Chapter 312:

Chapter 312: Unexpected Help

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 312: Unexpected Help

Narrator: Back with Zeth and Sasha.

*After escaping from the lower levels, Zeth and Sasha continue through the castle*

Zeth: This castle is so big. How do they not get lost in here?

Sasha: Maybe they do. It’s not like we have seen them go through it.

*Zeth and Sasha enter a hallway and see two vampires wearing knight-like armor at the end of it*

Zeth: It looks like we found more company.

*Sasha smiles confidently*

Sasha: This won’t take long.

*Zeth and Sasha prepare to fight but an arrow covered in vampiric magic almost hits them from above*

Sasha: Vampire archers!

*There is a second floor to the hallway and vampire archers are lined up*

Zeth: It would probably be best to take out the archers first!

*Sasha bounces off a wall and jumps to the next floor while avoiding the arrows. She smiles sadistically*

Sasha: Good idea.

*The archers prepare to shoot her even with her on the same floor but she stabs them while moving forward with her Dark Spear and then finishes them off by throwing a Black Energy Ball at them that then explodes, killing them all instantly*

*Zeth goes to engage the armored vampires*

Zeth: I got the vampires down here!

*Zeth dodges an ax being slashed at him and then he punches one of the armored vampires. The punch doesn’t break through the armor, however, and it surprises Zeth*

*Two more archers begin showing up on the second floor. Sasha smiles sadistically again*

Sasha: So more of you want to join in on the fun?

*Sasha dashes towards an archer and pierces his chest with her hand. The archers are all shocked*

Sasha: Let’s see if your vampire heart is doing alright…

*Sasha rips out the vampire’s heart, killing the vampire instantly*

Sasha: It looks fine to me… oh, but you’re dead now. Oh well.

*Sasha squeezes the heart, causing it to burst. She then starts running with a sadistic smile towards the last archer*

Sasha: Come on! Entertain me!

*The female archer is scared but she is able to block Sasha’s hand with her bow. Sasha punches her instead. Sasha then rips out the female archer’s heart, killing her*

*Sasha makes the heart burst and then takes her bow. She looks down to see Zeth fighting the two armored vampires that have axes*

*Zeth jumps back from an attack and forms a Star Shine Blast. Before he releases it, an arrow flies from above and goes into the opening in the helmet and pierces one of the vampires in the face*

*Zeth looks up and sees Sasha on the second floor. She gives him a thumbs up*

*Zeth smiles and releases his SSB. It hits the other armored vampire in the face and blows him back*

*Sasha leaps down from above and stabs the vampire that she hit with an arrow in the face again with her Dark Spear*

*They have made quick work of the vampires and move on*

Zeth: I didn’t know you were skilled with a bow.

Sasha: I wouldn’t say that I’m skilled. I had Emily show me once. I think I got the hang of it but I’m definitely not as good as she is.

Zeth: Ah, I see.

*Zeth and Sasha continue moving and soon find themselves in a large fancy room that has a long dining table in it*

Zeth: Why does a dining room need to be this big?

*They hear someone slowly clapping their hands. They then see someone coming down a staircase, clapping. It’s Leonis, the vampire king*

Leonis: Bravo, bravo. You not only escaped but have managed to avoid capture.

Sasha: The king…

Zeth: So we finally get to meet you in person.

Leonis: Indeed. You know, this is a room where the highest classes of people get to dine… but then again, you are the children of goddesses. So perhaps you fit right in.

Zeth: I’m looking for someone but this would be a good time to behead the king.

Leonis: Hmhmhm. You’ve put on quite the game of catch but it ends here.

*Leonis starts walking towards them but then orange sparkles start surrounding him*

Leonis: It can’t…

*Leonis jumps back as the orange sparkles start popping and he gets a few cuts on his arms*

*A woman’s voice echoes*

???: It looks like the both of you could use some help.

Sasha: That voice…

Leonis: I can’t believe it…

*High up on a large chandelier is Zonbi who is smiling*

Zonbi: Don’t worry about Leonis. I shall take him on.

Narrator: Zonbi has shown up and is ready to help Zeth and Sasha! How did she even get there? Can she handle Leonis?

Chapter 312 END

To be Continued in Chapter 313: Zonbi vs Leonis. Clash of the Queen of the Undead and the King of the Vampires!