Chapter 313:

Chapter 313: Zonbi vs Leonis. Clash of the Queen of the Undead and the King of the Vampires!

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 313: Zonbi vs Leonis. Clash of the Queen of the Undead and the King of the Vampires!

Narrator: Zonbi has shown up and is ready to help Zeth and Sasha!

*Zonbi hops off of the chandelier and onto the floor to confront Leonis. Zonbi is wearing a dark blue uniform that lacks a sleeve for her right arm (Author’s Note: As a reminder, she has glowing orange eyes and her skin is a demonic gray color). Leonis wears a gray uniform with a dark green neck collar and dark green sleeves*

Leonis: Well, look who we have here. You’re certainly not one I’d expect to find in my castle, Zonbi.

Zonbi: Oh, but I heard about this wonderful opportunity to weaken the Dark Goddess’s forces and so here I am. Zeth, Sasha, you both go on ahead. After all, I did say that I would help you against the Dark Goddess.

Zeth: Alright, we will trust you to handle him.

*Zeth and Sasha move on ahead*

Leonis: You’re not going anywhere.

*Leonis tries to stop them but Zonbi quickly moves in and punches him in the face which knocks him away from Zeth and Sasha*

Zeth: Thanks, Zonbi!

Zonbi: You’re welcome. I got this.

*Leonis stands up and wipes blood off of his face*

Zonbi: However, this may be the toughest fight I have ever participated in. Nevertheless, I look forward to it.

*She smiles*

Leonis: That actually hurt. Perhaps you are the equivalent of the top 10 strongest from Hell.

Zonbi: I intend on bringing down the Dark Goddess so of course I had to become strong!

Leonis: Still angry about the execution of your parents I see. Oh well. Too bad I’m going to have to put you down.

*Leonis starts rushing towards Zonbi*

Leonis: Let’s see how you fare against the vampire king!

*Leonis starts trying to punch Zonbi while she blocks with her hands. Soon, he lands a punch to her gut which deals some damage. Leonis attempts to get in a follow-up hit but Zonbi recovers enough that she retaliates with her own punches to his chest. She then grabs onto his left shoulder and punches him on the side of his face*

*Leonis tries to swipe kick Zonbi but she does a backflip to avoid it and create some distance between them*

Zonbi: Yep. Difficult like I thought.

Leonis: That punch wasn’t too bad either.

*Leonis puts his hands together while a vampiric aura surrounds them*

Leonis: You were ready for physical attacks so let’s see how you handle my magic attacks*

*Zonbi confidently smiles and prepares for his attack*

Zonbi: Bring it!

*Leonis slowly pulls his hands apart and the vampiric aura starts to drip onto the floor and forms 1-foot-tall vampiric creatures. They all have sinister smiles*

Zonbi: What are those?

Leonis: These are Vampiric Thieves. They will hunt you down and drain you.

*There are six of them and they start running towards Zonbi. As they run towards her, Leonis starts to form a vampiric blast in his hand*

*Zonbi creates orange sparkles that begin popping in their path but they jump to the sides to avoid the popping and keep moving*

Leonis: I guess I should mention they are smart and won’t fall for something like that.

*The Vampiric Thieves get close and launch themselves at Zonbi. She punches a few of them away but is then bitten on the shoulder by a different one. She rips it off and then tears it in half which destroys it and leaves five left*

Zonbi: I can tell that these things are going to be a major annoyance…

*The Vampiric Thieves continue coming after Zonbi. She forms the orange sparkles in her hands again*

Leonis: As I said, they won’t fall for that.

*Zonbi smirks*

Zonbi: Who said it was the same thing?

*When the Vampiric Thieves launch at Zonbi, she punches them while the orange sparkles remain in her hands. The sparkles on her hands pop as she hits them, destroying all of them as she punches them*

Zonbi: All of your little freaks are gone now… Wait, where did he go?

*Zonbi doesn’t see Leonis anywhere. Not knowing where he is, Zonbi prepares to defend herself as she continues to look around*

*Suddenly, a vampiric blast comes flying down from above. Zonbi notices and tries to jump away. The blast hits the ground where she was standing and while she avoids the direct hit, she still gets caught in the blast radius and is blown away*

*Zonbi thrusts her hands into the floor to stop her momentum. She sees Leonis dropping down from above*

Zonbi: I see. So the Vampiric Thieves were only a distraction. It almost worked.

Leonis: Give yourself some credit though. The Vampiric Thieves aren’t as easy to take out as you made it look. Now then, would you like to have some fun?

Zonbi: I’m ready for anything.

Leonis: Oh really? Well, then I would like to use some of my zones.

Narrator: Zonbi and Leonis have begun their fight! Zonbi is powerful but can she overcome Leonis?

Chapter 313 END

To be Continued in Chapter 314: Explosion Zone