may I help you tonight?"Bookmark here

"Well I was wondering about this note I found in Mr.Tawakami's home."Bookmark here

"Oh? Yea! I forgot about the cake, Here you are detective!"Bookmark here

She brings out this very... Delicious looking cake... Maybe I can take a bi- No! I must refrain from her trickery. It's time to do what I do best!
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"That's it. You stole Yu's book, warning him in advance that you would take it. Once you took it you hid the note hoping that he would find it. Once he did, he would come back to your bakery. Where you would then apologize acting like you had lost the book. He would be deviated by this fact and then you would've given him this cake to cheer him up. Asking him to have a bite where in it would actually be poisoned!"Bookmark here

"Well I... Uh..."Bookmark here

"So it was your plan. You're under arrest!"Bookmark here

"Eh?!"Bookmark here

I put her in handcuffs and then I search for the poison.Bookmark here

"Detective Aron... You've got it all wrong!"Bookmark here

"It's too late to feel guilty."Bookmark here

 The door slowly creaks open. The rain is now more loudly pronounced. There's something at the door, but their silhouette is the only thing visible. Violent breathing can be heard. Along with small dripping of water. It slowly begins to walk.Bookmark here

"S-stay right there!"Bookmark here

I forgot my weapon at home today of all days.
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"Ohhhhhhhhh Aron!"Bookmark here

I break out in to a deep cold sweat. I hide behind Rose. I'm practically petrified.Bookmark here

"Why are you hiding behind me?!"Bookmark here

"I'm no ghost hunter!"Bookmark here

She calls out to me again.Bookmark here

"Won't you answer to me Aron...?"
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"Ye-Yes?"Bookmark here

"Where's my umbrella...?"Bookmark here

"Um-Umbrella?"Bookmark here

I have no clue what it's talking about. It slowly walks towards us revealing Eva. Drenched in water.
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"What are you doing?"Bookmark here

"Me? Oh, I was just... Locking her up!"Bookmark here

"Ha..."Bookmark here

What is she thinking?! She heads towards the cake. Grabbing a spoon from behind the counter. She picks up a piece of the cake.Bookmark here

"Wait Eva don't!"Bookmark here

I rush over to stop her from doing such a heinous act.Bookmark here

"Shut up and try it."Bookmark here

She puts the cake in my mouth. It's...Wonderful! A burst of different flavours burst inside my mouth all sweet, delectable, palatable. My body begins to melt just from swallowing the small piece. I...I JUST SWALLOWED THE CAKE! I'm going to die... This is it! Who knows how slow or fast the poison in the cake could be. I lay down onto the floor accepting the fact that this was the end for me...  Squirming as it goes through my stomach.
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"Aron, what are you doing now?"Bookmark here

"This is it for me Eva! I've eaten the cake..!"Bookmark here

Rose yells at me.Bookmark here

"There's no poison in the cake!"Bookmark here

She must be lying. Such an amazing tasting product could never be this good without some type of drawback!Bookmark here

"I think I can feel it now! Goodbye to such a beautiful world I live in...!"Bookmark here

Eva takes a bite of the cake?! Does she plan to die with me?
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"Eva... You didn't have to take a bite! This is something I must suffer by myself and accept my fate."Bookmark here

"It's perfectly fine."Bookmark here

"Eh?"Bookmark here

Now that I think about it, I'm not dying...I think!Bookmark here

"I tried to tell you!"Bookmark here

I get off the ground, feeling pretty good. Rose is pretty annoyed.
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"So you didn't try and poison Yu just to keep his book?"Bookmark here

"I was trying to say I made it for him because he asked! The note was about a dog leash I took from them because I lost mine!"Bookmark here

"Really? They don't even have a dog so why do they have a leash?"Bookmark here

"You... Don't wanna know."Bookmark here

"Fine, keep your secrets."Bookmark here

"Thank you. Now can I be uncuffed so I can get back to work?!"Bookmark here

"Ah- Sure..."Bookmark here

I get her out of the cuffs.
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"About that missing book... I do know person who could've taken it."Bookmark here

"A lead?"Bookmark here

"His name is Rean and he live about 3 blocks away from here. He usually comes in with Yu and they're always talking about books."Bookmark here

"That sounds promising...!"Bookmark here

Eva had dried off her clothes after that and grabs the umbrella.Bookmark here

"This time don't run off without me, or my umbrella."Bookmark here

"My apologies..."Bookmark here

We head for the door. Rose calls for us one last time.
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"Wait! Take this."Bookmark here

She hands us the cake in a box to protect it from the rain.
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"Why are you giving us this?"Bookmark here

"Yu told me to give it to you."Bookmark here

"Interesting... Thank you none the less."Bookmark here

We head off to search for Rean.
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