Chapter 321:

Chapter 321: Bedroom Battle

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 321: Bedroom Battle

Narrator: The battle between two strong demons is taking place in the… bedroom?

Misha: (Thinking) I need to be concerned since I am still weakened from my battle with Leonis. As long as I take advantage of my strengths, I will definitely win this fight.

*Misha shoots a blue laser beam out of her index finger but the Nameless One dodges*

*Misha uses the opportunity to run over to a bookshelf. She pulls it away from the wall and then kicks it towards the Nameless One. He gets hit by it due to the speed at which it flies towards him. He is once again knocked onto the bed*

Nameless One: Damn… There’s not much room to avoid anything in this bedroom!

*The Nameless One pushes the bookshelf off of him but he doesn’t see Misha*

*Misha is hanging on the ceiling above him*

Misha: (Thinking) Now’s my chance!

*Misha drops from the ceiling and slashes the Nameless One on his chest with her claws which causes claw-shaped cuts. Misha tries another slash but the Nameless One grabs her arm to stop her*

Nameless One: Nice try!

Misha: This won’t stop me!

*Misha tries to stab the Nameless One with her tail but he hits her in the face with his elbow and then punches her to knock her back*

Nameless One: You made a terrible mistake using this bookshelf against me.

Misha: Why is that?

*The Nameless One starts picking up some of the books that fell off the bookshelf and then starts continuously throwing the books at Misha with high power and speed using his Momentum Magic*

Nameless One: Because these books provide a lot of ammo for my Momentum Magic!

*Misha bats some of the books away but then she gets hit eventually. The stun from the hit allows the Nameless One to get close and kick her in the gut which knocks her against the wall*

*The Nameless One is then able to punch Misha twice before she grabs onto his shoulders and hits the Nameless One in the gut with her knee*

*Misha attempts to stab the Nameless One with her tail but he breaks free and jumps back. However, Misha’s tail was still able to scrape against his right arm*

Misha: So close! I will get that direct pierce next time!

*Misha runs towards the Nameless One*

*The Nameless One prepares to attack Misha but she does a slide on the floor as she gets close and then she swipe kicks him off his feet and onto his back on the floor*

*Misha gets up and starts trying to stab him with her tail but he keeps rolling out of the way to dodge*

Misha: Damn it! Stop moving and just die already!

*The Nameless One tries to get up but Misha kicks him back down*

Misha: You’re not getting up! You’re dying! I’m a succubus! There is no way I can fail to kill someone in a bedroom!

Nameless One: You just keep talking!

*The Nameless One then kicks Misha off her feet and she falls down. She tries to punch him but he grabs her head and slams it into the floor*

*The Nameless One finally gets back on his feet. He starts charging magic into his fist*

Nameless One: Your greatest strength is killing people by making them defenseless. That is all irrelevant in this battle. This may be a bedroom but this is also direct combat. Your skills mean nothing to me.

*Misha looks irritated and starts to charge magic into her index finger*

Misha: I can’t stand you so I’m going to end you!

*As Misha starts to stand up, she releases a blue laser beam from her index finger. Her beam pierces the Nameless One’s left leg but at the same time, he uses a fully magic-powered punch with Momentum Magic to hit Misha hard in the gut*

*Misha is sent flying and is knocked through a window, shattering it, and she falls out of the castle and lands on the ground below*

*Misha sits up and is coughing a lot*

Misha: *coughs* Damn it! He took that hit from me but was able to get his own powerful hit in! Fine… I will need to abort my mission for now…

*Misha starts leaving the castle area and the Nameless One looks out the window seeing that*

Nameless One: It looks like she is leaving. Her beam did a lot of damage to my leg though. My mobility is going to be severely lessened for a while… but I have to keep moving.

*The Nameless One leaves the room while limping*

Narrator: The Nameless One was able to take advantage of Misha’s weakened state and force her to retreat! However, now he is also weakened. What challenges lie ahead next?

Chapter 321 END

To be Continued in Chapter 322: Confrontation in the Mountains