Chapter 332:

Chapter 332: All Against One

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 332: All Against One

Narrator: Zaydra must now fight Davon in his Pure Form!

*Zaydra goes into Raging Star Mode*

Davon: Shall we continue?

Zaydra: You bet!

*Zaydra rushes towards Davon*

*They try to punch each other but their punches collide and end in a draw*

*Davon then kicks Zaydra, causing her to be knocked off the second floor and back onto the first floor*

*Davon gets ready to jump off the second floor to attack*

Davon: Killing the Light Goddess’s daughter would make me a hero to all demons. I will finish you off!

*Davon jumps down towards Zaydra, intending to stab her with his claws. However, Kren falls from above and lands on top of him, slamming him down on the ground*

Zaydra: Kren…

*Kren is trying to snap Davon’s neck*

Kren: Don’t worry! We took care of the vampires on the third floor!

Davon: Do not interfere!

*Davon reaches back and slashes Kren which leaves large cuts on his arm*

*Davon then gets Kren off of him and kicks him away*

Davon: I will have the glory of killing the Light Goddess’s daughter!

Zaydra: You won’t be killing anyone!!

*Zaydra angrily releases a Raging Star Blast. Davon is unable to avoid it and gets caught in the blast, causing him to take a lot of damage*

*Zaydra then uppercuts Davon which knocks him upwards*

*Davon stops his momentum and flies in place*

Davon: You’re all going to die! Vampire Destruction Wave!

*Davon releases a red sphere that is the size of a ping pong ball down towards the ground*

Zaydra: Everyone, get away!!

*The allied forces as well as the vampires are alerted as the ball hits the ground and an outward wave of vampiric energy spreads from the center in all directions as a blast *

*Some of the allies as well as vampires are caught in the blast while others are able to escape*

Davon: Yes! That’s it! Feel my wrath!!

*The blast takes up most of the middle of the room and leaves a crater. Everyone caught in the blast, whether they be angels, vampires, or the human resistance, is killed. Zaydra was able to avoid it*

Female Vampire: Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing, jackass!? You’re killing us too!!

Davon: It isn’t my problem whether or not any of you can avoid it.

*Zaydra feels enraged again and releases a powerful Raging Star Blast. However, Davon has no problem dodging because of his wings*

Davon: You won’t get me with that again!

*Bonetru jumps from the third floor and tries to slash Davon, but once again, Davon dodges him using the quick speed of his wings*

Zaydra: Damn it! We need to limit his mobility somehow!

Commander Zupek: All troops, focus on the monster above!

*The allied forces begin launching projectile attacks at Davon from below. Davon, with his quick flying speed, is able to dodge them*

Davon: It’s a futile effort! Just give up!

*However, Davon is distracted enough that Ruby can jump from the third floor, land on his back, and then stab him in the back with a dagger*

Ruby: Now, Sapphire!!

Davon: Get off of me!!

*Davon is able to reach back and slash Ruby as she jumps off. His slash does leave large cuts on her legs, however, both of his wings get pierced by arrows filled with magic power*

Davon: What!?

*The arrows were fired by Sapphire who is on the third floor in the firing stance*

Sapphire: Your mobility is now lower! Prepare for your end!

Davon: Nonsense! A few arrows aren’t going to stop me!

*He starts flying around but he is definitely slower*

Davon: No way! They really did!

*The other vampires in the room aren’t sure what they should do. They are frustrated about Davon killing his own allies*

Male Vampire: I have to say, I’m not exactly eager to help Davon right now. He clearly doesn’t care about our lives so why should we care about his?

*Zaydra looks down and starts to condense her Raging Star aura. Zaydra’s aura is soon condensed but is now extremely sharp. She plans to use Raging Star Zothena*

*Zaydra looks up at Davon with rage*

Zaydra: I’m going to tear you to pieces!!

*Zaydra starts running and every step she takes tears at the floor*

*After gaining enough momentum, Zaydra bends her legs and then launches herself upwards towards Davon*

*Davon has a look of fear*

Davon: I can’t dodge! No!! I won’t die!!

*Zaydra does a chopping motion with her right arm, and her sharp aura is able to cut off Davon’s left arm. She then grabs onto Davon and her sharp aura cuts into his skin*

Davon: Aaahhhh!!!!

Zaydra: You know what!? You really piss me off!!

*Zaydra kicks off Davon’s right leg*

Davon: Aaaahhh!!!

Zaydra: Getting at peoples’ emotions!! Killing people…!!

*Zaydra then kicks off Davon’s left leg*

Zaydra: …And just in general being an absolute bastard!!

*Zaydra starts cutting Davon into pieces and ends by cutting his head off*

Zaydra: And now you are dead!!

*Zaydra falls to the ground and ends her Raging Star Mode. The others go over to her*

Commander Zupek: Well done, Zaydra.

Zaydra: Thanks, but that guy just made my blood boil. Now we need to finish the rest of them off.

*The other vampires look scared and are about to retreat*

???: Fear not, my fellow vampires, for they will not get any farther.

*The vampires open their eyes wide*

*Coming from a door on the third floor is the vampire king, Leonis. He looks healed up from his battle with Zonbi. He is now wearing a dark red uniform with a royal-looking design on it*

Leonis: Zaydra. I assumed Asina had killed you but it looks like I will be the one to finish you and your allies off.

Commander Zupek: The king!? Already!?

Zaydra: The queen kicked our asses… This is bad…

Narrator: Zaydra and the allied forces killed the elite vampire, Davon! However, the king has come to stop them from proceeding. Also, what about Zeth and Sasha who are still being tracked?

Chapter 332 END

To be Continued in Chapter 333: The Vampire That I Wish Wasn’t