Chapter 319:

Chapter 319: Bed Trap

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 319: Bed Trap

Narrator: Back with Zeth and Sasha.

*Zeth and Sasha are fighting vampires in a hallway connected to many bedrooms*

Zeth: Aren’t vampires supposed to sleep during the day!? Why are there so many here!?

*A vampire tries to slash Zeth with his claws and ends up hitting Zeth’s right shoulder which rips off the sleeve of his shirt and cuts him. Zeth counters by punching the vampire in the face*

Sasha: I think that was just a false rumor about them!

*Sasha blocks a punch by catching it with her hand. A different vampire kicks Sasha in the chin which causes her to stumble back*

Sasha: You are all so annoying!

*Sasha then forms a Black Energy Ball and throws it at the vampires. It hits them and explodes, killing them*

Zeth: I’ve got business to attend to so get the hell out of my way!!

*Zeth forms two Star Shards and throws them at two incoming vampires, They both dodge but one of them ends up getting stabbed by Sasha’s hand immediately after. She rips the male vampire’s guts out*

*The other vampire is then punched into a wall by a magically-charged punch from Zeth*

*After finishing those vampires off, there are no more vampires coming after them*

Sasha: That seems to be all of them.

Zeth: Really? I thought there were more than this?

Sasha: Maybe they are setting up an ambush or something. Just be ready.

*They start walking through the hallway*

*Farther down, there is someone looking out from a room with the door just slightly open. Inside the room are a bunch of dead vampires*

*Zeth and Sasha watch all the doors as they continue walking through the hall*

Zeth: Is this many bedrooms really necessary?

Sasha: Well, think of all the vampires that live here.

Zeth: Yeah, but some of them have windows.

*Zeth begins jokingly smiling*

Zeth: It’s not very vampiric if it’s not stupidly dark in their rooms.

*Sasha giggles for a moment*

Sasha: Oh stop it, you. Vampires can handle light even if they prefer the dark.

*Eventually, they begin to feel tired and dizzy*

Zeth: Why do I feel so tired and dizzy all of a sudden?

*Zeth’s visions starts to become blurry*

Sasha: It’s not just you… It’s happening to me as well…

*Sasha’s vision also becomes blurry*

Sasha: Quick… Let’s steady ourselves in one of the rooms…

*They both stumble into a bedroom*

Zeth: I can’t keep my eyes op… open. Going to f… fall asleep…

*Zeth falls face forward onto the bed*

Sasha: Same h… here…

*Sasha also falls face forward onto the bed*

*They have both fallen asleep on the bed and a shadow appears behind them*

*Stepping out of the shadow is Misha*

Misha: Excellent, they both fell asleep. It was a pain to find you two but now you have fallen into my sleeping trap and you will both die.

*The point of Misha’s tail is sharp and she is ready to stab them both with it*

Misha: Now die.

*Misha aims her tail at Zeth and attempts to stab him. Before that happens, she is punched in the face and knocked against the wall*

*Misha is sitting against the wall and rubs her face*

Misha: Who dares do that to me?

*She looks up. The person that hit her is a young man who has black hair in the same style as Zeth. He has glowing orange eyes. He wears a brown sweater and black pants. He is about 5 feet, 10 inches tall*

Narrator: Zeth’s Half-Brother – The Nameless One.

*The nameless one now has the look of an adult rather than a young child*

Nameless One: Sorry, but I won’t let you kill my half-brother.

Narrator: The Nameless One appears at the right time to stop Zeth’s and Sasha’s assassination at the hands of Misha. Can he overpower her?

Chapter 319 END

To be Continued in Chapter 320: Nameless One vs Misha