Chapter 306:

Chapter 306: Elite Rematch

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 306: Elite Rematch

Narrator: Joe and Emily encounter Vampire Squad Delta again!

*Vincent, Darmo, Kuton, and Sath prepare to attack*

Darmo: I have to pay you back for paralyzing me in the last battle. It was a pain trying to fix it.

*Darmo starts rushing towards Joe and Emily. Darmo jumps and releases a bunch of the small vampiric pebbles at them. Emily and Joe jump out of the way only for Joe to be met by Vincent and punched into the path of the pebbles*

*Joe gets hit by the pebbles*

Joe: No!

*Emily tries to punch Vincent but he dodges and punches Emily to stun her*

Vincent: Where are your friends at? You couldn’t beat us four on four so trying to win two on four is a complete waste of your time. You might as well lay down and die.

*Vincent turns Emily around and kicks her away*

*Joe is punched back by Darmo*

Darmo: Ha! Kuton, Sath. You can both sit this one out.

*Kuton shrugs*

Kuton: Alright then. I kinda felt bad for you when you got paralyzed so I will grant your request.

*Joe and Emily stand up, feeling frustrated*

Emily: (Thinking) How are we going to win!? I guess all we can do is try!!

*Emily pulls out her Shadow Sword and Joe charges his hands with ice power*

Darmo: Go ahead! Try anything! It won’t make a difference!

*Joe starts releasing ice at the floor in front of him and, soon, the entire floor ahead of them is frozen*

Darmo: Sorry, but this isn’t a skating contest. This is a battle to the death.

*Joe and Emily start perfectly sliding on the ice but Darmo struggles to move without slipping*

Joe: Perhaps you should take some skating lessons before saying making such a statement!

*Joe pushes Emily in the direction of Vincent while Joe heads towards Darmo*

*Darmo tries to punch Joe but Joe ducks and then gut punches Darmo. The punch causes Darmo to start sliding backwards and he falls on his back*

*Meanwhile, Vincent also struggles to move on the ice and Emily gets somewhat of a slash in but only the tip of the sword connects and leaves a long cut on Vincent’s chest*

Sath: Hey, Darmo! Do you need some help?

Darmo: No! I can handle this!

*Joe slides towards Darmo again and punches him in the face. Darmo is pushed back but recovers quickly*

Darmo: Your ice is nothing more than a crutch!

Joe: No, it is a tactic!

*Darmo releases the vampiric pebbles again as Joe gets close and they stun him which allows Darmo to kick him back*

*Darmo smirks*

Darmo: A tactic and yet it can’t help you against my ranged magic attacks.

*Emily tries to pierce Vincent with her sword but he jumps up and kicks her in the face which knocks her back near Joe*

Joe: Emily, we’re going to use our Dark Lightning combination attack.

Emily: Got it.

Darmo: What are you blabbering about? Your little ice rink gave us some trouble but we are adapting.

*Joe starts to fuse his lighting onto Emily’s Shadow Sword. The lightning turns black*

*Joe whispers into Emily’s ear. She nods her head. They then both start sliding towards Vincent*

Vincent: Trying to double team me, eh? I’m ready for it.

*Vincent gets ready to punch them*

*As Emily and Joe get close, Joe quickly pushes Emily towards Darmo while Joe takes a direct punch from Vincent*

Vincent: A diversion tactic!?

*Darmo doesn’t have enough time to react as Emily slashes her sword with Dark Lightning releasing from it. The Dark Lightning starts to tear up Darmo’s body*

Darmo: Aaaahhhhh!!!!

*Emily finishes with a direct slash to Darmo and it cuts him up and kills him*

*Vincent, Kuton, and Sath are all completely shocked*

Kuton: She killed him!!?

Sath: You have to be kidding me!!

Vincent: They actually came up with a successful plan!?

*Emily slides back to where Joe is*

Vincent: How can this be!?

Kuton: Damn it! We should have helped! Darmo was being far too overconfident!

Sath: We’re fighting now! And we won’t show mercy!

Narrator: Joe and Emily have killed Darmo but the other three members of Vampire Squad Delta still remain! What can they do to defeat them?

Chapter 306 END

To be Continued in Chapter 307: Delta’s Anger