Chapter 318:

Chapter 318: Reinforcements

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 318: Reinforcements

Narrator: Back to the ruins of the old Resistance base that was destroyed by the vampire queen and where Zaydra’s team was buried.

*A lot of angels and Salina arrive there. A male angel with short blonde hair is the commander*

Narrator: Commander within Heaven’s Army – Zupek.

Commander Zupek: They’re buried under this rubble! Get them out!

*The angels and Salina begin removing all of the rubble of the base*

*Eventually, they get most of it out and find the bodies of Zaydra’s whole team*

Commander Zupek: They all need medical attention! Now!

*Medics start tending to Zaydra’s team*

*As they are treated, everyone on Zaydra’s team begins to regain consciousness*

Male Medic: Their injuries are bad but I think they will be okay.

Female Medic: No…

*The second medic has a look of horror on her face*

Commander Zupek: What is it?

Female Medic: Kerdon’s injuries are severe! As in life-threatening!

*This revelation shocks the rest of Zaydra’s team. They all stop their treatments and go over to Kerdon. They gasp*

*Kerdon’s abdomen is very bloody*

Female Medic: He’s not going to last much longer…

Zaydra: No! Kerdon!!

*Zaydra looks at the medic*

Zaydra: You have to do something!

Female Medic: I’m sorry but there is nothing I can do here. Maybe if we were in Heaven…

Zaydra: No! Not like this!

Kerdon: Zaydra… It’s okay. *coughs*

Bonetru: You can’t die, Kerdon! You were the backbone of our whole team! Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to find out Poleon’s plans! We can’t go on without you!

Ruby: Yeah! You’re magic tracking ability is invaluable!

Sapphire: You’re one of my best friends too! Please, you have to live!

Kren: You are just a great person in general!

*Kren pounds his fist in some rubble*

Kren: Damn it! It should have been me!

*Kerdon raises his arm upwards*

Kerdon: I served in this team proudly… Don’t let this stop you… Move forward and fight… Show these vampires they can’t stop us… *coughs*

Kerdon: Goodbye…

*A smile comes across Kerdon’s face as his arm falls back down and he dies*

*There is nothing but silence for a moment as everyone in the area can do nothing but just stare as they take in this loss*

*Zaydra looks down and a tear flows down her face*

Zaydra: I promise you that we will. We will destroy this vampire threat.

*The others on the team smile after hearing her while still feeling sad*

*Bonetru bends down and puts his hand on Kerdon’s forehead*

Bonetru: Goodbye… Old friend…

*Everyone walks out of the unburied area with a few angels flying Kerdon’s body away*

Commander Zupek: We received word from Heaven that you encountered the queen and you were buried under this base. We also received word that Lady Harmona is now on her way here.

Zaydra: Good. I need to tell you what we found out. The vampires plan to take Zeth to the volcano in this country and use him to unseal Kazan.

Commander Zupek: Are you serious!?

Zaydra: Yes, I am.

Commander Zupek: We received word that Zeth and his friends are currently inside the castle.

*This shocks Zaydra’s team*

Zaydra: What!? What happened to reaching the checkpoint on the east coast of the country!?

Commander Zupek: The forces we had stationed on the east coast were driven away and Zeth’s team encountered higher level vampires and were defeated and captured.

Zaydra: This is bad!

Commander Zupek: As far as we know, they have escaped from capture but with Lady Harmona now coming down, we can’t use her ability to see how Zeth is doing.

*Zaydra looks towards her left and sees the castle in the very far distance*

Zaydra: We are going to launch an assault that damn castle.

Narrator: Zaydra’s team was rescued by reinforcements but Kerdon did not survive the queen’s attack! Can Zaydra and the many angels with her stage a successful assault on the castle?

Chapter 318 END

To be Continued in Chapter 319: Bed Trap