Chapter 314:

Chapter 314: Explosion Zone

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 314: Explosion Zone

Narrator: The battle between Zonbi and Leonis continues as Leonis intends to use his Zone Magic abilities!

*Leonis starts releasing his magic which causes a zone change. The area still looks the same but there are yellow glowing spots everywhere*

Leonis: Welcome to my Explosion Zone.

Zonbi: Do you seriously think this will work against me? Avoiding the glowing spots is simple enough.

*They both start moving towards each other while avoiding the glowing spots*

Leonis: I think you will find avoiding them while fighting me at the same time is very difficult.

Zonbi: Ha! That same thing applies to you. I bet you are not immune to your own zone’s explosions.

Leonis: I guess you will just have to find out.

*When they get close to each other, Leonis tries to punch Zonbi but she ducks and tries her own punch which he sidesteps out of the way, causing her fist to slide past his uniform*

*Leonis immediately does a swipe kick and just barely hits Zonbi, knocking her back a bit but she is able to push her feet off the ground and backflip to a safe spot*

Zonbi: As I said, this won’t work on me. Even while fighting you.

Leonis: You’re being quite cocky about it.

Zonbi: Oh, I have reason to be.

*Zonbi smirks*

Leonis: I will wipe that smirk off your face.

*Leonis forms a vampiric blast and throws it at Zonbi who is surrounded by glowing spots*

Leonis: Who said I even needed you to touch the explosions to set them off?

*Zonbi launches herself forward, avoiding the vampiric blast that then hits where she was standing and sets off the explosions, and ends up going past Leonis. She lands on the staircase and barely avoids a glowing spot*

Leonis: So are you just going to be content to jump around all over the place? You will never win like that.

Zonbi: Oh really? Why don’t you take a look at your thigh?

*Leonis looks down at his right thigh and sees five sharp fingernails pierced into his leg and it shocks him*

Leonis: How did you…!?

Zonbi: When I went right past you, I released my sharp nails. Using advanced Momentum Magic, they went from my hands to your thigh so fast you didn’t even notice. Now it’s going to be more difficult for you to move through this zone. Oh, and my nails grow back pretty quick. This is child’s play. This zone is no different than some of the stuff at my Chaos Tournament.

*Zonbi’s nails fully grow back*

*Leonis then closes his eyes and smirks*

Leonis: You’re right. So let me turn it up a notch.

*Leonis forms more Vampiric Thieves and there are ten of them this time*

*The Vampiric Thieves start spreading out*

Zonbi: Those things again? I thought you were going to turn it up a notch.

Leonis: Don’t underestimate their usefulness in this zone. They can trigger the explosions but they won’t be harmed by them. Instead, they will only become tougher to kill.

*A Vampiric Thief walks over a glowing spot and it explodes. The Vampiric Thief is unharmed but now it glows*

Leonis: You see? Good luck getting out of this zone alive.

*Zonbi looks a little nervous*

Zonbi: Yeah… I see…

*Another Vampiric Thief that is glowing starts coming up the stairs. As it does, it starts setting off explosions, causing Zonbi to have to start jumping backwards up the stairs. But then at the top, another glowing one gets close to her and explodes*

*Zonbi jumps away again but she takes some damage from the explosion*

Leonis: I guess I forgot to mention that when they glow, they can also explode.

*Zonbi notices that the one that exploded near her isn’t glowing anymore*

Zonbi: (Thinking) When they explode, they lose whatever benefits they had gained from the glowing spot until they walk over another one. I will use that to my advantage.

*The ten Vampiric Thieves continue going after Zonbi*

*Zonbi starts running*

Leonis: You can run but it won’t help.

*Leonis starts forming a vampiric blast*

*Zonbi gets one of the Vampiric Thieves isolated*

Zonbi: (Thinking) Time to put my plan into motion!

*Leonis throws the vampiric blast at Zonbi*

*Zonbi explodes the Vampiric Thief with a launched nail which ends its explosive glow. Zonbi then sees Leonis’s vampiric blast and knocks the Vampiric Thief into it which destroys it*

Leonis: I’m going to need to be smarter about my attacks it looks like.

Zonbi: That’s one down. Only nine left to go.

Narrator: Leonis has activated his Explosion Zone! Will Zonbi be able to deal with the Vampiric Thieves without taking too much damage?

Chapter 314 END

To be Continued in Chapter 315: Momentum Blast