Chapter 6:

Back-To-Back Jobs!

(Discontinued) Kazuki X Sayuri: Koibito Tero

(As a week passed now, Kazuki was currently at the mafia's gun range as he was purposely aiming for the head and necks of the gun targets as Tulliano was grading him on every gunshot fired at the targets.)
"Tulliano: Okay, conclude young Takabe!"
(Kazuki then wiped the sweat of concentration off his face as he was then curious on how he scared throughout the gun trials.)
"Well, Takabe... I've decided to score you a flawless ten! Not only did you hit every target, you aimed directly for the necks and head, are you that good with headshots or something?"
"Kazuki: Well, I just see myself as more of a good shooter from a distance, like a sniper except without a scope."
"Tulliano: Is that so? Then I should be able to trust you after all with a golden revolver..."
(One of Tulliano's mafia men then rushed toward him, out of breath and tired.)
"Whoa whoa! What's wrong?"
"Takanashi(Golden Gate Mafia Member): Its.. the small convivence store two blocks away, they... won't pay the fee for our protection."
"Tulliano: Is that so? Then we'll have to teach them a lesson! But by "we", I mean you Kazuki!"
"Kazuki: Me?"
"Tulliano: That's right! Consider this another test for a golden revolver, make them pay the fee for our protection, one way or another. You'll be allowed to do whatever you find necessary, just make sure they pay the full price or you can kill them."
"Kazuki: Understood, sir. I'll be back then."
(As Kazuki then leaves the Golden Gate Mafia's hideout, he then walked without any suspicion as he then makes it to the store without drawing any attention as he then walked up to the cashier to confront them.)

"You the owner of this place?"
"Arai Nikko (Store Owner): Yes, can I help you?"
"Kazuki: I'm from the Golden Gate Mafia, payment's due for protection. Just pay the boss and everything will be peaceful."
"Arai: NO! NO, NO, NO! Protection fee is too expensive, eighty thousand yen for your protection services?! I do not care if the Golden Gate Mafia is the second wealthiest clan in Japan, I will not pay the fee! I want you out my store or I call the police!"
"Kazuki: So you're not gonna pay?"
"Arai: NO!"
"Kazuki: I see. I really didn't want to resort to this but..."
(As Arai was about to dial the police, a silencer bullet was fired at the phone which blasted a hole into it. Along with they keypad, Kazuki fires seven shots into it which now made it unable to function. Arai then forced his hands in the air as he was unexpected of the gun.)
"Kazuki: So will you pay the boss now?"
(Kazuki sighs then shoots several items within the store then tips over several stocked shelves then swings a baseball bat and aims it at one of the awards the very store won in the past.)

"Kazuki: Then get to counting, NOW!"
(Kazuki slammed the baseball bat on the counter as Arai was then counting the amount of yen owed to Tulliano as Kazuki counted the exact amount needed and puts the baseball bat away.)
"I'll take care of all the damages here tomorrow, thank you for your payment."
(Kazuki then leaves the shop as Arai cried at his convivence store being ruined. Back in the hideout, Tulliano was laughing while smoking, kicked back on his golden lounge chair as he did not doubt Kazuki's talents.)
"Tulliano: I knew you could pull it off kid!!!"
(Tulliano counted the exact amount of money as he then handed Kazuki a small box with gold wrapping paper around it.)
"A promise is a promise kiddo, you deserve it!"
(Kazuki then opens the box to see the golden revolver as promised which was signed by Tulliano Takamori himself and brought joy to Kazuki.)

"Kazuki: Thank you very much boss!"
"Tulliano: Don't mention it!"
(As time passed, Kazuki's phone began to ring as he was enjoying a nice lemonade in the mafia's lounge room which he then answered it.)
"Kazuki: Hello?"
"???: Is this the phone number of Kazuki Takabe?"
"Kazuki: Who's asking?"
"???: Lets just say an individual who has some intel about the Yakuza Organization and the person who planned the attack."
"???: Ah. Ah. Ah... Language. No need for such foul words Kazuki, I'm on your side here. I can tell you everything you need to know... But there's something I need you to do, there's a payphone at the train station nearby. When you get there, type in this code and we'll talk more there."

(As the call then ended, Kazuki sighed and went out to the train station after leaving an absent notice. As a few minutes went by, Kazuki then arrives at the nearby train station and walks to an open payphone and enters the code he was given. After five rings, the phone picked up as the mysterious called was now connected with Kazuki again.)

"???: Excellent. Before I explain what you need to do, I want you to understand I mean no harm to the Golden Gate Mafia nor do I wish to become their enemy, understand?"
"Kazuki: Yes."
"???: Good. In about ten to five minutes from now, there will be a train arriving east from Kenjeku Station. If you see a specific person who wears a red jacket, carries a white suitcase and also has a dragon tattoo up its arm sleeve, I need you to assassinate her."
"Kazuki: Is there a reason why?"
"???: This is one of the Yakuza's involved with the Takabe home invasion. Listen, make her death look like an accident and do not let anyone see you whatsoever."
"Kazuki: I'll do it."
"???: Good. You're actually not as bad as they said you were!"
(The call then ended as Kazuki then waited at the train station for the target. As time passed, Kazuki then notices a crowd of people leaving the station as he keeps his eyes peeled for the target wearing the specific clothing as the caller mentioned.)
"Kazuki: Hm.. ARS, you there?"
(ARS then awakens on Kazuki's phone, wearing a long skirt with a summer-like background.)
"ARS: Yes, Kazuki?"
"Kazuki: Is there anyway to get a hint on the girl I'm looking for? I can't spot her with a crowd like that coming this way."
"ARS: Let me see if I can get a digital match."
(As the crowd was now coming towards Kazuki, ARS continued scanning the area for matches to the description that the caller has said. ARS then gasped as she caught a one hundred percent match and found the target.)

"Kazuki! I found the target, she's turning left to the parking lot!"
"Kazuki: Thanks ARS, you're a real blessing!"
(She then blushed as Kazuki turned her off and followed the target after catching the red jacket and the white suitcase. As Kazuki kept his distance, he'd then see the Yakuza member which Kazuki then notices her walking to her car.)
"Shit, I need a distraction.."
"ARS: Leave it to me, I can transfer her a spam phone call and..."
(The target's phone was then ringing as she opened her door as she then answered the phone and was focused on the conversation.)
"Kazuki: Perfect..!"

(Meanwhile, Kazuki then opens the hood of the car and tampers around with the engine. Suddenly, the hood was then slammed due to the weight as Kazuki quickly ducked for cover successfully as the target did not see him. The call then ends as she then got into her car and started the engine, driving off into the street as her car then suddenly breaks down in the middle which terrified her. Suddenly an incoming truck blares its horn as the target's car was then ran down by a sixteen wheeler tractor trailer and begins to cause a major accident on the intersection street which Kazuki then ran away from the area to avoid getting caught. Kazuki then makes it back into the hideout as his phone was ringing again.)

"???: I was watching over the street cameras, you did a mighty fine job. For compensation, I'm going to transfer you two hundred thousand yen into your bank account, consider it a gift for now. Do keep your phone around you, I may need a guy like you for side jobs like these. Continue to work with me and I'll tell you everything I know about the Yakuza Organization."
"Kazuki: I won't turn my back on Mr. T."
"???: Relax, its only betraying him if you actually leave the mafia. Till next time, Takabe. Be careful out there too, cops are everywhere these days."
(The call ends as Kazuki now could relax and removed the absent notice as he went back to the lounge room and enjoyed his lemonade.)

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