Chapter 331:

Chapter 331: Vampire Cannons

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 331: Vampire Cannons

Narrator: The battle between the allies and the vampires continues.

*As Zaydra has to deal with Davon, the rest of her team also runs into a few elite vampires while trying to get to the third floor of the room*

Zaydra: (Thinking) Damn it… We don’t have time for this! I wish I could just use my Star Mortars but I can risk structural damage causing injuries to our side!

*Zaydra rushes towards Davon who rolls out of the way to avoid Zaydra’s punch*

Davon: I can see you are quite angry.

Zaydra: Shut up!!

*On the base floor, the allied forces and vampires continue to fight each other. Suddenly, a big door at the back of the room opens and two cannons manned by vampires come out of it*

Commander Zupek: They are bringing in cannons!

*The vampires fire the cannons and round spheres of vampiric energy are released*

*The blasts from the cannons only hurt the allied forces. They don’t hurt the vampires at all*

Commander Zupek: Those cannons have no effect on vampires! This puts us in a bad situation! They can fire freely without worrying about friendly fire!

*Commander Zupek looks around and doesn’t see anyone that he can ask to take out the cannons*

Commander Zupek: I will have to take out the cannons myself.

*The commander pushes through the fighting going on between the two sides. The cannons fire again*

Commander Zupek: (Thinking) I have to dodge!

*He dodges the blasts and then he looks back*

Commander Zupek: Just hold on! I will have these cannons taken out!


*Zaydra forms multiple stars around her body and rushes towards Davon. Davon releases a vampiric blast as she gets close but she jumps over him*

*The stars that surround Zaydra then fling towards Davon and pound him in the back. Zaydra finishes the attack by kicking him in the back*


*As Commander Zupek gets close to the cannons, the vampires fire them one more time and the commander slides on the ground to avoid them*

*One of the vampires tries to leap on the commander but the commander is able to grab the vampire by the neck and slam him down on the ground*

Commander Zupek: Nice try but not good enough!

*The other vampire lowers the angle of the cannon*

Vampire: Die!!

*The vampire fires the cannon but Commander Zupek has no problem jumping in time and he kicks the vampire in the face*

Commander Zupek: Now to end this!

*The commander then destroys the cannons with magic-powered punches*


*Davon misses a punch on Zaydra and then Zaydra punches Davon*

Davon: Yes, seeing you angry over what’s going to happen to your brother quite pleases me.

Zaydra: I said shut the hell up!!!

*Zaydra then begins rapidly punching Davon. After ending her rapid punches, she then bangs his head against the wall a few times*

Zaydra: Stay out of our way!!

*Soon, Davon releases a lot of magic energy and Zaydra jumps back. Davon licks his lips*

Davon: I’m going to show you why you have no chance.

*Davon starts transforming. Davon transforms into his Pure Form which looks like a humanoid bat monster, just like Helen*

Davon: We’re having quite the party. Care to dance?

Zaydra: Damn you, monster…

Narrator: Commander Zupek took out the cannons that made the battle more difficult for the allied forces! Zaydra’s battle with Davon resulted in Davon turning into his Pure Form. Can she overcome him?

Chapter 331 END

To be Continued in Chapter 332: All Against One