Chapter 333:

Chapter 333: The Vampire That I Wish Wasn’t

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 333: The Vampire That I Wish Wasn’t

Narrator: Back with Zeth and Sasha.

*Zeth and Sasha are still in a high part of the castle and just finished off some vampires they were fighting. They see a large door at the end of the hall they are in and then start approaching it*

Zeth: Well, that looks like an important door.

Sasha: I guess we will find out. We have to be prepared for anything.

*Suddenly, they start hearing footsteps behind them. They turn around to see that it is Zonbi and the Nameless One*

Zonbi: Zeth. Sasha.

Zeth: Zonbi? Did you defeat the king?

Zonbi: No. It was more like a draw. Leonis ended up overestimating how much energy I had left in me and decided to leave.

Nameless One: I was able to defeat Misha though. She’s not dead but she did retreat. Anyway, have you found the person you were looking for?

Zeth: Not yet.

*Zonbi puts her hand to her chin as if in deep thought*

Zonbi: (Thinking) I wonder…

Sasha: Well, no use standing around. Let’s go through that door.

*They open the door into a large rectangular room that is higher up on one end than the other. There is a staircase in the middle*

*At the higher-up end of the room, they see the person that has the same hairstyle as Zeth, though he has black hair. He has somewhat of a goatee. He has the eye features of a top-class vampire*

*He looks at them and then walks out of the room*

Zeth: That’s him!

Zonbi: Zeth… that’s… your father, Kyle Dredon.

*Zeth and Sasha are shocked*

Zeth: What!? But that guy is a vampire!

Zonbi: There’s no mistaking it. That’s him alright.

*Zeth falls to his knees*

Zeth: But why? Why would my father be sided with the vampires?

Zonbi: I had told you back at the tournament that he has become a different person. Though, he wasn’t a vampire when I last saw him.

*Zeth starts crying a bit*

Zeth: I don’t get it. He fought Kazan. He was supposed to be a great person!

*Zeth pounds the ground with his fist*

*Sasha looks at him, concerned*

Sasha: Zeth… Maybe… Maybe he is under someone’s control?

*Zeth looks up at her with some hope*

Zonbi: I doubt that.

*Sasha looks at Zonbi*

Zonbi: Only certain vampires can actually control people and even that is only limited to thralls. I have heard that if one becomes a vampire, they eventually start to see the ways of the vampires.

*Zeth looks up at her*

Zeth: How does one become a vampire?

*Zonbi has a serious look*

Zonbi: By being bitten by one.

*Zeth opens his eyes wide as he has a flashback to being bitten on the leg during the Battle of Kenzo*

Zeth: I was bitten on the leg back at Kenzo…

*Sasha looks at him and is very concerned now*

Zonbi: Is that so? For now, you probably don’t need to worry much. At worst, you are a thrall. Since you are a divine being, it will take more than one bite by an ordinary vampire to change you.

*Zeth stands up and walks forward a bit*

Zeth: Well then… Let’s confront him and figure everything out.

*Suddenly, someone speedily moves past Sasha, Zonbi, and the Nameless One*

*Sasha, Zonbi, and the Nameless One all open their eyes wide. The queen is biting Zeth on the neck. Zeth’s eyes are wide open in shock*

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha have discovered that the person they are after is actually Zeth’s father! Before they can confront him, the queen, Asina, comes in and bites Zeth! What will this mean for him?

Chapter 333 END

To be Continued in Chapter 334: Father and Son Confrontation