Chapter 320:

Chapter 320: Nameless One vs Misha

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 320: Nameless One vs Misha

Narrator: The Nameless One appears at just the right moment to save Zeth and Sasha!

*Misha stands up*

Misha: I will not lose this chance! Zeth will die!

*Misha quickly moves towards Zeth and Sasha to try and stab them again but the Nameless One quickly moves in and punches her in the face again*

*Misha is knocked into a nightstand*

Nameless One: Maybe you missed the part where I said I would not let you kill Zeth.

*Misha looks annoyed*

*The commotion causes Zeth and Sasha to start to wake up*

Zeth: Erg ahm guh…

Sasha: Num ugh buh…

Misha: Do you see what you have done!? They have woken up!

*Zeth rubs his head*

Zeth: What’s going on?

*They look around and see the Nameless One and Misha*

Nameless One: This woman was going to assassinate you both.

*Zeth sees the Nameless One and thinks about the man with the same hair he saw on the TV screen in the background behind the vampire king*

Zeth: Are you the one I saw near the vampire king?

Nameless One: Near the vampire king? Nah, I just got to this castle very recently.

Zeth: Oh. Then my search continues.

Nameless One: If you have a goal, get a move on. Let me take care of this woman. She is Misha, a succubus that is a member of the Council of Demons.

Zeth: Thanks.

Sasha: We got lucky once again.

*Zeth and Sasha begin to leave the room*

Misha: I won’t let you get away!

*Misha tries to rush after them but she is met by the Nameless One*

Nameless One: You’re not going anywhere!

Misha: Damn you! Once someone is affected by my sleeping dust, they then become immune to it afterward! How dare you ruin my perfect plan to assassinate Zeth and Sasha!

*Misha tries to punch the Nameless One but he blocks it with his arm. Misha quickly follows up with a successful gut punch. The attack lowers the Nameless One’s guard and she punches him in the chest*

*The Nameless One is knocked into the hallway, breaking part of the door frame*

Misha: For your interference, I will put you to death!

*Misha shoots a blue laser at the Nameless One from her index finger but he rolls out of the way*

*The Nameless One quickly picks up a chipped piece of the door frame and uses his Momentum Magic to launch it at Misha. She is hit in the gut and is knocked back. She also receives a cut on her abdomen*

Nameless One: Sorry, but I have no plans to die.

*The Nameless One rushes towards Misha and forms a magic knife in his right hand. He tries to stab Misha but she kicks him in the gut to stop him*

*The Nameless One pushes forward and Misha grabs onto him. They start wrestling*

*The Nameless One stabs Misha in the back with his magic knife*

Misha: Gaah!!

*Misha fights through the pain and quickly punches the Nameless One into the bed*

*Misha pulls out the magic knife and destroys it. She then leaps on top of the Nameless One*

*With their battle now taking place on the bed itself, the Nameless One punches Misha in the face but she holds her ground and retaliates with her own punches. She begins rapidly punches him*

*Misha holds the Nameless One down on the bed*

Misha: This is where I kill you!

*Misha readies her tail*

*The Nameless One struggles to break free as her tail goes for the strike*

*At the last moment, the Nameless One kicks Misha in the chin which causes her tail to only stab him in his right abdomen*

Misha: No!

*The Nameless One quickly gets up and punches Misha back into the wall behind her*

*The Nameless One stares at Misha as he charges up his magic*

Nameless One: You won’t be going after Zeth and Sasha any longer… because I’m going to take you out right here.

*Misha looks around and sees that the room is starting to become a mess*

Misha: (Thinking) The more this room becomes messed up, the more I benefit. I need to keep this fight in here.

*Misha smirks*

Misha: This is becoming fun. This is becoming quite the bedroom battle. I hope you don’t mind.

Nameless One: Oh, I certainly don’t mind. However, I plan on winning this battle.

Narrator: Misha and the Nameless One have begun their battle! In a battle in a bedroom, how will the Nameless One overcome Misha’s skill in close quarters?

Chapter 320 END

To be Continued in Chapter 321: Bedroom Battle